Monday, 30 December 2013

Best of 2013

I honestly cannot believe we are now at the end of 2013, this year really has flown by. It has been another mixed year, the joy of qualifying for my BTEC in Make Up Artistry and finding out I was pregnant with our first child; alongside the downsizing of our home, my husband losing his job and family illness.

2014 is starting to line up to be a year of a lot of changes and I really do not have a clue how everything is going to be until Minilemming makes an appearance. I have not really planned anything as I have learnt that when I do plan and it falls through it only makes me more stressed!

Before we embrace a new year let's have a reflection on the year that is going:

Products that I'm having a love affair with

B.Skincare Replishing Facial Oil - This was my discovery in September from British Beauty Blog and managed to get my hands on a preview bottle before launch. It's light but powerful, smoothed my skin out with feeling I had an oil slick on it. It was love from first use.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Honey Mask - Not only does it smell like toffee but it does smooth down frizzy hair and brings a shine to it. I can see the difference every time I've used it compared to when I've use my normal conditioner. I do have to resist over using because I love it that much.

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream - Best base product I have ever tried, hides redness, smooth's out skin tone, perfect colour (for me at least) and doesn't look like I've dipped my face in a cement mixer. The only product this year that I was given a sample of in a goody bag and went back to buy the full sized product even before finishing that sample.

Brand that I discovered this year and loved everything I've tried (so far)

The whole NSpa has without a doubt been a small revolution to me, I got gifted their mum-to-be collection when another blogger got me in touch with them. They are an exclusive to Asda but I like them enough that I could happily get the two buses it would take to get across town to restock. They are Spa inspired but at really affordable prices (around £6), smell great without being sickly, which was a blessing when everything was making me feel sick early pregnancy. Well worth an investigation if you haven't already.

Blog Bits

Most popular entry (other than giveaways) - Superdrug AW 2013 Press Preview My first official PR day and loved every moment, got to met some great Superdrug people as well as other Bloggers. Still kicking myself over not going to say hello to Bettina of Beauty Swot and Jane from British Beauty Blog.

Most Comments - How Commenting has Rattled Me Not surprised this seemed to hit the nail on head with a lot of fellow bloggers. Thank you again to everyone who got in touch and shared their thoughts, it one of the main reasons I started blogging.

Highest of number of readers came from America, then UK and Russia (привет means hello).

Twitter is still my biggest referral site where people find the blog from (other social media available).

Goodbye 2013 and Hello new beginnings in 2014.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Unevenlemming Christmas 2013

The Christmas tree from my parents
I have now concluded that you can have a baby as well as a food baby twin. Christmas was perfectly timed with my craving for eating as Bubba is building up bulk to finally emerge into the world. I ate a lot on Christmas Day (and well, days after that as well), a full dinner, dessert and then a few hours later I was sniffing round the kitchen for something else.

Christmas morning was spent with my family before they went to my extended family for afternoon lunch. My mum again was her generous self - I got Disney themed presents, Wreck It Ralph, Monsters University, Marvel's Avenger Assemble and Now That's What I call Disney CD. I also got The Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual which I have asking for since it came out for Chritmas's/Birthdays so I was overjoyed with it.

Bubba also got some gifts, some sleep suits and lots of bibs, Husband asked if we needed that much and both Mum and I started laughing. I gave each set of grandparents to be a framed picture of both scans and an empty slot so they can put their own photos in, this was present from Bubba.

My brother was one that got me the most, not only did he get a cinema gift for Hubby and I so we can have a night out (even came with an offer of baby sitting!), but he made me a calendar that charted my life so far, ending with the scan photo of Bubba. He said it was for the new chapter in my life.

After a huge dinner back at the in-laws, we opened presents from each other and to this point I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was crawling back into bed at 4pm and slept until 6, but then I spent over an hour having contractions (which was Braxton hicks in the end). Then, I was ready to eat again!

I got the day I wanted in the end, calm without too much moving around. I really didn't want to travel close home, as at the moment I do feel really uncomfortable and tire easily. Got really emotional as well, not only at the thoughtful gifts but that this time next year Bubba will be sharing it with us.

Did see the Midwife today, Bubba is head down and all ready to come out. The waiting game now truly begins......

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Home Alone is one of my favourite Christmas movies (1&2 I mean, the others are cheap copies), so loving the jumpers you can get with the iconic line from the film.

This will be the last Christmas where it'll just be Hubby and I. We'll spend the mirning with my parents and then lunch with Hubby's parents who live in the main house ajoined to our annex. Nothing more stressful than that (you could argue thats stressful enough!).

We decided to have a more quiet day this year just in case Bubba doesn't want to wait until New Year to appear. Next year I'll be longing for the peace of this year!

No matter what you are doing, I hope you all have a wonderful day and get spoilt rotten. I already know Bubba is and they are not even here yet!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Minilemming - Week 37

Here we are, Bubba is now classed as a full term baby. This means that I am now in the 5 week window that I could go into labour. This also means I am being watched like a hawk for any signs of labour.

Bubba has been active and well in the past few weeks, Mummy however have been really poorly. I have been feeling unwell for a few days before seeing my midwife.

Thry picked up straight away on lots of funny worded things in my waters (sorry I did try to put it as polite as possible). I did have to wait over the weekend for the confirmation, so I waited which I shouldn't of done. By Sunday I was shivering, sweating and curled up in bed. I chased my results on Monday but they weren't there so Tuesday I called and explained what was going on. Within yhe hour the doctor called me back and confirmed everything, by the afternoon I was on antibiotics and bed rest.

3 days later I was nesting like a mad woman! Does this mean I am ready? No not even close but am very close to being prepared baby item wise.

Personally, I flip between all the different emotions all the time. I have had a tour of my midwife birthing unit which is like a home from home, quiet, relaxed and Hubby can stay with me. After my antenatal classes I've also coming round to idea of having a water birth as well. It sounds great for pain relief as the option of stronger drugs are not available where I am (I would have to travel 30 minutes away instead of 8).

It is still surreal that this time next month I will be a Mum and Bubba will be here. For now its fidgeting in my bump trying to find a comfortable position or pushing my hands.

Monday, 16 December 2013

How commenting has rattled me

The other day I got a notification of a comment (this reduces the spam), this made me really happy because I love comments/feedback from people. It was the main reasons I started a blog to share opinions with like minded people.

So why am I mentioning said comment? Because it only contained 4 letters - "good". My inital reaction was, "Urmm, thanks?" Not even a mention on what was good, I still published it just for the sheer hell of it.

It has however got me rattled over the past few days. This is my hobby but I do spend hours on it - researching so my facts are straight, photographing, editing etc. I must admit I took a step back because it knocked me - am I really just "good"?

I know there are now thousands upon thousands of bloggers out there, fighting for the same scraps. Any little snippet I get I am amazingly thankful for. I try to use the knowledge and experiance I have to help at least one person.

I also try and comment on other peoples blogs but I try to be constructive with feedback rather than, "I like blog/entry". I think the saying, "If you haven't got anything nice, then say nothing at all", applies here.

We are all writters surely we can come up with something more original than "good"?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil

I will tell you this now, I am now a huge fan of Weleda, but it wasn't an instant love affair. I have previously reviewed one of their body oils before (Weleda's Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil ).

When I announced my pregnancy they did send me a mum-to-be package (which included this and the soon to be used Calendula Face Cream 50ml) to help me over the next few months. Weleda is a certified natural producer, and have been producing medicines and cosmetic products for skin since 1921. There is a huge amount of experience and knowledge in their products.

The base blend has Sweet Almond Oil (light source of fatty acids, perfect for dry skin), Jojoba Oil (close to natural oils in the skin), and Wheatgerm Oil (contains high level of Vitamin E). To this base blend they add Arnica Montana Flower Extract which eases tightness of the stretched skin.

This results in a thick, rich oil with a slight delicate nutty scent. I found on my skin it sunk in easily without leaving any residue behind, but still hefty enough to be used as a massage oil. My skin felt softer afterwards and any dry patches that I has been having were now no bother at all. I found I used this more in the evening as an extra rich, warming treatment before bed or at time where my skin felt it was being stretched out.

For 100ml it is £15.95, it is on the higher end of the price scale per a ml. I have found that a little 10p pence size amount can cover a large area easily.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bloom Remedies Mama-Tum Pregnancy Tummy Oil

Bloom Remedies is a little independent ran aromatherapy business from Cornwall. They believe in a back to basics approach, utilising what nature has provided and being inspired by the Cornish landscape around them. Their products are made in small batches so they do not waste away on shelves which can make the product least effective.

From my own aromatherapy back ground, when a company say they are 'aromatherapy' based I must admit I get a little twitchy. The term is thrown around so much these days, a lot of 'essential oils' can be synthetic and really down not harness the philosophy of aromatherapy.

I am very happy to say that after doing a little research on the website it exceeded my expectations, all the information I was looking for was present (from manufacturing to storage). The customer service when I had questions I could not fault, the product even came with a hand written note with apologies being late sent out to me. This is why I do love an independent company. This was even before I tried the product.

Mama-Tum Pregnancy Tummy Oil is a blended oil with Rosehip and Apricot kernel oil as it's base which is nourishing to the skin and helps with healing. This then had Vetiver, Frankincense, Lavender & Sweet Orange essential oils added for their relaxing and skin healing qualities.

This is my favourite oil for bonding time with my bump, it is deep in colour and thick that a little goes a long way when massaging. The scent is soothing and relaxing, you can smell it but it gently wafts rather than slaps round the face. I quite happily smell my hands after massage and breath it in for a while afterwards.

Price wise for an aromatherapy product it is perfect £8.00 for 100ml (unfortunately Frankincense is an expensive per a ml product). You can purchase them online at

*PR Sample

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Miracle Bump - Bump Butter and Oil

Miracle Bump is 99% natural company who believe in being as close to nature as possible as well as keeping bodies beautiful. The oil contains Argan and Jojoba oil in a pump bottle while the butter has Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this comes in a glass tub.
This is pure luxury to use, you need to melt the butter to you body temperature before massing it into the areas you want to use. The scent is a delicate cocoa butter smell from the Shea butter, reminds me very much of white chocolate (just a reminder this is not edible). The oil has a slight nuttier smell that isn't overwhelming or unpleasant, if this not to your taste it would make a great base oil to add essential oils to that are baby friendly.
It did keep my skin soft and supple, I combined the two to extend the life of the two products (a small pea size bit of butter with 1/2 pumps of oil). My main stumbling block with this range is the price point: The Butter is £50 for 200ml and the oil is £45 for 100ml. I am not denying that this range is beautiful and the quality exceeds expectations; It would make a wonderful baby shower present. If you are on a budget like myself then there are products who preform just as well for a lower price point.
*PR Sample

Monday, 9 December 2013

Pregnancy Stretch Marks - An Introduction

Via NHS Website
Apart from labour the other thing that scared me when I found our I was pregnant was stretch marks. I had previously had them for a dramatic weight increase so I knew I wasn't completely immune to them.

Stretch marks are lines that develop on the skin when the skin is stretched quicker than it can regenerate showing the dermis (or middle) layer skin through. They start off as red/purple and then fade into silvery white colour.

You can never fully prevent them from coming (it is predicted that 9 out of 10 pregnant women will get them in some way), but there are products and treatments that help support the skin in healing from them. You can also help by:
  • Not eating for two - you will only need an extra 200 calories a day in the last trimester. You will naturally put on weight as your baby grows, if you are concerned speak to your midwife or doctor.
  • Keep Hydrated - Sipping on water throughout will keep the skin hydrated which will help with it elasticity.
  • Gentle exercise - Not only will help with balancing weight gain but also make you feel better about your developing body.
There is a huge market in oils and creams that can help with the fading of the marks and over the next week we are going to looking at the different products on the market from the budget to the high end as well as musket to the independents. Creams and oils are great not only for the reduction but for another stretch mark side effect - itching.

I have been using them myself over the course of 5 months, (just after my first trimester was complete). With any products please read the label before use and if you get nay reactions please stop using straight away.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

B. Replenished Facial Oil

I spotted this on British Beauty Blogger early September and being already obsessed with Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip I was looking forward to getting my hands on this which I was very vocal about on Twitter - this lead to only getting a preview bottle but an invite to the press day which you can read about here.

Suitable for all skin types, the thing that appealed to me most is that it was said that it is lightweight. I find with combination and hormonal skin I cannot now have anything really thick on my skin or it just sits on the top. It has a combination of Rosehip, Argan and Crambe seed oil, really good replenishment ingredients for battered skin.

I used 3 drops pattered over the skin, day and night for the initial week to give my skin an extra boost. I woke up in the morning with smoothed and even skin, even the slightly red patches around my cheeks and nose where gone. You put a moisturiser on top, and I found that after letting it sink in for a few minutes that if my skin had drunk it in I would add the moisturiser.

I am very impressed that an own brand company are producing a product that rivals more established brands. Since B.Skincare (and Make up) has launched it has gone strength to strength, this is my first product from them, with Micellar water now being my second after hearing the rave reviews.

Retails at £13.99 (Is on offer exclusively online at the moment at £9.99) at Superdrug stores where if you purchase 3 items you not only get 3 for 2 but a wonderful introduction to B. free gift until 30th December. Please be quick, my local store had already nearly sold out when I went in Saturday!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Minilemming - Week 33/34

Urmm, my feet are there somewhere..

Written last week

7 weeks to go to eviction day! The past few weeks have been really eventful.

My work load has increased since we have had my new replacement start, not only have been trying to get them up to speed but also making sure that everyone else is as ready for my departure as my work load is being shared between different people. A few weeks ago I was so stressed with it all I was coming home exhausted and in tears.

I had a day off after and slept the whole thing away really, all of that night I had the worst head and couldn't sleep. I was due to work the next day I was however really unwell and then my face and hands swelled. I knew this was ringing alarm bells as this is syntoms of pre-eclapism and could lead to huge complications. I was on the phone to the hospital and they said that I urgently needed to come in for monitoring with an overnight bag.

Panic ensured, worked called and rushed over. Two hours of tests later and I was discharge with a follow up appointment with my midwife the next day. Midwife said that the bloods etc. had come back all clear - she had two theories that I had a hormone surge or that I was overly stressed. We both knew it was the second, after it had been written in my notes about my work. She gave me two choices - get signed off now and go on leave straight away or give my boss notice and leave earlier.

I now leave on November 29th, two weeks earlier than planned. and it is the best decision I've made. My health is better and Minilemming is wriggling away. There are some other stresses going on but no use worrying over things I have very little control over.

It's not just a matter of counting down those hours until I put my feet up on a full time basis.


Monday I woke up and couldn't move off the bed without help, I was in lots of pain and numbness down both my legs. After a frantic call to Midwife centre, they concluded that I had Sciatica (which is a swelling of the nerves caused by pressure of the baby on them). This meant limited painkillers, urgent referral to physio and my favourite word - rest (considering I had only a few hours sleep was very welcome).

I now not only waddle but limp as well as my left side is worse than my right. I haven't been able to get to work for my final week, I did dose myself up to go to the theatre which was arranged to be in the stalls and near the door (I am very thankful for that, believe me). Seeing the Midwife on Friday so there should be more developments then but for now my husband has been my hero, helping as much as he can.

We've just had some news to lift the spirits - my husband's cousin has announced her pregnancy tonight, so Bubba will have a little playmate. We have also come close to agreeing on names as well, after an interesting afternoon at looking at some (Who would really call their child, 'Cumming'?)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EOTD - It was Respectable In the 80's

My soon-to-be sister-in-law was the ripe age of 29 last week, we celebrated with a 80's themed fancy dress house party. This meant sportswear worn as outerwear, neon, whitewashed jeans and so much cheesy music (as well as cake, LOTS of cake)

I embraced the neon bright 80's makeup as well there is now very little in clothing wise that fitted me. I did however find a slouchy jumper and my light blue jeans that fitted to 80's as close as possible.

Products used:
  • Maybeline - Light in Purple ( blue/purple light cream base colour, shimmery)
  • Concrete Minerals Pro Matt Loose Shadow in Bulletproof (Bright matt blue)
  • Concrete Minerals Loose Shadow in Hi-Fi (Bright matt pink)
  • Lancôme Waterproof eye liner in Turquoise
  • Also wore Revlon's Just Bitten Balms in Cherish
  • Stick on face stars that I didn't wear in the end!
via my Instragram
I used a flat brush to put the Maybelline cream base all over, then a soft small brush to work the deeper matt blue into the crease. I put a dot of the pink using another soft brush and then applied the eyeliner to just the bottom lid. All finished off with Benefit's They're Real.
It is just a shimmery blue/pink wonder, I forgotten how much I enjoy just playing with colours and have recently been stuck in 'natural' rut. Colour is much more fun!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Herbal Essence's Bee Strong Hair Mask

I recently put out an SOS on my Twitter (@unevenlemmnig) as much pregnancy hair has gone incredible dry and frizzy. I also had just dyed it recently and was drinking conditioner like water. Shona from Freshbeautyxox said Herbal Essence's hair masks (she did also say Tresemme but I'm allergic to them), while Hannah from Midnight Violets put in a request for a review.

I had already tried the sachet samples of the shampoo and conditioner of the Bee Strong range, so I was already smitten with the scent. Also being the money saving person I have become I was also hutting to see what was on offer, thanks to Tesco's this was on half price offer and nestled beside my top up shopping basket.

It says all the things I want for my hair - repairs combing damage, brings glossy shine and deep moisture. I have should length hair so used about a 10p pence sized blob on my hair, as it is very thick you do not need a huge amount. I am very guilty of going over the top with conditioner but using this I got the required effect from not overloading.  Leave for 10 minutes and fully rinse out.

Did I get the Nicole Scherzinger effect? I didn't turn into her but yes my frizzy, untamed hair did turn into glossy, defined curls to the point I'm having to restrain from using it too much. The toffee honey toned scent is also a winner, seriously go, sniff it, and tell me it does not smell the least but tasty.

Available at other high street shops other than Tesco, full price is around £4.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I'm Pregnant, Can I still....? (Beauty Edition)

When I found I was pregnant I already knew there would be sacrifices - my weekend bottle of wine, soft garlic and herb cheese, sushi and limits on caffeine. Then, as I was browsing the baby websites, my thinking went onto my beauty regime, being an aromatherapist I knew already there was certain oils I would need to avoid but what about what I do everyday?

Here is the lowdown, beauty wise, of what sacrifices might have to be made.

Essential Oils

These will be presented with their Latin names in ingredients list so it is recommended to invest some time in researching them. Essential oils used correctly can bring benefits to tired limbs, stress, and general well being. It is recommended to avoid in the first trimester until baby is more established. I could easily write a whole entry on essential oils in pregnancy alone but I found the helpful people at Baby Centre sum it up better.
Hair Dye

For someone who has dark hair and greys, this was my biggest panic as I regally have to dye it to keep it one colour. There is no compulsive evidence that hair dye can affect your baby, personally I waited until the first 3 months had passed and has my first scan until I dyed. The chemicals in the dye are miniscule and a high amount would need to be ingested to affect. It is paramount that you do a skin test before using as your hair and skin changes with pregnancy, this can mean things you were fine with before can make you allergic.
Fake Tan

For those who feel the need to stil get some colour while waiting for baby there is good news, you can still tan. There is however a bit caution over the spray tan as you can breathe in the molecules and not enough research have been done on the safety of this. Always do a patch test before using as I said above you become more sensitive to products. Sunbeds

Nail Varnish

Most of the varnishes these days are free of the two chemical that could cause defeats if used consistently (we are talking more nail technicians who work round them everyday); Formaldehyde (Varnish hardener) and Toluene (helps varnish to glide on smoother). There are also restrictions in place on how much of these ingredients are in the products so the risk is still small. I use Essie and OPI, which both do not use these.
Removing Nail Varnish

Acetone can be used in pregnancy, same as varnish, it is when it is used in high volumes that it can become harmful. There is acetone free versions that is also more gentle on nails if you are concerned.
Fake Nails (Gel and acrylic)

You will find in pregnancy that you're nails will grow faster and be stronger than before and you may not feel the need to have extensions out on. However, if you do choose to, they are safe as long as it is in a well ventilated area and be aware that there could be sensitivity. If you work with them everyday, you may need to have a risk assessment and not work on extensions until you have finished bread feeding as prolonged exposure does not benefit baby.

With gel nails, whether you are pregnant or not, a key ingredient that is still used and can cause harm to lungs, skin and eyes is methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA). These are being replaced but some budget salons still use and need to be avoided.


You should inform your therapist that you are pregnant (many salons will not preform while in the first trimester), they should do a skin patch test of wax to make sure that you not allergic. You will find that your hair will grow quicker and there will be more of it (sorry dark haired people - this is very true as I know being one of you); you wil also find it more painful than before. With waxing it is not a full no, but it is a proceed with caution.

Teeth Bleaching

For at home kits you will need the approval of your midwife or doctor, personally I would avoid due to the chemicals in them. I consulted the Dentists at my work place and it was a clear No from all of them. I know that currently my gums and teeth are very sensitive and would not even consider having anything near them than a toothbrush at the moment.

For all the research I have done I have gathered the following points:
  • Your skin and teeth are more sensitive during pregnancy due to the change of hormones.
  • While most products are safe, extreme caution should be used before use.
  • Where possible patch test 24-48 hours before use.
  • Follow the manufactures instructions closely.
  • If ever in doubt, don't use it.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vivo Matt Lipstick in Pucker Red


Double Vivo products this week (Read the previous post about Dreamy eye shadow palette) this was night out with my work crew (commonly known as 'team bonding'). I am wearing the mentioned eye shadow palette alongside the new red lipstick love of my life - Matt Pucker Red.

I have numerous reds in my life but none that was embraced the matt AW whole in my red lipstick wardrobe until this came along at the July Bloggers Met Up, I may got a little over excited at a new red lipstick, I do now feel it was warranted.

In the bullet it does look a deeper berry than it does on the lips, on me it came out more of a classic neutral red. A quick bit on red application that I am rigorous about - creamy concealer around the area (provides a blank canvas), lip pencil always required and must be build up in layers with a lip brush. Not only does it last longer but it's still bold without looking like you've used have the lipstick.

Now here's the real bonus - it's £1.99 that performs just as good as any other £15+ red lipstick. You do have to take into account that packaging is not as classy as the colour, but I'd rather have the investment in the lipstick that really preforms.

Exclusive in Tesco stores or on the website Vivo Cosmetics

Monday, 4 November 2013

Vivo Dreamy 12 Shade Colour Block palette

My MUA Cosmetics Undressed palette is finally no more, and I won't be re-purchasing as I now have this neutral beauty in life make up bag.

I found that I only used certain colours in the MUA and when they went it got forgotten in my case for a while. I got this palette when I went to the July Blogger Meet Up and instantly was in awe of the colours. There wasn't any particular one I disliked.

This is now looking a lot more used since this photo, I like the pattern of the squares and for once actually waited until I photographed it until using. The wearing time is a little more than MUA, I can finish a day shift at work and still have wear left to adapt to night. With a primer it lasts much longer of course.

Thus uses the champagne coloured from the centre of the blocks, while using that matt black/brown as eyeliner and brow powder.

The palette is exclusive to Tesco stores or you can purchase it from Vivo Cosmetics Store for the grand total of £3.99 for 10 good sized shadows and for me one I can use as a brow powder. Not doubt that it is a bargain - just wait until their matt red lipstick review is up in the next few days, it's another bargain!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Embrace Your Inner Nerd/Geek

I was tagged by the stunning Shona at Freshbeautyxox to supply what fuels my inner nerd. It was interested that this week I was reading on the Daily Mail site how a study was done into what makes you either a geek or a nerd (link here), this caused great discussion with Hubby and I because we fall so easily into both.
So what feeds my inner nerd then (other than beauty of course!)?
Formula One
I am a petrolhead, which is surprising for someone who doesn't have a drivers license. I've watched the sport since the end of the 1995 season but always had a love of cars from a young age (yes I even had my brothers toy cars). For a few years in the early 2000's I even wrote driver and season histories for the now closed F1 History website. I've been to Silverstone 97,98 and 99, Belgium 99 and Le Mans 03 and 04, as well as numerous days out and testing sessions. .
I have watched The Simpsons since it started in 1989, my aunt used to tape them off of cable for me to watch when I went round about 7 years old. Before then I loved all the Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Animanacs and Garfield (I swear there's more I could name). Yes as a grown woman of 31 I love cartoons, it's my guilty pleasure this then leads onto....
I have one shelf completely dedicated to all the Disney Classics on DVD, I also have the list where I keep track of the 50 odd that have been made so I know where the gaps are in my collection. This was always my treat from my mum to take to the cinema in the holidays to see one Disney film. I remember the old theatre just outside our town who would put on the classics like Cinderella on the big screen every holiday. I have listed my favourites on my tumblr page
I had to club this together as well they are typical nerd things to get nerdy over. I was a little into these things for a while and then I met Hubby it has escalated from there (and still learning to this day). Our box sets are a mixture of the above topics. My current obsession is Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire after watching the series I now am trying to rattle through the books. My Hubby also proposed to me dressed as Joker from Batman on my birthday, that's love right there.
This also links with the above, our front room does resemble a GAME store, between us we have - two desktop computers, two tablets, 360, PS3, Wii, black and white Gameboy, PSP and some other ones that we've probably forgotten about. Favourite games - The Sims, SimCity, Skyrim and Assassin Creed series (and yes currently working through Black Flag and loving being a pirate!).
I am sure there are many more things that I am nerdy about but I think these are the main things I get excited about.
So what feeds your inner nerd?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Real Value of How Much Your Face is Worth

According to Superdrug research us ladies spend a total of £18.049.89 on our faces over the course of our lifetime. They polled 2,000 women as part of an in-depth study looking at expenditure on beauty products, and found that from the age of 18 to 82 the typical female will spend just over £18,000 on products for her face alone.

This means that during the typical year the average woman’s face value is a whopping £279.41 when you have added up the total cost of beauty items such as cleansers, foundations, mascaras and lipsticks. The highest valued item was moisturiser and then foundation.

The most purchased product for women is (and you should hang you heads in shame for this) is face wipes - An average of five packs are brought a year, which equals 323 packs over a course of a lifetime (on the presumption that an adult life span is 64.6 years average).

You can also split this down to the two categories - cosmetics and skincare.


The figures show women spend a total of £147.46 on make-up products such as foundation, mascara, lipstick and gloss, blusher and bronzer, concealer, eye liner and shadow. This means over her adult lifetime the average woman spends £9,525.91 putting the make-up ON.
An average ladies’ skincare routine is almost as important as her cosmetics, as she spends a total of £131.95 a year, and £8,523.97 a lifetime, on products such as cleanser and toner, moisturisers, eye creams, face masks and wipes.

With the emergence of own brands now started to be just as good (and in some cases much better) than the premium brands, 73% of women said they would of opted for the companies own brand rather than the premium.

This is where huge savings can be made - Superdrug say that if you switched to their own equal in their own brands then an average saving is £172 PER YEAR OR £11,111.02 PER ADULT LIFETIME.

Found this research fascinating and I know it will come in useful for a pub quiz at some point. Please people - no more face wipes.

Monday, 28 October 2013

NOTD - OPI Designer Series in Lapis

When initially saw this is I wanted it, the goldilocks of blues (not too dark, not too light) I was instantly drawn to it enough for it to feature in my AW Wishlist. I then went onto buy it at Olympia Beauty when I saw the swatches they had on stand.

OPI Designer Series is a collection of polishes are a step up from they normal collection, they are holographic or full of fine glitter. The two they launced for AW12 is this one and Pewter (a mix of black/grey), what I didn't realise until I painted them on was they dry completely semi matt, the above picture taken with no top coat.

It went from being something I though was beautiful to something that was challenging Essie's For The Twill of It as my number one AW13 varnish to wear. The wear time is good, was still chip free when I took it off a week later and removal was very easy for a glitter polish.

The Designer Series is more expensive than the main line - RRP is £16.75 compared to RRP £11.50 but for the simple WOW factor it's worth that little bit more investment.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Minilemming Update - Week 29

As most of you have noticed I've been absent over the past week this is no fault of my own (unless you count getting pregnant as my fault). I've been struck down with a water infection which was suspected and then over the weekend progressed to a fever, fainting and lots of front and back pains, this then resulted me being run to the doctors on Monday and put on a course of antibiotics 4 times a day. The side effects were even worse than the infection and decided to spend the time actually doing nothing but sleeping, drinking fluids, taking tablets and generally doing nothing. Today has been the first day I've actually wanted to do anything constructive.

Minilemming however is regularly kicking away like nothing is going on, Midwife cheek at 28 weeks I was told they were 'Perfect' - they are growing as they should be, heartbeat is right on schedule etc. I have what I read as 'normal' symptoms - Heartburn, tiredness, swelling ankles and according to Husband, grumpiness that never left. I now do require help getting of sofas and bending over as bump gets bigger than my chest (I don't have a small chest either).

One of my favourite things to do at night to semi lie down and watch my stomach jggle and move through kicks. My husband however still keeps missing all of this, but as he says there is plenty more time before and after they are here.

Now it is just a matter of counting down the days until I am on maternity leave (16th December) as well as all the prenatal classes. Husband and I are also off to The Baby Show tomorrow to be bombarded with how much bits they think we need. I won the tickets through another blogger (Many Thanks to My Mills Baby) so I'm excited to be going back to Olympia to buy browse round baby bits.

Many thanks to everyone who has tweeted over the past week with get well wishes, it did mean a lot and I know I made the right decision to take a step back for a few days. Not only to feel better but actually enjoy some bonding time with Minilemming.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick in Nude Peach

I have an admission to make: I am a very bad beauty blogger, I used this before I even had a chance to photograph the triple rings you get in this lipstick. Please see bad attempt to rectify this below.

Nude nails shock!

This is another discovery from the July Bloggers Meet Up bag, and since has been gracing my lips everyday. The contrasting bands of colour as well as slightly glittery core gives the illusion of fuller lips. To me it gives the looks of lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss in one easily carried tube, with the bonus that it doesn't dry out my lips further.
The colour is perfect for my tone, the peach is good for the olive tones in my skin but there is slight pink so it doesn't tip into the coral territory. The price is still competitive between the high street and premium, as it is one of the ones I am wearing everyday it would be a re-investment when it finishes.
It is £10.95 from Oriflame website or from a local reprehensive.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sk:n Clinic Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The joy of being a beauty blogger is that I do have complete random conversations that lead to blog posts. This came about by having a conversation with one of my colleagues at my work place who as I was having a bit of a moan to about the combination of hairy legs and baby bump. Her comment to me was, 'You really should of had laser hair removal before.' thus pulling out her hair less (and tanned) legs for closer inspection, I couldn't help but be jealous.


This had been rolling around in my mind for a while, so when Sk:n Clinic contacted me about the services they provide I was eager and interested to take a peek. They have around 40 clinics throughout the UK and in their 20 years of business have served half a million clients. They only employ experienced doctors and staff to ensure the best care is provided. They also governed by Customer Quality Commission (which is the same governing body that assess doctors, care homes and dentists), as well as Independent Health Advisory Service ‘Treatment You Can Trust’ register and regularly work with the British Skin Foundation. Their clinics have also work alongside Channel 4 on my guilty pleasure shows, Embarrassing Bodies.

Consultations can be booked through their website where you would have an initial consultation, this is give a treatment plan, explain and reassure any questions you have on treatment. It is recommended to have a minimum of 6 treatments for body and 4 for the facial, and at the end of treatment you will be pampered to a deep exfoliating glycolic peel to feel fully refreshed.

Aftercare is provided and at the heart do want to provide the best and leading treatments in athestics treatments. Not only am I looking at the Laser Hair Removal, but the Microdermabrasion and skin peels. Something to look forward to after those sleepless nights next year.

To read more about Laser Hair Removal, process of treatment and pricings please go to the Sk:n Clinic Laser Hair Removal Page

*This is a sponsored post, however all my opinions and writing are my own, as well as my desire for a body overhaul once baby is here.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

Stop rolling your eyes, yes I know it is another BB Cream and we are now over them and onto CC creams - just bear with me.

As I have may mentioned a few times before I am a pale skinned woman with a mixed under tone of pink or olive. Every time I get foundation matched I always get put into the wrong undertone, either too pink or too orange. I like the rest of woman kind have been searching for 'the one'.

I got this is my goodie bag from the July Bloggers Meet Up as a 8g sample (which can be purchase on the website for £2 including P&P). I know fellow bloggers have gone crazy for it, so I was happy to get one to try out.

Ginvera is looked after by Janrio Ltd, run by a Rob Lyons from the UK and Jelle de Jong from the Netherlands, who after living in Asia and seeing their cosmetics wanted to bring them to the European market. The Ginvera range is the most popular in South-East Asia after the range first launched in 1985

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream has Green Tea, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica and Hyaluronic Acid. This hydrates, protects (SPF 30) and smooths out skin. What really impressed me was the moment I put it on my skin instantly looked clear but I felt that my skin could breath as it was covered in inches of foundation. I instantly glowed and this lasted throughout the day, I was getting told I looked 'rested' which when you are pregnant can look hard.

I now invested into the full size and won't even consider looking at the another base at the moment, I have honestly been that impressed with it. It is an amazing product and has retuned my faith in the BB Cream fad because this is one of the originals from where the fad started and where pale skin rules.- Asia.

Can be brought from prices start at £18 for a 25ml and the sample size can be brought from here as well.

Friday, 11 October 2013

NOTD - OPI's Silent Stars Go By (Mariah Carey Xmas Collection)

This is one of the mini's that are in the box set that is currently in my giveaway (finishes this weekend!).

It is one of the Liquid Sand formulations, it has more of a grittier texture than a 'normal' glitter polish. It does dry out more smoother and has a matt finish. You are to wear it without a top coat and it took all of my will not to do, it is however worth it.

Silent Stars Go By does catch the light and really glitters, which is perfect for the Christmas period. I wore this champagne toned colour to work as it is smart enough to wear but has that little bit of glamour to it.

I know exactly what you are thinking - What is removal like? For something that is filled with glitter, it was surprisingly easy to remove with acetone soaked pads held then rubbed, I would say to take off all 10 nails took about 10 minutes with. I had visions of me being locked in the bathroom for at least half an hour and the husband banging on the door.

I wasn't overcome when the original Liquid Sands came out, but I must admit I'm glad I gave them a try as they have surprised me.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

N-SPA Mum-to-be Range


I wouldn't of have had this in my life without Danielle from Beauty in Japan pointing them in my direction when they were looking for a pregnant beauty blogger to work with (my huge thanks to  everyone who has done this, I have found some amazing hidden gems thanks to this).

N-PSA in using professional spa inspired formulations but that are affordable for the high street. I know this brand has cause ripples since hitting the beauty blogger scene and I am not honestly surprised. Let's break it down.

Relaxing Bath & Shower Crème £3.50

Rosehip oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter and sweet almond oil are combined to give skin that is soft, clean and delicately fragranced. The best way I can describe the fragrance is a gentle powder scent that doesn't over power which is great when scents make your stomach swirl.

Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil £6.00

This has a combination of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil Vitamin A and E. It is a lightweight oil that I have found sinks in quickly and leaves no residue behind. I use this twice a day, morning and night, all over bump, bust and thighs. At the moment at week 26, I have had no marks on my skin (this in combination that I have made sure that weight I have put on is steady) for the price I'm impressed by this the most.

Moisturising Bump Butter £6.00

Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, and vitamin E in a thick butter, I use this once a day in the evening after the Noursing Stretch Mark Oil. Smells like white chocolate which is great when I'm having my chocolate craving. My skin drinks it in, leaving it really soft and more elasticated.

Cooling Leg and Foot Gel £4.00

Peppermint in a Aloe Vera base that soothes hot legs and feet. This was my saviour over the Summer months, as well as having my feet in the air I had this smoothed over my legs/feet. The combination of the two was the biggest relief, and now as I head towards third trimester I'm digging it back out as the swelling has retuned.

I really like this range not only for the price point but because it smells beautiful without making my stomach swirl (certain smells in pregnancy can do that, there have been certain products I've had to giveaway just because the smell was too much). There has not been a range in a while that has lived up to hype around it but is also affordable. I now want to try the rest of the skin care especially the Melting Cleansing Gel.

Monday, 30 September 2013


As well as working as a Dentist Receptionist/PA, Beauty Blogger, Wife and general fabulous (well trying to be) person - I also am a Stop Smoking Cessation Advisor. My main role is support anyone who wants to give up smoking which includes recommending the correct support as well as offering monitoring to show how giving up is improving your health.
I have previously spoken on my experience of being an smoker in I Used to be a Dirty Smoker.  October also marks the month I had my final puff on a cigarette so October for me is always a milestone. This year I will celebrating 4 years of being smoke free.

We official declare you a non smoker after 6 weeks of low CO2 readings in clinic, by this time your breathing has already improved, taste has returned, and you would already have more energy. Within 5 years you half your chance of heart attack and within 10 years your chances of getting lung cancer return to the levels of that of someone who has never smoked.

For me it was the money aspect, even though I was a 'social' smoker (smoked on nights out and occasional during the week) I spent happily £20 a week on cigarettes and smoking accessories. This was working out a £1040 a year that I wasn't saving.

I wish a huge good luck to everyone who is taking part. I know the first week is the worst as your body adapts to not having Nicotine constantly being put in, but the benefits outweigh the pains. There is help out there - the stop smoking clinics cost nothing and there is a friendly face to support you. Also there is the Smoke Free website where you can order materials and information to help, as well as a helpline and online support.

28 days is all it takes.

(Same as before this is not sponsored, it's something I truly believe in and back you all the way!)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I Need to Look Fabulous Giveaway

For those eagle eyed people on my Instagram, I did indeed hint at a giveaway. I do love a good giveaway, and Friday I won the Truffle Shuffle Friday competition to win some money to spend on the site. I hardly win anything before the Truffle Shuffle I think it was a lip balm in a Twitter giveaway over the Summer. I did find it ironic after the latest win that I was scheduling a giveaway for here.

This giveaway has the cutest Limited Edition Liquids Sand minis from OPI that I brought from Olympia Beauty. They are not in the shops yet (October is the launch date I have), so they are exclusive at the moment. To help with glamming up is a set of false lashes with glue and a mini version of Laurens Way Darker than Dark tanning lotion will also be sent with it.
  • It is UK only (Stupid Royal Mail and their stance on sending nail varnish aboard).
  • There are mandatory entries which must be completed to qualify and yes they will be checked.
  • The varnishes were purchased by me but the rest have been gifted to me.
  • Closing time and date is Monday 14th October 2013 at 12.00 GMT (London).
  • All prizes will be sent 2nd to the winner and a proof of postage will also be collected.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck Everyone

Saturday, 28 September 2013

NOTD - Essie's For The Twill of It

This has been on my wish list since I first saw the swatches on the Essie Twitter. It is a mixture of green/pink duo chrome in a dark grey base with a metallic finish. I got my bottle last weekend at Olympia Beauty so I have the professional formulation but I have noticed a difference between this and the diffusion line on the high street.

You cannot rush the painting as it can show brush streaks so I find it easier to take it slow with thin coats of polish (this was done in two coats). It is however worth it, my instagram feed went berserk with hearts when I uploaded it and my work colleagues where asking when and where they can buy it from. I personally have not stopped staring at it's multi-tonal beautifulness since I've put it on.

Keep an eye out in Boots stores as it will fly out of the store once in stock (£7.99)


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Olympia Beauty 2013 - Haul included (it's a long one)

There is two things I learnt from this weekend: It is not wise to go to a day long event while recovering from Laryngitis and pregnant. I had been unwell with a virus for nearly two weeks but I insisted on going, I love trade shows, not only from a blogger point of view but also as trade.

I arrived about 10.30 as normal the trains confused me (and I know I wasn't the only one), and headed straight to the Media centre. The really wonderful thing about Olympia Beauty is that they do fully embrace beauty bloggers and they are welcome into the rest stop of the media centre. After grabbing a cold diet Coke, I headed into the masses for initial walk around to assess who was there and see if there was any brands I wanted to speak to/spend money on.

After an hour I was back into the media centre for the PR meet and greet, this where the brands who are there come and have a chat with the media about new launches and form new relationships. This was great as trying to speak to anyone on the floor was impossible at this point, the crowds where huge!

I may have done a little fan girl sequel at OPI being there, as many of you know I am a huge fan of their polishes and used them when I first trained as a manicurist. They were there to show off the new Limited Edition Mariah Carey Christmas Collection - rich reds, plums and gold glitters. The part I instantly needed to have was the liquid sands, which have to recently not really bowled me over.

These will be available on the OPI website, on being told that I could buy them at the show did invest in the liquid sands (notice the plural), and if where eagle eyed enough on my Instagram (unevenlemming) you also know that I might have got a set to giveaway.

While I was at Olympia I also refreshed my subscription to Scratch Magazine (Professional monthly magazine for nail technicians which featured Karla Powell's amazing Pop Art make up and nails.) as well as Professional Beauty Magazine (updates on the industry and trends coming through). With Scratch I got a gift worth around £80 with nails foils, OPI mini kit, Morgan Taylor varnish and top coat, files etc.

I also targeted Essie for the AW13 Collection - If you had read my wishlist I had been hankering after For The Twill of It and was determined to get my hands on it. It does not disappoint in person, and after a show and tell to Kat (Tales of a Pale Face) , Alice (Bright Town Girl) , Dani (So Many Lovely Things) and Natasha (Shot of Beauty) we know all now own one (I am not an embalmer - honest). I also managed to pick up some bargain false lashes for £1-£2 each to pop into my kit.

Unfortunately after a long day in London, the Laryngitis returned leaving me with no voice and also open to getting another cold, hence why I'm few a days later than I wanted with this entry as I've been curled up feeling sorry for myself. Lesson learnt.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 Wishlist

These are the items that invade my dreams at night, the ones that I loving look at swatches online and sigh that they are not mine - yet. I really love AW collections, they seem to suit my tastes and skin tone much better than Summer.

1. Poisonberry by Lime Crime - This I truly blame on Jayne from Jayne's Kitschen, every time she wears it I get lipstick envy and keep telling her that I need to buy it. I have looked loads of berry shade lipstick swatches and find that I have got something close to it already, this I haven't at all. I have a huge obsession over this colour.

2. Sleek Make Up i Divine in Vintage Romance - I really like the quality of Sleek Make Up, I got my first palette last year (Sparkle 2) and was blown over by the quality of the palettes for under £8. Perfect AW colours of soft berry and golds, I could see this being used everyday as a break from brown/beige.

3. Illamasqa Lipstick in Shard - This one compared to Poisonberry is much more red but deeper and matt, same again saw swatches of it around the launch date and kept going back to them. I love the way you could wear big and bold or as a stain (see? It's multipurpose lipstick, two for the price of one). Just read they are going to be at Olympia Beauty this weekend (does a little fist pump).

4. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black (available at all High Street chemists) - Another AW trend is the catflick, something I really hadn't embraced before. I have had liquid liners but found them fiddly and gave up after a while. I'm hoping that this will encourage me to bring out my inner cat woman. This recommendation came from the very talented Scottish MUA, Andrew James.

5. Essie For the Twill of It - Now I was left in a tizzy over this because OPI has also Love & Peace & OPI which is the exact dupe of this. After reading a few comparisons it came to Essie as I read the formulation is a one coat and looks better on.

6. Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder (At all High Street Chemists) - Vintage style packaging? Check. Lightweight and slightly illuminating? Check. Good Price? £9.99, check. Been embalmed by other beauty bloggers to buy it? Triple check.

7. OPI DS Extragance Lapis (Also known as Granite) and Pewter - I wasn't too bound over by the San Francisco Collection apart from Love & Peace & OPI (See number 5). Then I saw these glitter infused beauties and realised as an lover of OPI I don't own any of the DS Extragance range. I'm more driven towards Lapis at the moment with a want to look at Pewter (I think my Illamasqua in Creator that I got in the sales could be close to it).

This weekend I will also be heading towards London (for will be one of my last times before Minilemming) for Olympia Beauty - a beauty trade show that contains half of this wish list. I had an absolute great day last year and look forward to bumping into people I know this year, please feel free to say hello etc.

So the question goes to you, what do you want this AW?

Monday, 16 September 2013

NOTD - Moss Behaving by Cheeky

Cheeky are the younger sister of Cowshed, they will be launching in 25 prestige Superdrug stores at the end of October. They still keep the core of Cowshed's philophy of simple and natural products, but are more accessible and fun for people who cannot get the Cowshed Spa. They will offer treatments for the person who wants to keep maintained but want it now.

As well as cheerful range of products they are also bringing out 21 nail paints that will retail for £7 each or if you are lucky enough to get to Superdrug store can have a file and paint for £12 as well as take the colour home with you.

The range has a vast array of colours but the one I was really intrigued by was Moss Behaving, just screamed AW trend but was completely different to the berry tones the other were wearing. I had a file and buff as well as a paint which was not only quick but technically perfect. My manicurist was passionate about her work and I couldn't fault her.

The colour itself I found took on different colours, in the warm light of indoors it went a deep green, but once it was outside into the white light of day, it went to this beautiful blue/green. I have had this on for 5 days now and it still going strong, even with showering and constantly typing.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Superdrug Press Day AW13

I was invited to my first press day by the wonderful people who look after the PR at Superdrug. The theme of the day was to celebrate brands that can only be purchased at Superdrug's stores as well as championing their own brand products. The wall above is one of two that hosted everything they sell their own brand, I did spend some time ticking off what I already use myself and was surprised it was more than I expected.

If it wasn't for me tweeting how much I love the look of the B.Skincare Facial Oil, I wouldn't of been there so it was only right that I visited them first and get some information on what I think is going to be one of the hottest new skincare launches since their Miceller Water.

The range is simple - split into 3 phases on not your age but what phase your skin is at the time: Phase one: Hydration. Phase two: Prevention and radiance. Phase Three: Firming and repairing. I have fallen for the B.Skincare for its simplicity as well as products that do what they say.
I have been lucky to try out the B.Replenished Facial Oil for Anti Oxidant Boost for nearly two weeks and already it has replaced my Antipodes Divine Oil as something that my skin really reacts to well. This I will be reviewing more in depth at a later time as I feel it needs an entry of its own.
I also got a chance to try some of the make up which I hadn't before. My highlights were the new Colour Correct Cream where the lightest is light enough for pale skins and provides a high SPF of 45 (Launches November at £11.99). I also was drawn to the B.Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer in Lizzie - described as a soft neutral pinky/beige, when swatched it looked skin toned peachy/pink with a gold shimmer, a perfect base colour if I ever saw one (Launches October at £6.99).
After a stroll round I did get a little giddy over finding that Nicole by OPI are stocked in some branches of Superdrug now. They are the younger sister of OPI Professional and retail for £7.99 compared to £11.99 for the professional range. I am currently hunting these down as I write this.
I then got distracted by the shiney nail varnishes at GOSH including the new Frosted Sand polishes, these dry to glitter but matt finish. I instantly was drawn to the vintage lilac colour that the make artist was wearing (a thank you for modelling for the photo). I have the silver version to play with after I was given it to try.
I was also having a magpie moment with GOSH's Girls on Film which is now added to the increasing wishlist.
Of course we cannot talk about exclusives to Superdrug without mentioning their biggest make up brand: MUA Cosmetics. The AW13 line up is the strongest they have had in a long time, adding to the successful palettes they are now adding the Matt palette (after a social media campaign) and Smokey palette (with eye liner).
Top Left: Luxe Pretty Edgy Eye Palette. Top Right: Matt. Bottom Left: Luxe Glitter Palettes. Bottom Right: Smokey Palette
They are also introducing another line to the MUA and MUA Pro lines: MUA Luxe. This is the on trend but premium side of MUA, the prices are only slightly higher than the other lines (Undressed is £4 while the new Pretty Edgy Eye palette will be £8). The quality of ingredients will be a higher quality to match with the  price point. A key example is that eye shadow powder in the Luxe range are more finely milled and I found go on smoother.
There will also be a range of glitter palettes launching with the Luxe range, suspended in clear non sticky gel there will be a choice of 4. Can be worn on their own or over the top of another colour, and will have not fall out into eyes. Palettes will be £4 each.
For Lime Crime Valentine fans they are also Velvet Lip Lacquers launching in October, matt finish lip paint that will honest not budge. I had these on my hand the whole day and didn't even fade after washing hands, etc. Very impressive for £3 will come in Red, Purple, Coral, Deep and Light Pink.
There are some very exciting launches that are coming from Superdrug at the moment which isn't great news for my bank balance.