Monday, 4 November 2013

Vivo Dreamy 12 Shade Colour Block palette

My MUA Cosmetics Undressed palette is finally no more, and I won't be re-purchasing as I now have this neutral beauty in life make up bag.

I found that I only used certain colours in the MUA and when they went it got forgotten in my case for a while. I got this palette when I went to the July Blogger Meet Up and instantly was in awe of the colours. There wasn't any particular one I disliked.

This is now looking a lot more used since this photo, I like the pattern of the squares and for once actually waited until I photographed it until using. The wearing time is a little more than MUA, I can finish a day shift at work and still have wear left to adapt to night. With a primer it lasts much longer of course.

Thus uses the champagne coloured from the centre of the blocks, while using that matt black/brown as eyeliner and brow powder.

The palette is exclusive to Tesco stores or you can purchase it from Vivo Cosmetics Store for the grand total of £3.99 for 10 good sized shadows and for me one I can use as a brow powder. Not doubt that it is a bargain - just wait until their matt red lipstick review is up in the next few days, it's another bargain!

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