Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Unevenlemming's Beauty Box

After British Beauty Blog's Beauty Box (there is a lot of B's there), it got me thinking, "If created my own beauty box, what would be my picks?" Now as normal these thoughts were swimming round my head on a late 1am evening, where either cramp, my bladder, or husbands snoring were keeping me awake.

First of all, what to pack it all into. I used to work for Fossil watches a few years ago and my favourite things about them was the tins that the watches came in. They were all limited edtion and was changed once a month, we also has them on display so customers could chose what tin they have. There was even some really rare ones that could be turned into birdhouses. The tin I have in mind is one you could use after for storing baking in (like I do with the old Roses tins), I do like the style of this one, and it is very much my humour.

So what to put into the tin?

Antipodes Divine Oil

I have reviewed this oil in a previous post here - Main summary is that it is a light notorious oil that hasn't broke me out in spots, smoothed and soothed my sensitive skin. The combination of essentials are also evoke relaxation and soothes rattled nerves. One of my facial must haves.

OPI Makes Men Blush

This has a special place in my nail collection, this is the colour I wore when I got married. It's a delicate pink/peach with a faint pink shimmer, which I use two coats on but goes opaque in three. I am a huge fan of OPI and even through I now own more Essie, my favourite colours have come from OPI collection.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
I have used Ojon, Aveda, and a few others that I cannot remember as there has been a few. I do have a sensitive scalp, one that if it doesn't like a product will itch constantly and flake everywhere. I took a gamble many years ago and brought this for when my hair was slightly drier. It was perfect, smooth, glossy and no allergy symptoms. I have tried other things but have always come back to Aussie every time. I've even converted my high end, fussy product mum to it, after she 'borrowed' it one day when hers ran out.
Glamglow Youth mud
OK, let's address the big elephant in the room - It is just under £50.00 a pot (please shop around, I have found it cheaper) and the most expensive thing in the tin. For me I loved how it felt after I took off, fresher, brighter skin that looked smoothed out with no sensitive redness. I have stated my case for it here
 Now I throw it out to you guys, what would you put into YOUR beauty box (because I'm noisy!)


  1. Hey lovely lady, I have nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

    Its on my blog xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, must of done it on a more steady hand day ;-) x

  3. What a great post idea, I might do this too xx


    1. Do it!, I really am nosey to see what people would do with their own box!

  4. I want an Unevenlemming beauty box! Great post Hun. Love this idea, may I do it too? :)


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