Monday, 14 October 2013

Sk:n Clinic Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The joy of being a beauty blogger is that I do have complete random conversations that lead to blog posts. This came about by having a conversation with one of my colleagues at my work place who as I was having a bit of a moan to about the combination of hairy legs and baby bump. Her comment to me was, 'You really should of had laser hair removal before.' thus pulling out her hair less (and tanned) legs for closer inspection, I couldn't help but be jealous.


This had been rolling around in my mind for a while, so when Sk:n Clinic contacted me about the services they provide I was eager and interested to take a peek. They have around 40 clinics throughout the UK and in their 20 years of business have served half a million clients. They only employ experienced doctors and staff to ensure the best care is provided. They also governed by Customer Quality Commission (which is the same governing body that assess doctors, care homes and dentists), as well as Independent Health Advisory Service ‘Treatment You Can Trust’ register and regularly work with the British Skin Foundation. Their clinics have also work alongside Channel 4 on my guilty pleasure shows, Embarrassing Bodies.

Consultations can be booked through their website where you would have an initial consultation, this is give a treatment plan, explain and reassure any questions you have on treatment. It is recommended to have a minimum of 6 treatments for body and 4 for the facial, and at the end of treatment you will be pampered to a deep exfoliating glycolic peel to feel fully refreshed.

Aftercare is provided and at the heart do want to provide the best and leading treatments in athestics treatments. Not only am I looking at the Laser Hair Removal, but the Microdermabrasion and skin peels. Something to look forward to after those sleepless nights next year.

To read more about Laser Hair Removal, process of treatment and pricings please go to the Sk:n Clinic Laser Hair Removal Page

*This is a sponsored post, however all my opinions and writing are my own, as well as my desire for a body overhaul once baby is here.

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