Wednesday, 30 July 2014

NOTD B.Makeup Nail Varnish in Seafoam*

My Mint Candy Apple has finally departed me and I need something to to fill its minty hole for the Summer. I had always been a fan of B.Skincare so when I offered a chance to try some of the make up range I was very eager.

This was included in what I received and instantly thought it would fill that minty hole left behind. Side by side Seafoam is a tiny bit bluer but that's if you look really hard and make yourself go cross eyed. Formula wise, I did two coats on the picture above but felt I could of easily done a third coat coat to get it more solid and brighter if I wanted. It does go on smoothly and found it levelled well when drying which dries quickly.

Seafoam will set you back £4.99 exclusively at Superdrug. I have my eye on Matador (A deepish Matt red) and Woodland (A deep green) for my AW varnish update.

* Seasfoam was given for my consideration, all the views are my own

Monday, 28 July 2014

Febreze Sleep Easy Range #Sleephappy

I've just completed 6 weeks of using Febreze Sleep Serenity on behalf of Super Savvy Me testing board. I got given a kit with some money off vouchers as well as a bottle of each scent to try out over the weeks before going to bed.

As being a new Mum sleep is not only vital but also it is broken up as we care for our babies. I was sleeping OK but finding it hard to switch off and fall asleep as I reel off lists of things that need to be done or worrying that Beth is not breathing etc. I was eager to try these out and see if they could give me more of a restful sleep.

They come in three fragrances:

  • Moonlit Lavender - Famous for it soothing and relaxing properties.
  • Quiet Jasmine -Is an anti depressant and relaxes jangled nerves.
  • Warm Milk and Honey - A hug in the spray, deeply comforting.

They also contain the Febreze technology that eliminates odours so all you can smell is the fragrance.

Working with the National Sleep Foundation to offer all the partakers advice on how to improve their nights sleep. We need sleep to recharge our brain, improve our mood and be creative and we should be looking at between 6-8 hours a night. It is recommended for this to to have a routine to wind down for the evenings rest. This can be from reading to taking a bath, but it is recommended that you avoid technology an hour before bed because of the light emitted from it can mimic daylight and keep you awake.

With this in mind, I changed the sheets (fresher sheets always feel better) and sprayed different ones each week to see what worked as well as what was preferred. I also sprayed it on the far side of the room before settling Bethany to sleep to also see if it would settle her down.

I tried to keep to the same bedtimes as possible, Hubby and I agreed that an hour before bed we spend some time together winding down and worked a routine that would help me wind down. A hour before Beth's bedtime I work spray the room and it would still be there when we went to bed a few hours later. I did on the whole sleep a lot more soundly and found it easier to fall asleep.

Out of the scents I tried so far I liked this range the most, Hubby preferred Milk and Honey, I liked Quiet Jasmine and Beth slept better with the Moonlit Lavender. As well as the sprays there is plug in and reed diffusers, all available at your local supermarket.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bethany Update - 6 months (and 3 days)

The last time we left you you in the 5 Month Update we ere having our first spoonfuls of baby rice, after our HV said that she wasn't putting enough weight on. We build up the meals over the past few weeks from going from lunch to lunch/dinner and now breakfast/lunch/dinner with a snack if she wants it. Beth now is a hungry little thing and bangs her highchair if I don't feed her fast enough.

First Mouthfuls
Her favourite so far is Oatifix Strawberry and Banana, gobbles it all up, then its Apple and Pear puree. We did have a fight with carrot but found mixing it with something else works, sweet potato being the favourite. My friend lent me her steamer/blender which means I can make all my own ones for home, and then I take a pouch for when I'm out and about.

The key question is has she put any weight on? Well, since we started she has put on 1lb in a month, 10ozs of that in the past 3 weeks as we increase her meals. The HV has now said we only have to visit once a month now. You can now see that she is putting on weight as she getting baby chub on her face.

Taken on Monday, her 6 month birthday
I now cannot take my eyes off of her as she is now rolling more, yesterday we finally cracked rolling front to back and back again after spending an afternoon rolling and getting stuck. We are also getting more vocal and babbling more, but you can hear the start of words forming so I don't  think that the start of words are far away now.

I am still surprised how far she's come and this is only the start before she's one we have so much to learn/do. We have finally left 0-3 clothes behind and now am in pretty 3-6 months dresses and shorts. I get some many compliments on how calm and chilled she is compared to other babies, she only cries if there is something really wrong like she's hungry/wet/tired. She is very much a people person and was very happy to sit on everyone's lap on Monday.

Sharing her coke with Mummy
Chilling by the pool for a friend's birthday party.
Playing Xbos with Daddy
Thank you for everyone's wishes on the passing of my Aunt and your paience as I took time out. The funreal was a sun filled afternoon and her final resting place is perfect. If it wasn't for the Iain Rennie nurses my Aunt's final days would not be been as comfortable as she wanted. As a family, we are increbible grateful. They are a chariety so they always require donations. You can donate at their Just Giving page

Thursday, 17 July 2014

To My Aunt

Here's Ferris again

Last Friday my Aunt lost her fight with the scum that is cancer, I am incredible mixed emotions about the whole thing. She increasingly and quickly got very ill towards the end and it is a relief that she is no longer suffering, but on the other hand I feel so much guilt that I didn't spend more time with her. 

I spent a many Saturday morning of my younger years at her house after my dance classes watching video tapes of The Simpson's that she had taped the previous week off of cable. She was a heavy smoker so the house was always filled with smoke and I complained constantly that I hated it. When I grew I no longer was obligated to go round and only saw her at family occasions (but she still taped The Simpson's until we got Sky ourselves).

She contracted Lung cancer about 4ish years ago after a medical, half a lung was removed and the smoking went. It wasn't until the beginning of the year that we were told it was back, she went under treatment but the cancer had already grabbed hold and she decided that she would rather nature takes it course rather than spend the rest of the time she had ill from treatment that might not even work.

We never did a formal goodbye, one day we went round, let her have cuddles with Beth and had a chat over tea. She was the same as she always been, opinionated, passionate but caring (complaining that the hospital can't get a bed right as it made noise during the night). My Aunt is extremely caring she spent all of the time I've known her being a carer for someone, my grandad, her partner, neighbours. 

I've been told in the funeral on Monday that there is 55 people confirmed as coming, which shows just how much influence she had. 

I cannot focus at the moment, I am completely numb to it all. I know Monday is going to be a long day with the out pouring of grief. I am very thankful that I have had Beth to focus on, she's doing so many new things that I cannot wait to write her update (it will be late as Monday is also her 6 months). Bear with me if I disappear off the radar for a while, thank you to all the companies I am working with who have been great when I've explained the situation. 

I will be hoovering around Twitter and reading blogs just because it's a great distraction from it all. Thank you to everyone who has sent wishes so far. Go and hug someone, tell them you love them, share a little love tonight.

"Keep your chin up, someday there will be happiness again. You’ll see. –Robin Hood"

Monday, 14 July 2014

NOTD - Essie Spin The Bottle

This is the varnish I received in the #BBBBeautyBox Number 3 I think from reading other blogs that I was one of rare lucky ones to get the more neutral polish. Not that I don't love a bright, I have many, but with me having little time to varnish my nails, neutral polishes last longer and hide chips easier.

Being an Essie varnish you can expect the high  quality, easily to paint on, smooths out, dries quick and lasts a while. It even pasts the hot water test, as I am constantly washing bottles in hot water. I love this colour, such a milky caffe latte nude and is perfect all year round even though it is from the Spring 2014 collection.

Oh and a quick note: There is a BBBBeautyBox 4 in the works, start saving now!

Friday, 11 July 2014

MAC Creme Cup Dupe? B.Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colour in Prom*

I have been using the B.Skincare range from Superdrug for a while (B. Replenished Facial Oil
is still one of my cabinet staples) but have never adventured in to the make up side. I spotted an opportunity to try a few bits and jumped on the chance.

One of them was their Lip & Cheek colour which I had alrady had an introduction to when I went to Superdrug's press day last September. B.Vibrant is just that, strong bright colour in a crayon style applicator. Its creamy to apply on, and after two layers has a 8 hour lasting power.

I was swatching away amd a little light bulb went off, this looks so close to sanother one of my lipsticks, MAC Creme Cup. Digging around in my storage box, I found it and swatched it next door to a swipe to Prom,

Top: Creme Cup. Bottom: Prom
Side by side, Prom is more of a deeper richer pink than Creme Cup. Both on smoothly but I do like the convenience of crayon that I can apply in a hurry. Price wise B.Vibriant is also the winner at £7.99 (currently has £1 off at Superdrug at £6.99) compared to MAC's ever increasing prices at the £15.50.

* Product was provided for reveiew, but the ramblings are my own.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blog Sale 2014

It is another annual clear out of my make up/skin care storage that needs a new loving home.

  • Postage is £2.70 for up to 4 items
  • Due to the Royal Mail Restrictions this is UK only
  • Please email with the title of Blog Sale with name, address, items wanted and paypal account details.
  • I am open to sensible offers
  • Paypal accepted only
  • I send items as securely as possible, however I cannot vouch for Royal Mail handling.

1. £2.00 - Lancôme Hydra Flash Face, unused, no box
2. 50p - Aloe Vera Gel, unused
3. 50p Lee Stanford Dry Shampoo mini, unused
4. 50p So...? Dry Shampoo mini, unused
 5. £1.00 Lancôme Juicy Tube Mini in Fraise, unused
6. £1.00 Lancôme Juicy Tube Mini in Marshmallow, unused
2 for £1.50
7. £1.00 Estee Lauder Lip gloss in Honey, used once
8. £1.00 Make Believe Shimmer Lip Gloss, used once
9. 50p Boots No. 7 High Shine in Smile, unused
10. £1.00 Estee Lauder Lip gloss in Coral Chic, unused
11. £1.00 Helen E loose powder eye shadow in 24 (a dark grey), unused and sealed
12. £1.00 Helen E loose powder eye shadow in 22 (a light grey), unused and sealed
2 for £1.50
13. £1.00 Boots No. 17 Eye Dazzle in Big Smoke, unused and sealed
14. 75p Wet'n'Wild loose eye shadow in Amethyst, used once
15. £1.00 Rimmel Colour Loose in 011 Sapphire, unused
16. £1.00 Rimmel Colour Loose in 008 Smokey, unused
2 for £1.50

17. £1.00 Natio Lip Glow in No.5 (Pink/Bronze), unused but has slight nick in bullet
18. £1.50 Lancôme L'Absolu Nu mini in 302 Voile De Rose, unused
19. £1.00 Estee Lauder lipstick in Tiger Eye, unused
20. £3.00 Estee Lauder in Venetian Rose, unused

21. £1.50 OPI Past, Present and Fucshia (shimmer), used once
22. £1.50 OPI My Very First Knockwurst (matt), used a few times
23. £1.50 OPI Steady as She Rose (matt), used once
24. £1.50 OPI Casino Royale (matt), used once
All 4 for £4.00

25. £1.00 Morgan Taylor in Coming Up Roses (matt), unused
26. £1.00 Cuccio Professional in Red (matt), used once
27. 50p Sinful Colours in Nail Junkie, used once
28. £1.00 Filthy Gorgeous Magnetic in In a Trance, used once
29. £1.00 Bad Apple in Almata, used a few times
All 5 for £3.50 (P&P will be £2.70)

30. £1.00 Bourjois 1 Second Polish in 13, unused
31. £1.00 Bourjois 1 Second Polish in 11, unused
32. £1.00 Collection in Dusk (deep dark green), unused
33. £1.00 Collection in Twilight (deep dark purple), unused
34. £1.00 Rimmel 60 Seconds in  Grey Matter, used
35.. £1.00 SpaRitual Mini in Undercurrent (matt deep blue), used
 All 6 for £5.00 (with P&P £2.70)
36. £4.00 Stamping set, only used once. Plate numbers are B56 B26 and B01. Also has 3 stampers and 2 scrapers.
37. £2.00 Nail Foils in Pink, unused
Both for £5.00

38. 50p Collection Glam Metallics in Vinyl, unused
39. £2.00 Estee Lauder Stay in Place Shadow Stick in Pink Pearl, used
40. £2.00 Estee Lauder Stay in Place Shadow Stick in Silver Lilac, used
41. £1.00 Prescriptives Cheek and Lips in Ibiza Sunset, used

42. £1.00 Estee Lauder eye shadow single in Powedered Almond, used
43. £1.50 Estee Lauder duo eye shadow in Plum Sugar, used
44. 50p Boots No.7 Single eye shadow in Antique Rose, unused
45. 50p Boots No.7 single eye shadow in Truffle, used
All 3 for £1.50

46. £2.50 Ted Baker Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, unused and sealed (I couldn't bring myself to use it!)

47. MUA Going for Gold palette, used
48. Pink Tease Eye Palette, unused
If anyone wants these for the price of postage or wants them if they buy anything, then please give them a good home :)

Monday, 7 July 2014

A Weighty Issue - Update 1

I previously wrote about my desire to try and start losing some weight in the original A Weighty Issue.

I started by downloading My Fitness Pal (User name: Unevenlemming) to monitor what a was eating to give myself a large shock as well as motivation. My milkshake craving, left over from my pregnancy, was coming in at 400 + each time, is a meal in itself. I also started looking for substitutes for things I like everyday, I found a lower calorie packet of crisps (Walkers Squares, around 99 a packet) and chocolate with whipped nougat centre (ASDA Own Whirly Bites at 74 calorie a fun size bar).

The first two weeks I lost 6lbs, which I was overjoyed about. The following week was tougher, I was volunteering at Newly New Sale so even through I was running around and took a packed lunch with me, there was still a huge amount of cake around. When I needed a sugar hit instead of fighting it, I hit the cake. I've now noticed this is my weakness at the moment. I go to a few baby groups during the week, they all have biscuits/cakes as much as you can eat and I do. I also was at a children's birthday party yesterday and it was mostly cake and sweet things.

I weighed myself again on Friday and I had put back on 3lbs, I hoped I would stay steady but I was not surprised when I saw I had put weight on. My mission for the next few weeks is to resist cake or at the very least be sensible with how much I was eating. I am planning to walk more, I do walk where I can but I'm sure I can sneak some more in and the static bike has been cleared so I can also use that as well now. Beth also wakes at 6am more now and will stay up, I know I am finding this tiring and its making me craving more sugar, I need to make sure that I get enough rest to adapt to this change.

I know there still some way to go and yes I am making small changes at a time. In a few months time I will be returning back to work part time so that will throw another spanner in the works. For now, it's seeing what changes I can make.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Being a Volunteer for NCT

In March my local NCT (National Children Trust) sent an email out asking for people who had a few hours spare to help. I replied saying I was interested and it was suggested that I come to a monthly meeting to find out more of a role I was interested in, by the end of the meeting I was voted in on the committee I was that eager to join.

The NCT was launched in 1956 and it aims to give new parents (whether it's their first or beyond child) an accurate and impartial information in the first 1,000 days of their child's life. They also campaign for better rights, care and facilities for maternity and new parents, with back up from in house research. Also provides support through their online website, helpline, courses, parenting groups and Nearly New Sales. This is open to everyone.

As a new Mum I know how lonely and daunting it came be, even 5 months down the line it still can overwhelm me. I wanted to use what little experience I had to reassure other Mums as well as be able to pick other Mum's brains too. It also gave me an opportunity to use the skills I had from admin and customer service to make sure I till kept my own grey cells working while I was away from work.
I am the Membership Co-ordinator, which to put it simple is a jack of all trades and master of none. If you email our district a high majority of the time it will be me, I am there to make sure that members get what they need as well as send out emails and mails on what is going on in the district. I also admin our Facebook page for the High Wycombe District. Membership means that we can have a consistent income so we can carry on the work that we do, it also gives member early access to the Nearly New Sales (which is why I was a member in the first place, guiltily).

I've now been doing the role for just coming on 3 months and its been really rewarding. I even got over my anxiety of meeting new people to run one of our Bumps and Babies parenting groups for not just one week but two. This weekend I also did my first Nearly New Sale as a volunteer, not only was it busy, hard work and tiring but it was really enjoyable, we raised lots of money for our Breastfeeding clinic about to open in September and I scored some amazing bargains! (Stokke Tripp Trapp RRP £200 with accessories, got it for £45!)

Without the people stepping forward and volunteering the district nearly closed this year, thankfully we didn't, however that is a huge amount of people who would of lost vital support. Volunteering takes about a few hours of my time during the busier periods, which I work round Beth's sleeping pattern. For those few hours I feel that if I can reach one person then it makes a huge difference.