Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Steamcream Moisturser - My new Skin Love

I fell in love with Steamcream before I got my hands on it, I love the limited edition design concepts of the packaging. I know from training and experience that the product can come second to packaging, modern, sleek designs that can suit every taste. I do not want to take anything away from anything that is inside the tin, that is something of a beauty in itself.

Steamcream have a simple concept, use high-quality, natural ingredients that are bought together using steam. This leaves a light weight but super nourishing cream to apply to the skin. My nose instantly brought out lavender, a soothing anti inflammatory alongside chamomile, these also calm fraught nerves and help unwind for sleep (or applying like I do in the morning a fraught night feed). Jojoba Oil is an emollient so it stops moisture escaping, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil are skin softeners, Oatmeal infusion is high minerals that brighten and even skin tone. You also have orange flower water and blossom oil which will balance out skins sebum production and lift your mood. To complete you then have Neroli and Rose Absolute oil to help skin elasticity for the more maturer skins. They do make sure that in one tin you have all skin tones/needs complete.

For me I like the keep it simple concept, using unadulterated ingredients to provide a product that hit all the needs that your skin will need at one point or another. I know in the past year my skin has needed balancing, nourishing as well as brightening. It's also lightweight that it doesn't cause a grease film over my nose and forehead, which is the problem trying to use a product that covers my T-zone successfully. I also love the scent as it reminds of my aromatherapy training when I used to turn into George from Roald Dahl's George's Marvelous Medicine.

Steamcream does say you can use it over the body, I wouldn't use it as all over body moisturiser as you race through tins, more on the areas that need a little extra like knees and elbows. I also rub the excess into my hands to give them a dose as well. I do also like that it works alongside my facial oil rather than clashes as some high street moisturisers do. At £12.95 for one tin (they do run 2 for £20 offers too) I think it's competitive to somewhere like Lush, as well as the high street. I won mine in a blogger competition but would be more than happy to replace once it runs out.

Monday, 23 June 2014

#BBBBeautyBox Number 3

I spent that last of my birthday money on Brit Beauty Blogger's 3rd Beauty Box (try and say that quickly). I know from previous boxes, with some samples I am still working my way through and some going into my labour bag, that every single item is a hidden and well loved gem. I will always get my moneys worth and as glad this time that she had teamed with another company I have also used and loved in the past, Latest in Beauty. Latest in Beauty do a sampling and beauty box service, where what you see is what you get and I have used them a few times in the past (YOU Editors Box is still one of my favourites).

You have read a trillion other reviews with long lists of the products so I will not bore you, there are some that have different colours so I will tell you these: The Essie polish I got from Spring 14 is Spin The Bottle, a milky latte like nude. The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick 'Kiss' is Marylin, a perfect toned red and the Makeup Revolution palette is Lock and Load, a mix of neutrals and deep jewel tones. I actually could of not of asked for a better box, the colours are exactly what I would of picked out. I honest feel that Jane and LIB sat down and made sure that I got the right box for me (I know it's not true but it's my fantasy so shush).

I've already nearly used up the Elemis foot cream, as this is my treat for night feeds - I give myself a foot rub afterwards to wind down. It's thick enough to feel it doing something to soften but you are not slipping over because of grease. The Lola Kabuka brush is a must have for dusting powder to set make up, supple and soft. Roger and Gillet Gingimbre Rouge sample has gone, and I'm not repeating what my Hubby said about it, this is a family site. Janjira Art of Siam is beautiful, hand softing and a little treat when washing hands after changing Bethany.

I am still working my way through the rest (as well as the previous boxes). I've said this to Jane (honest if you love the boxes, give her a tweet, it'll make her day) but these are just incredible for the amount of care and attention that goes into them is beyond what any brand can so. I told you they would be a success, congratulations.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bethany Update - Month 5

Working the cuteness
 OK, who took her? Who took my little newborn and replaced her with this little girl?

Bethany is growing into a beautiful little gurgling girl, she now is rolling over more and is pulling herself up to sit. We regualally put her in her Bumbo seat (which is like a big hard foam potty thing) to help her build her strength up to sit on her own, however her favourite thing is to sit on our laps and investigate what we are doing - my phone is no longer safe!

Her favourite toy is a soft rattle that has a lamb head called Lamby and then a small insect that caused a 'discussion' between my Hubby and I. I think it's a bee, he thinks it's butterfly, so one day I put on Facebook and Twitter and let them decide. Butterfly won so it means that at some point I am on nappy duty for a week. She does have other toys that she likes, teething links being a chewable favourite, but these two get her the most excited when you show her them.

Butterfly in mouth and Lamby next to Beth
 We found out Thursday that Beth is not putting on the weight she needs, in the past 5 weeks she has only put on 1lb. She is now on the edge of the NHS danger zone, so it has been suggested that we actually try to wean her onto food as after discussion we think milk is not interesting her as much now. She watches me eat as well as cries to sit on my lap so she can reach for food, her head is not 100% steady but it is getting there. As this goes live I will probably trying her on her first bit of baby rice! (Quick note: This is going up later than normal as she was having her first few spoons with huge success)

My back is on the mend, I still get pulls and twinges but I am not taking as many painkillers as I was, at least now it is as and when. I am using the My Fitness Pal app to keep a track on my eating habits (Unevenlemming), I can already start to see a difference as I am less bloated than before, but that zip is still alluding me. Finally, a thank you for sitting with the blog during this time, when I was pregnant I had a feeling that when Minilemming was finally here it would turn my world upside down and things would be all over the place for a while. I am hoping that the next few months before I return to work that a pattern will emerge and balance will be restored.
Finally enjoying tummy time!
Cuddles with Mummy

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Weighty Issue

I had been weighing myself every two weeks since I been going to playgroup, I had lapsed the past few weeks and today had my 50p to use the Boots machine as we have no scales at home (and I think if we did I'd be on them all the time). Did the usual nonsense, "Stand on the platform, head straight and stand still", and was shocked to the display, I was nearly the same weight when I was 36 weeks pregnant at 12 stone 11lb (81.5kg).

I am heavier now than when I started trying to lose weight the previous time. I logged into my fitness pal app and said that the last time I logged on I was 80.8kg (about 12 stone 10lbs) and was on track to lose more when I got pregnant. Recently, I've noticed my trousers are much tighter and the wobbly belly I had from birth is much more wobbly than before. I think I might of even found a new stretch mark.

My mojo has also gone, I just feel like a big wobbly lump.

There is a beautiful Jasmine Guinness dress hanging in my wardrobe, I brought it a few years ago and it hangs there with the tags still on. My bother in law is getting married in August and my aim is to be able to wear it (it's a generous size 14, while I'm currently 16/18), this gives me 8 weeks to try but this is not about trying to fit into a dress, but also to get my mojo back and get healthy that I can look after Beth for longer as well as when she's older that I can play with her and not get tired.

First a few admissions:

I am secret eater - I will be out on my own and 'treat' myself to all the things that are just sugar and fat, I hide this from Hubby.
I'm lazy - I'm normally get to the evening and can't be bothered to cook, even though I am not a bad cook. I stuff things on a tray and cook it (normally something with chips).
I currently crave sugar - I know this is because of my sleep pattern, and I didn't realise how common it was in Mums with newborns until I researched.
I'm a vegetarian who is fussy about veg and does not eat fruit - The biggest thing to change, epesically  as Beth is now so close to the age of being weaned and I will need to lead by example.


I literally will have to 'wean' myself onto vegetables at the very least, actually Beth's weaning books have been really helpful about nutrition and I've been hitting the recipes book to find more appealing veggie meals.
I've already re-downloaded My Fitness Pal app, and uploaded today's eatings which was very depressing reading. This will give an idea of how on track I am, I'm unevenlemming on there if you want to see the progress or be my cheerleader.
I've noticed my portion sizes have started increase again, I need to reign these in.
The one that everyone says, drink more water and make sure I carry a bottle around with me so I fulfil this.
Find some more exercise that is enjoyable as well as good at strengthening my muscles so I can make my back stronger.

Most of all I want to be happier with my body, and I am not at the moment. There is in black and white, now I have no excuses!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

NOTD - Superdrugs Limited Edition Barry M Nail Paints

Looking out the window I see Summer has actually arrived for the two weeks of the year it exists in the UK, this prompts a quick rush to bring out all the bright polishes and quickly get them on before it all disappears again.

These are rather special as they are Limited Edition and can't be purchased, spend £6 or more in Superdrug until 1st July and one of these will be yours to take home. There is two colours a frosted bright pink called Promenade and ocean blue called Seaside.

I was more draw to the pink as I haven't got anything like it in my collection. I painted it on, easy application and two coats are perfect. I had more problems with Seaside, it goes on more sheer, so you need to build up more layers up to at least 4. The wear time is reasonable, considering I have my hands in hot water several times, it last 3 days before a slight chip happened.

Note: Many thanks to Hubby to got roped in to be my photographer for this (so blame him).

Monday, 9 June 2014

Back Injuries Post Pregnancy

I do like it when everyday life inspires blog entries, I had previously touched on back problems in my previous post (Pearls of Wisdom - Mum, after labour). We all know that during labour hormones loosen the ligaments around the back and front of a woman's body so when it comes to growing with baby the muscles adapt. However, these muscles still stay loosened for at least 6 months post labour, this means that when you need to lift and bend more the muscles are more susceptible to injuries.

This is where I am today, I am currently writing this propped up on our bed after having to go to the emergency doctors yesterday. My back had been niggling for a few days, but Saturday I moved and then I was bent over in pain, which increased. I was alternating anti-inflammatory and pain killers on Sunday, but I was in so much pain, we arranged an emergency appointment and limped down there. I was told I either severally twisted or torn the muscle in my back and also have stronger anti-inflammatory.

A contributing factor is the increased movement you have when you have a baby, as well as the increase in weight of them. You are constantly bending, stretching and rotating to facilitate their needs. I've had to come home and review the height of everything, her changing mat, crib, and playmat; These all vary in levels so I also had to review how I lift.


The official technique is to use your legs instead of your back. Do not bend from the waist. Instead, squat down by bending your knees and use your legs to lift. It is often that you will be lifting many heavy, unfamiliar objects, such as car seats and strollers. Move slowly and pay attention to your lifting technique to avoid injury. It is best to try to avoid standing for long periods because this puts extra pressure on your back. If you need to stand, rest one foot on a raised surface such as a stool.

When feeding, keep your back straight while feeding and raise your baby to the breast/bottle. Do not lean over to bring the breast/bottle down to your baby. Sit in a chair with a firm back and use pillows to aid in proper positioning. This may take some time to learn; a lactation consultant can help you assess discomfort and make recommendations for different feeding positions. Use a footstool to elevate your feet while sitting.

Bring your baby close to your chest before lifting. Back injuries can occur if you pick him up with your arms outstretched or while twisting or turning to the side.
Kneel in front of your child while you buckle them into the car seat. You will be in an awkward position if you try to buckle the seat while standing outside the car. This twisting motion can contribute to back injury in the long term.


Ice or heat packs can help reduce back pain. Soaking in a hot bath may also provide relief. If you had a cesarean section birth, make sure your doctor has given you the go-ahead to resume tub baths. For back pain caused by sore or overworked muscles, a massage may provide quick relief. At the same time, it offers a good way for a new parent to unwind.

Contact your doctor if your back pain does not respond to self-care measures within 72 hours, or if your pain becomes severe, especially at night or when you lie down. Back pain accompanied by fever, numbness, tingling, bowel or bladder problems, pain or throbbing in the chest should be evaluated by a doctor. Mild or moderate back pain may respond favorably to over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen. Talk with your doctor if your pain does not improve; prescription-strength pain relievers or muscle relaxants may be appropriate in some cases. Inform your doctor if you are breastfeeding so they can prescribe a medication that is safe for your baby.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pearls of Wisdom - Mum, after labour

 Aka. The things they don't tell you in pre-natal! This post comes with a warning, I am not holding back, it is going to be warts and all. We will return to pretty varnishes soon.

Do I really bleed a lot afterwards?

Yes, and more. It took myself a good four weeks to stop and then I had my period soon after. The first week is the heaviest, those maternity pads I said buy stacks of? You will need them now. Monitor how many you are going through as if you exceed a pad in one hour and is bright red like fresh blood, you will need to go back to hospital. Your Health Visitor (HV for short) will ask about this.

Stitches - they are rather uncomfortable

I had 20 stitches which brought tears if I sat down or moved too quickly. They hurt because they are swollen and the body is healing. Take the pain killers they give you, clean the area regularly as you can, air the area as much as you can (when I caught up with naps, I did so bottomless). I went to my 6 week check up and was told, "if you hadn't had of told me I would of suspected." I told this was because I did my pelvics, yes even no matter how sore I took my painkillers and did them.

Poo - Yours for a change of topic

Post labour you body seems to fall apart, I was weeing fine after the catheter but poo was no where to be seen. It took 5 days and 18 weeks later I am still having ongoing problems. Drink lots of fluids (I still carry a bottle of water around me to make sure) and lots of fibre. 

You only have one back

The hormone levels are still making the ligaments relaxed until 6 months after labour (hence the post labour wobbles). I picked up Beth one Sunday and screamed in pain, I had twisted the muscles in my lower back and was in pain for at least two days. The worst bit was I couldn't look after Beth and hsd rely on Hubby to not only help me but look after her. Remember: Lift with your knees NOT your back.

You are not Wonder Woman

This is the important one, I was so stressed out trying to be everything all at once. The first 6 weeks are the hardest and just focus on your little girl/boy and you. Rest when they rest, eat small eat often, get lots of fluid and NEVER turn down help with housework/free meal. Your body will let you know when you have done too much too soon. You will soon forget about this time.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

As the third British Beauty Blog Box comes out I am still working through the bits from the second, but that didn't put me off getting the third!

I am not a huge fan of big volume mascaras as from experience they will have huge fibres that will drop on the bottom of my eyes and climbs looking like I have spiders crawling across my eyes. Why did I try this? Easy, I trust Jane, it's in her box for a reason and gave it the benefit of doubt. The sales blurb is the usual high orcane american fast paced you need this thing "Expolsive volume in Rocket Time!"

Past the blurb, it is a rich black mascara with a plastic brush. The brush has masses of fine bristles which coat evenly no matter how many coats you add (I go for about two to three).It leave my lashes more thicker but also defined and seperated. It also removes cleanly without needing to feel like you require about 6 pads of eye make up remover for each eye.

At £7.99 it's not bad value, it definatly competes wtih They're Real at £19.50, and it also comes in a waterproof. Avaialble at all high street chemists/shops.