Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Minilemming - Week 33/34

Urmm, my feet are there somewhere..

Written last week

7 weeks to go to eviction day! The past few weeks have been really eventful.

My work load has increased since we have had my new replacement start, not only have been trying to get them up to speed but also making sure that everyone else is as ready for my departure as my work load is being shared between different people. A few weeks ago I was so stressed with it all I was coming home exhausted and in tears.

I had a day off after and slept the whole thing away really, all of that night I had the worst head and couldn't sleep. I was due to work the next day I was however really unwell and then my face and hands swelled. I knew this was ringing alarm bells as this is syntoms of pre-eclapism and could lead to huge complications. I was on the phone to the hospital and they said that I urgently needed to come in for monitoring with an overnight bag.

Panic ensured, worked called and rushed over. Two hours of tests later and I was discharge with a follow up appointment with my midwife the next day. Midwife said that the bloods etc. had come back all clear - she had two theories that I had a hormone surge or that I was overly stressed. We both knew it was the second, after it had been written in my notes about my work. She gave me two choices - get signed off now and go on leave straight away or give my boss notice and leave earlier.

I now leave on November 29th, two weeks earlier than planned. and it is the best decision I've made. My health is better and Minilemming is wriggling away. There are some other stresses going on but no use worrying over things I have very little control over.

It's not just a matter of counting down those hours until I put my feet up on a full time basis.


Monday I woke up and couldn't move off the bed without help, I was in lots of pain and numbness down both my legs. After a frantic call to Midwife centre, they concluded that I had Sciatica (which is a swelling of the nerves caused by pressure of the baby on them). This meant limited painkillers, urgent referral to physio and my favourite word - rest (considering I had only a few hours sleep was very welcome).

I now not only waddle but limp as well as my left side is worse than my right. I haven't been able to get to work for my final week, I did dose myself up to go to the theatre which was arranged to be in the stalls and near the door (I am very thankful for that, believe me). Seeing the Midwife on Friday so there should be more developments then but for now my husband has been my hero, helping as much as he can.

We've just had some news to lift the spirits - my husband's cousin has announced her pregnancy tonight, so Bubba will have a little playmate. We have also come close to agreeing on names as well, after an interesting afternoon at looking at some (Who would really call their child, 'Cumming'?)

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