Monday, 30 September 2013


As well as working as a Dentist Receptionist/PA, Beauty Blogger, Wife and general fabulous (well trying to be) person - I also am a Stop Smoking Cessation Advisor. My main role is support anyone who wants to give up smoking which includes recommending the correct support as well as offering monitoring to show how giving up is improving your health.
I have previously spoken on my experience of being an smoker in I Used to be a Dirty Smoker.  October also marks the month I had my final puff on a cigarette so October for me is always a milestone. This year I will celebrating 4 years of being smoke free.

We official declare you a non smoker after 6 weeks of low CO2 readings in clinic, by this time your breathing has already improved, taste has returned, and you would already have more energy. Within 5 years you half your chance of heart attack and within 10 years your chances of getting lung cancer return to the levels of that of someone who has never smoked.

For me it was the money aspect, even though I was a 'social' smoker (smoked on nights out and occasional during the week) I spent happily £20 a week on cigarettes and smoking accessories. This was working out a £1040 a year that I wasn't saving.

I wish a huge good luck to everyone who is taking part. I know the first week is the worst as your body adapts to not having Nicotine constantly being put in, but the benefits outweigh the pains. There is help out there - the stop smoking clinics cost nothing and there is a friendly face to support you. Also there is the Smoke Free website where you can order materials and information to help, as well as a helpline and online support.

28 days is all it takes.

(Same as before this is not sponsored, it's something I truly believe in and back you all the way!)


  1. I was in London on Thursday and I was truly shocked at the amount young gorgeous women of all races chuffing away on ciggies. I was sat in Costa off Oxford Street people watching and it just made me sad that these women had made a ton of effort with hair/makeup/clothes only to have it ruined by holding a cigarette. I have never smoked, probably because my parents did and it stank so I never started.

    I admire you for helping others to quit!

    1. I love people watching! It is incredible how many young people smoke these days, I know that when I smoked it clung to everything and no amount of body spray/perfume got the smell out.

      Thank you for the comment :)


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