Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EOTD - It was Respectable In the 80's

My soon-to-be sister-in-law was the ripe age of 29 last week, we celebrated with a 80's themed fancy dress house party. This meant sportswear worn as outerwear, neon, whitewashed jeans and so much cheesy music (as well as cake, LOTS of cake)

I embraced the neon bright 80's makeup as well there is now very little in clothing wise that fitted me. I did however find a slouchy jumper and my light blue jeans that fitted to 80's as close as possible.

Products used:
  • Maybeline - Light in Purple ( blue/purple light cream base colour, shimmery)
  • Concrete Minerals Pro Matt Loose Shadow in Bulletproof (Bright matt blue)
  • Concrete Minerals Loose Shadow in Hi-Fi (Bright matt pink)
  • Lancôme Waterproof eye liner in Turquoise
  • Also wore Revlon's Just Bitten Balms in Cherish
  • Stick on face stars that I didn't wear in the end!
via my Instragram
I used a flat brush to put the Maybelline cream base all over, then a soft small brush to work the deeper matt blue into the crease. I put a dot of the pink using another soft brush and then applied the eyeliner to just the bottom lid. All finished off with Benefit's They're Real.
It is just a shimmery blue/pink wonder, I forgotten how much I enjoy just playing with colours and have recently been stuck in 'natural' rut. Colour is much more fun!

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