Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Giveaway win and NOTD with Fingerpaints varnish

In giveaways I don't normally win, I try and enter ones of people I already follow (or at least have a read through previous enteries to see if I would like to afterwards). There is an awesome blog I follow which combines my favourite items trainers and nail varnish called Lacquer and Laces by The Sneakerette. She does find some of the best indie lacquers that are on the market, photos are superb and the trainers are to die for.

She did an brilliant NOTD using Wet 'n' Wild black, Finger paint's Asylum and matt top coat. It's beautiful Check it out here the prize was these two above - Finger Paint's Sparkle Top Coat and my own bottle of Asylum.

Couldn't wait to get asylum on my fingers - This is with two coats of SpaRituals Undercurrent creme blue with one coat of Asylum over the top. The photos really don't do it justice! I have worn the Sparkle top coat over a soft pink for a daytime look, it's packed with glitter and glimmers beautifully in the sun (since I did the manicure there has been no sun to get a decent photo! I'm determined to get one!)

They are from America :( but can be viewed here

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Masterclass - How to Apply Foundation (The Video!)

Following on from the previous weeks foundation masterclasses - this goes on to explain the different application tools and how to use them.

Thank you for watching!

Next week - Concealers

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Boots No.7 Cosmetics Re-Vamp

Not many products get me really excited enough that I need to start a blog entry with some urgency. I was told by my friends who were No.7 consultants that I need to keep an eye out end of August for something huge happening. Drifting around watching vloggers on youtube I was watching Lisa Eldridge's video on her role in No.7 and then going onto the developments that have recently been happening.

From tomorrow in stores you will be met a new No.7 range, more sleeker and professional. For me the biggest change will be the foundation ranges. For 3 years they have been developing with X-rite an American company that had previously owned colour brand Pantone. They photographed 2008 women for different skin tones to see how the different skin tones can be put into clusters and develop the correct foundations.

From the 50 shades they then went down to 17 colours, which will then be available in 7 different formulations from mattifying to illuminating. This is a huge task, Lancome have tried to do this, transferring it colours to different formulations but the colours vary between then I could be light in one and then orange in another. However, Boots/Lisa has said that they have cracked this.

If that is not exciting enough, they have invested into developing the technology that takes the guess work out of choosing which one. A hand held device will be given to Boots consultants, it is a small camera that has 8 LED lights and 1 UV light. Onto cleaned skin along the jawline (no full face removal required), they will take two readings from each side then on the hand held screen it will tell you what colour you need. From there the consultant will then help you picking out the correct formulation.

The hand held will even read any fake tan that is on, so if you want to match the colour on the neck or body then it can read that to recommend the correct colour.

I feel this is massive step for No.7 to start challenging premium side of cosmetics. They have been taking leaps and bounds with Protect & Perfect and now with this development it will defiantly put them in the same breaths as Estee Lauder and Lancome. I look forward to trying it out in due course.

No one explains it (or with more ethuisium) better than the Creative Director Lisa Eldridge

Monday, 27 August 2012

Ojon Vs L'oreal in Oil Wars

In March in my Harrods GlossyBox I got Ojon's Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment Serum. It is much of an oil like texture that has their Ojon Oil complex in. I loved the fact that it was lghter than my serum but I also needed the smallest amount to get the benefits. The current bottle I have (in the photo) I've been using since early April and only a quarter is gone (please note my hair is shoulder length at it's longest.) The a few weeks ago my Latestinbeauty In-flight box had L'Oreal's additction to the hair oil market - Mythic Oil.

Mythic Oil is a blend of grapeseed and avocardo oil, and is promoted as a hair nouriser. This is true grapeseed is a wonderful base oil in massage because it's lightweight consistancy and it's is scentless. Avocardo oil can then be added in a smalled pecentage,
this is because it is a thicker oil, but full of fatty acids and vitamin E.

Ojon oil is a bit more of mystery, it says on their website that it was discovered in Central America and that it comes from the Ojon palm nut that grows on the tree. This had been used by the Tawira tribe for centuries and now have been tested to prove it rejenitating effects on hair. A tree will produce 800 nuts on where that would produce 3 cups of the oil.

As I said the first time I used Ojon I was really happy with the results it gave, my slightly dry and frizzy hair was more under control. The curls that I had were more defined, and the roasted nut scent was pleasent without being over powering. For the 25ml bottle I got it is £16 (there is a 50ml for £22), and it is lasting well, with an investment into the rest of the range.
With my first try of Mythical Oil I was impressed with the almost water light texture compared to the Ojon. The scent was more towards typical hair product/coconut smell, but same again it isn't unpleasent or overpowering. It still tamed my frizzy hair, normally with the Ojon if I apply too much it can go greasy, with the Mythical I found that if I need more after drying I could with this happening. You do also get more for your money - 250ml for RRP £15.95 (however I have found it for £12.55 on
While I love my Ojon, realistly I cannot warrant spending that amount of money on 25ml when I can spend less and get more on L'Oreals offering. Sorry Ojon.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

If I didn't have a mortgage to pay

As being more of a 'maturer' bblogger it takes me a lot longer to purchase the stuff I really want. Most of the time by the time I can afford it, I'm already onto the next big thing that everyone is raving about. Being a blogger I do change my a lot, entry to entry, as I skip through my read list. There are however items that no matter what I still really want.


I am a bit of a book nerd, my current to be read list is over 20 books already and my amazon wish list is over 100. This charts of the very first rivalries in the beauty world, before women even given the vote, these women created their own business which are two of the most respected companies in the industry. One of the many beauty books on my wish list.

I love a good scrub, not an exfoliated. I like to feel like it is getting rid of dead skin, not just giving them a little tickle. A mixture of Shea butter, sweet almond oil with the duo of salt and sugar scrub, it's not scrubs but leaves skin super soft. The scent is divine as well, for £7.00 well worth it.
OPI and I have a very long love affair from when I was first training about 8 years ago to today. If I won the lottery I would buy all the colours in every part of the range. I literally will have to hold myself back at Olympia Beauty next month, because before I would know it I'd probably buy £100's worth without blinking. I have allowed myself one - this one from the AW12 range around Germany. It's a chocolate brown burgundy shimmer that is on trend for the season. (I might sneak in Every Month Is Oktoberfest, a shimmer rich purple but shh)
First it was sponges, then it was foundation brushes, now it's all about the stippling brush. It suppose to give an airbrushes finished and can be used with a majority of face products. This is suppose to be the F1 of all the brushes, developed by the Pixiwoo girls and everyone who has used them adore them, the more I read about it the more I want it!
I actually missed out on buying one of these earlier this year at The Ideal Home on a massive discount because yet again I was broke (I picked up free tickets to go to the show). I've now seen on lots of nail blogs how fab they look and can be done with them, I'm chopping at the bit to get a set. If any has recommendations of sellers then please let me know.
I use the concealer for the days I look a little tired, which currently is everyday. When I read this was coming out I wanted to try it, when I started seeing swatches it upgraded to longing. I will be investing in this as I like the look of the finish and colour range.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Masterclass - How to Pick Foundation

Last week's masterclass was on foundation's purpose and the different types (You can view last weeks here). This weeks the aim is to look at the pitfalls of looking for foundation, what looks right and what looks like a disaster.

You should be prepared to pick in some hours to get the right ones (maybe even days), I found when I have rushed into buying a foundation for the sake that I was in a hurry it's turned out wrong (more on that later). Wearing a light make up that can be easily taken off or even wearing none at all will mean you can apply it to the area you will be wearing it. I do see alot of people trying it on the back of their hands, which is great if you are planning to wear it there.

Au Natural with nothing on
When I was consulting on foundation there was the key questions we asked and these are worth keeping in mind:

  • What do I want my foundation to do? - Illuminate, cover, mattify? It'll give you your basis to start from.
  • How will it fit in my routine? - No use buying one that needs to be applied carefully when you only have minutes to get ready.
  • Are you being it as a one off event or for everyday use? Your skin will change colour when you're on holiday and you might find your foundation will look whiter/chalkier when your skin gets tanned
  • Budget? - No good looking at ones that are £20-£30 and you only have £10.
  • Where am I going to be wearing it? - In artificial light I find that you can get away with a tone darker foundation (as long as it is blended in), if I wore a pale one under fluorescent light I found that it made me look ill.
Next to consider is the colour of the skin, everyone has a tone to their skin. Tones are much of yellow or pink exist in the skin, this is when consultants also talk about cool tones (they have more pink, keys colour word to look for would be rose) and warm tones (they have more yellow tones, key word to look for is beige). Bobbi Brown once wrote that 90% of people in the world would suit yellow tone foundations, as the it would suit warmer toned skins but also tone down any pink in the cooler tones.

I have slightly olive skin and once I got put into a cool tone foundation (must to my protest), took a picture and it was like I had a pink glow around my face with a tanned neck. Wrong just wrong. The two pictures below are an example of foundation gone wrong, the colour on the left was the one I brought in a hurry thinking that will be fine, while the right is my MUA Cosmetics BB Cream.

There are also two different coverages in these photos, the left side is a thicker foundation while the BB Cream on the right provides a more lighter. The left one would be perfect for nights out or photos are it gives more colour, while the right is perfect for everyday as it is more my natural skin tone.

My foundations that I have got in the past are on recommendations from friends and other bloggers. I would then go into store have a play with testers or if possible speak to a consultant. Don't be scared to speak to them, they are the experts on their ranges (and sometimes on other peoples. When I worked at Lauder nearly half of the department wore Double Wear!).

Also a lot more brands are introducing a sampling system, letting you have a consult and then taking the recommendation home for trail. With these I never buy without trying the sample for a few days to play with.

I wish there is a quick way to fall in love with the right foundation, but there isn't. Hopefully this will give you more of a short cut round the bad foundation choices.

Next Week - The first vlog attempt and how to apply foundation.

A quick note here: I felt like Two-Faced from Batman doing these photos!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner

It now is a documented fact that due to mother nature, that I dye my hair, this mixed with the fact that I have natural fine frizzy hair means that it suffers greatly. It hates humidity and needs regular cutting it turns into a style that's based on The Muppet's Animal (especially if I've decided on going red).

I am currently loving all the hair oils that are coming out, my hair seems to lovingly drink them and is starting to behave better between cuts. I am currently using the Ojon range that to be honest costs an arm and a leg, which was a 30th birthday present to myself. As you can gather an affordable alternative is always an attractive thing.

Dove had been offering samples of it's new Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner. Blurb is that it is a daily one minute treatment for dry/frizzy hair that has a mixture of Argan, coconut and almond oil that has vitamin E and F to help hair. It says that it is 3 times more nourishing than a 'normal' conditioner.

I washed my hair last night and needed a little more than normal decided to give it a try. I squeezed a 1p sized amount for my shoulder length hair, the first thing to notice is that it comes like toothpaste, a white part with yellow stripes that you rub together before applying. Comb Through with a wide toothed comb, leave then wash off, not exactly brain surgery.

After drying (I put hair oil on my hair when damp - currently Ojon Restorative Oil), I honestly couldn't stop touching it, because i felt really soft. It had a soft nutty smell from the nut oils which I really like and complimented the rest of the products I used. Even now the morning after it's even feeling soft, and the curls look more defined with very little frizz.

Monday, 20 August 2012

LatestInBeauty In-Flight Box

This is now very long over due, however bear with me there is a reason why it's taken a while to get round to this one.

I received my box a few days after ordered and dived straight into it as soon as I got home form work. The box was brimming as you can see.

I pulled everything out and was happy with everything, however I did notice my OPI nail varnish wasn't the colour that was said on the website. I got 'William Tell Me About OPI' (AW 2010 limited Edition), a deep purple creme, when the choice was between two The Muppet's Limited Editions which I had been looking forward to because I missed out on them when they launched.

 I thought why not just check? Within 5 minutes of emailing them I got an email back saying that OPI sent wrong varnishes and that some of these had made it into the boxes, with their apologies, do I want to swap it for another?

After checking swatches out on line, yes I did want to swap and duly sent it back 2nd class to them. A few days later I got Wocka Wocka, a Burgundy red that goes brighter red in the sun and deeper in artificial light (so gorgeous it's getting it's own entry!). I was over the moon with not only the colour but the helpfulness of the customer service.

The rest of the box I still like just as much and have pretty much used all of it now

The whole box was themed like your were going on holiday so you have self tan with Xen-Tan Dark Lotion, Hydration with Urban Health Acai Sachet that was great when a few weeks back I has to go on antibiotics for laryngitis; Good to Go Wipes each with its own sealed packet that have gone straight into my handbag; Balitiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry that I've already had before and loved; L'Oreal Mythic Oil which is going head-to-head with my Ojon in the next few weeks, and samples of Garnier BB Cream which is nearly as good as my MUA BB Cream.

In addition there is also a tin of mints that are actually cinnamon which are very different and do take a little while to get used to but now have become a staple in my handbag. I also have the cutest little bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist which after putting into the fridge have been the most refreshing thing to spray on my face for the past few days in the heat. This after my StiVectin-SH Age Protection Lotion SPF30 to stop my pale skin burning (with added bonus of a bracelet that turns blue when the sun is really strong to remind you not to stay out in it for too long!). There is also Acqua D'Alfresco a insect repellent that I have passed onto the husband as insects seem to love him at this time of the year!

A lot of bloggers have been mixed about this, some love the mixture (like me) or just didn't like it at all, however this is the beauty of LatestinBeauty = no likie, no buyie.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

NOTD MUA Comestics Nail Varnish Shade 13

Time for an unplanned NOTD post!

I painted these in Shade 13 last night to match the cardigan that I was wearing to work today, it is an exact match which I didn't realise when I brought it. This was brought when MUA did 25% off their products a while back (as well as refreshing my BB Cream that I love! Read the rave here, eye shadow palettes Going For Gold and Undressed, blusher in shade 4 AND primer. Phew). I was drawn to the green and well it is £1 so if it wasn't right then I hadn't spent a lot.

The pot is so small it boarding on cute, this does affect the brush as it smaller than an average brush. I still found it easy to use and the lacquer itself goes on evenly. It has so far survived at day at work, including having sellotape stuck to it and not flaking. I even had a mail customer say that my nail colour was funky and that he really liked it.

I am already thinking about what colours I can get next. I really want to call this Green With Envy, what do you think?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Masterclass - What is Foundation?

This would be the most essential bit of nit of kit you will ever own, finding the perfect foundation is any woman's holy grail. Foundation provides a blank canvas that lets other colours sing. It also provide a barrier for the skin against the environment and with some also contain sunscreens. Foundation is there to enhance your natural skin tone, provide a smooth even skin tone, and minor blemishes.

Before foundation - Uneven tone around the nose and cheeks, oiliness and the odd blemish

After foundation (full face of make up) - All one tone, eyes are highlighted because all of the above are evened out.

Most foundations are an emulsion of oil and water with colour pigments that can vary the texture and effect of the product.


Cream blend easily on the skin the majority are oil based, cream foundations are a mixture of wax, powder and glycerol (but can vary brand to brand). Generally they leave a medium coverage and require a powder of adsorb any excess oil left on the skin after application. The ones designed for oilier skin contain a higher portion of powder.


Thinner version of the cream, has a higher proportion of water compared to the cream. This has lighter coverage than the cream version and let more the natural skin through. In some alcohol is replaced so it evaporates on the skin and leaves a powdered finish. If a foundation oil based then it is more suitable for drier skins, water based for greasier/combination skins, and alcohol based for greasy, acneified skins.


The thinnest coverage that is more suited for summer time where a lot of makeup can irritate skin. There are more suited to tanned, black, and unblemished skins. For black skins this can be better as it doesn't contain powder that can make it look dull and grey.


Easy to use and carry, can come in a compact or stick. It contains a higher level of powder so this gives it a higher level of coverage, and is mostly used in photo, theatre and fashion shoots because it goes on flawless, but can feel heavy on the skin. Applies in thinner layers can mean it can be build up to coverage that is needed.

The best way to store foundation is in cool places away from direct sunlight. Cleaning round the top of the lid before closing also makes the product more hygienic and not transferring germs onto the skin.

I find once you have found the holy grail it's very much like a romantic relationship, if they discontinue it you'll mourn like a loss of an ex!

Next week - Finding the right colour

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What to pack for your different holidays

Some of you lucky things will be jetting to somewhere sunny, hot and fabulous! It does always through up the question what to take? My make up kit is a huge trolley and the last thing I want to do is to take it with me, there is also the restrictions in airports of only taking any liquids on flights.(All Update information can be found on the Directgov's Page.

As we get into Spring/summer you should change your moisturiser lighter lotion with a SPF of a least 15, and if oilier this is the time you really need to switch to a oil free formulation. When I go away I take a lighter edited kit with me: tinted moisturiser or BB cream, blusher, mascara in waterproof, powder, lip balms with SPF and maybe a choice of bright lipsticks for partying in the evening.

Ibiza 2007
What I also like to do is to save up my samples or buy smaller versions of products to use exclusively on holiday. When I return and the tan starts to fade I can use those products that remind me of my holiday. I took loads of Boots Botanics body scrub to Ibiza in 2007 and 2008, it reminds me off getting ready to watch the sunset on the beach and then dancing the night away with my friends.

For adventure breaks like Centre Parks, SPF is still a vital and a stripped down skincare routine like cleanser and moisturiser. I also find face wipes are great for holidays to put into luggage, as well as multi-purpose items that can be used on the body and face.

For all those gearing up for the Winter season, you need to think about more intense moisturiser as it can really dry the skin. SPF is still important as the sun can reflect off the snow and burn just as much as being in the hottest climates. My brother regularly returned from 6 month winter seasons with a burnt face with the white ringed 'pande eyes' from wearing sunglasses. Did like the way he protected one part of his face but not the other!

Not only should you think about your skin, but your hair also takes a battering. A weekly deep conditioning treatment will keep your hair looking lush, from over exposure as well as saltwater. If you've been swimming in the pool then you should be washing the chlorine out of your hair to prevent damage. I also get a trim a week before I leave (as well as eyebrow threading, waxing etc) as well as a hair colour (to leave it looking fresh and the colour to settle) so I can look fab in photos and reduce products to lose take.

The most important thing of all is to let your hair down and have fun - That's what holidays are there for!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Masterclass - Make Up Primers

We gone over how to get your skin ready for cosmetics as well as pampering your body now it is time to look at what women (and me) get obsessed over - Make Up. Like the skin Masterclasses we Will go from the foundations upwards, so first we start by priming the skin ready.

So why a primer? It is a lotion or gel that applied to the skin to enhance the appearance or wear of what it is applied over the top. They can be created fro different target area like face, eyes, lips and mascara, as well as different needs or finishes like luminance, reducing redness, and evening skin tone.

A foundation primer for the face area is they to ensure the product is put on smoothly and lasts longer. Key ingredients that can be found can be vitamins A,C and E, with antioxidant green tea extract. Depending on the needs of the skin it can also contain Salicylic acid that absorbs oil or add radiance by using a slight shimmer. More primers that are coming to the market are now also mineral based which can be more gentler to the sensitive skin market.

Eye shadow primer work the same as above but are more formulated to work around the delicate eye area. They provide a even and blank canvas for products to be put on, can also decrease 'creasing' of the product that can happen during the day because of moisture. Not only does it extend the life of eye shadows, but also eye liners and can brighten colours that are used.

Mascara primers are colourless or white, brushed on bare lashes before putting the chosen mascara on top. They are designed to volume or lengthen the lases, and in some cases can also condition. It can also help the mascara from flaking and smudging.

Lip primers are there to stop lipstick from moving from the lips and bleeding out to the lighter outer areas.

Next week - Start looking at foundation

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

You Can Do More With Clay Than Build Pots

I, as probably the entire female population at some point, has worn a face mask, and I would beat some money that most of them are from Montagne Jennesse. I am a big fan of them, they're mud face masks are not only a skin savour but I find for the amount of product you get in a sachet they're also very good value for money.

Founded in 1987 after founder Greg Butcher was mixing products in his kitchen, Montange Jenesse has grown into one of the front runners in the beauty markets.They are sold in over 80 countries around the world and now have 50 products in their range including hair masks, feet treatment and even cellulite treatments. All are one use products and can be mixed and matched to what you require at the time. All within an easy price that any pocket can suit and can be nicked by your male boyfriend/husband.

Their latest range of products combines two of their most popular ranges, the clay masks and tonic cloth masks. I adore the clay masks, leaves my skin feeler amazingly fresher and that cleaned feel that I want when using a mask.

There are two with the range, The Dead Sea Mud Spa and the Glacier Clay Spa. Both are infused into a bamboo fibre mask that you sit onto the skin rather than the traditional method of massage it onto the skin. The mask already has all the holes cut in, and you will get a little over your hands putting it on but no where near as much as if you were applying it directly with your hands. A word of warning this mask is made for you to lie down and relax in, not move around and it will fall off.

It's hard to smile in face mask :)

After 15 minutes you then remove the mask, I actually put it into a ball and massage the slight textured material as a light exfoliate. Rinse off the left over mask with warm water and use your normal skin care. My skin looked a lot more refreshed and even toned, the next morning (I use mine before bed) it was still very smooth to touch. I was given these to try, but I still would of brought them as they still appealed to me and my skins needs.

You can get your hands on it's website (It might be worth checking out their Facebook Page first for a discount offers...shh). It will then be in Boots mid-August and ASDA's in September at the cost £1.49. They are all vegetarian, PETA and BUVA (leaping bunny) approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben-free, as well as environmental friendly where-ever they can be.  

Monday, 6 August 2012

Nail Trends AW 2012

It only seemed right that on the day that it actually feels a little grey and wet that I should look forward into the nails trends of the next coming season.

One of the key inspirations of the catwalks was the look of metallics on nails. A simple way to get high shine and shimmer on the nail with the lease amount of fuss as seen in Christopher Kane and Dolce & Gabbana.  Mavala five piece Heavy Metals is a inspired by catwalk colours with China Glaze providing a collection of multi jewel toned shimmers.


I love the way fashion always come back, late 90's chocolate brown was in fashion I was dying to get my hands on the right rich toned shimmer brown. I never did, however this time around I am spoilt for choice: Sparitual yet again producing a gorgeous toned light gold and brown shimmer toned varnishes alongside it's earth spirited collection.

Indian Summer

Red never really goes far from being in fashion, beautifully classic, it's the tone that falls into the fashion styles. This time it's the deep crimson that comes back, Orly's Fired up range brings plum reds and gold tones. This while hot to have, Essie brings out Stylenomics Collection a mixture of reds and nudes with a deep green that stands out

Midnight Hues

Here we are talking about deep navy and purples, slight glitter and shimmer. Nubar's fall collection has sevenal navy, indigo and peacock hues. However, it is OPI that yet again seems of caught onto this trend succesfully with their german collection with the shades of Every Month is Oktoberfest, Germani-cure by OPI and Unfo-greta-ble Blue that are the people who stand out (Launched 8th Aug RRP £9.95 each)

I would like to give one brand an honourable mention, I know in the blog world any kind of crackle is so two seasons ago, however I cannot help be drawn to Diors Jungle Croc varnish. This a warm shimmer gold that has a khaki croc crackle top coat that lets the shimmer come through. One problem - it's £26.00, which works out at £13.00 a varnish, but still a huge dent in my already dented bank balance.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Masterclass - Other Massage Techniques

I originally planned for this to focus on Swedish massage technique, however it only ended up being a few lines long and I was only repeating what I had written before. After a rethink I thought I would give a round up on the other techniques that are out there and a symmetrisation of each one

Amna Massage is the Japanese version of massage, using more deeper techniques and kneading.

Ayurvedic massage is the mixture of yoga, medication and herbal remedies; this uses one or two therapist and heated oil  The central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is the theory that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily humours or doshas called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Bare foot deep muscle uses the therapists feet that combines western and eastern techniques on the patients body. It is said that it can the same effect on the patient without causing strain of the therapists hand or back. Can also be done clothed or unclothed.

Bowen technique involves a rolling movement over muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.The technique is less stress on the patients joints and is more recommended for very young or elderly patients.

Lympathic Massage technique used to gently work and stimulate the lymphatic system, to assist in reduction of localised swelling. Recommended for people who have slight;y sedate lifestyle, this works on a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes.

Stone massage uses different temperature stones to soothe or stimulate the muscles, and can also take some strain for the therapist.

Swedish Technique uses five different long flowing strokes, it is only in English, Québécois and Dutch speakers that call it this, other countries refer it as a classic massage.

I do also recognise that there are many more variations out there with their own techniques and benefits.  

Next week - The start of the make up masterclass's

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Versatile Blog Award

Excuse me while I go a little red, for regular readers you would of noticed that on my MUA BB Cream review in the comments the wonderfully Rachael from LiveFoodLove gave me my first blogger award. Before I break in Gwyneth Paltrow sobbing there are some rules:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers (who are relatively new at blogging)
  2. Let these nominated bloggers that they have been nominated
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post.
Some random facts about unevelemming:

1. When people met my husband and I they assume that he's the older one when it's actually me by 2 years (He's 28 while I'm 30).
2. I was a Scottish highland dancer for 10 years and regularly competed around the UK.
3. I have a fear of jelly fish since I was stung by one when I was 12.
4. I have my tea black with no sugar, but my coffee with a dash of milk with one sugar.
5. The name Unevenlemming came from a random name generator when I needed a nickname, that was now about 16 years ago.
6. I know most of the words to South Park The Movie
7. I have over 20 books on my to-be-read list, and it keeps increasing :S

People I'm giving it to:

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Once again to Rachael from LiveFoodLove, it does mean a lot to get validation for the work and love that goes into this *sniff*.