Friday, 27 December 2013

Unevenlemming Christmas 2013

The Christmas tree from my parents
I have now concluded that you can have a baby as well as a food baby twin. Christmas was perfectly timed with my craving for eating as Bubba is building up bulk to finally emerge into the world. I ate a lot on Christmas Day (and well, days after that as well), a full dinner, dessert and then a few hours later I was sniffing round the kitchen for something else.

Christmas morning was spent with my family before they went to my extended family for afternoon lunch. My mum again was her generous self - I got Disney themed presents, Wreck It Ralph, Monsters University, Marvel's Avenger Assemble and Now That's What I call Disney CD. I also got The Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual which I have asking for since it came out for Chritmas's/Birthdays so I was overjoyed with it.

Bubba also got some gifts, some sleep suits and lots of bibs, Husband asked if we needed that much and both Mum and I started laughing. I gave each set of grandparents to be a framed picture of both scans and an empty slot so they can put their own photos in, this was present from Bubba.

My brother was one that got me the most, not only did he get a cinema gift for Hubby and I so we can have a night out (even came with an offer of baby sitting!), but he made me a calendar that charted my life so far, ending with the scan photo of Bubba. He said it was for the new chapter in my life.

After a huge dinner back at the in-laws, we opened presents from each other and to this point I couldn't keep my eyes open. I was crawling back into bed at 4pm and slept until 6, but then I spent over an hour having contractions (which was Braxton hicks in the end). Then, I was ready to eat again!

I got the day I wanted in the end, calm without too much moving around. I really didn't want to travel close home, as at the moment I do feel really uncomfortable and tire easily. Got really emotional as well, not only at the thoughtful gifts but that this time next year Bubba will be sharing it with us.

Did see the Midwife today, Bubba is head down and all ready to come out. The waiting game now truly begins......


  1. Awww sounds like such a lovely Christmas. Excited that baby will with you soon. Xx


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