Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vivo Matt Lipstick in Pucker Red


Double Vivo products this week (Read the previous post about Dreamy eye shadow palette) this was night out with my work crew (commonly known as 'team bonding'). I am wearing the mentioned eye shadow palette alongside the new red lipstick love of my life - Matt Pucker Red.

I have numerous reds in my life but none that was embraced the matt AW whole in my red lipstick wardrobe until this came along at the July Bloggers Met Up, I may got a little over excited at a new red lipstick, I do now feel it was warranted.

In the bullet it does look a deeper berry than it does on the lips, on me it came out more of a classic neutral red. A quick bit on red application that I am rigorous about - creamy concealer around the area (provides a blank canvas), lip pencil always required and must be build up in layers with a lip brush. Not only does it last longer but it's still bold without looking like you've used have the lipstick.

Now here's the real bonus - it's £1.99 that performs just as good as any other £15+ red lipstick. You do have to take into account that packaging is not as classy as the colour, but I'd rather have the investment in the lipstick that really preforms.

Exclusive in Tesco stores or on the website Vivo Cosmetics


  1. This shade looks stunning on you! I love a deep beautiful red shade, they're always worth it especially at such an appealing price :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Thank you, forgot how good a deep red looks on! For the price I'm over the moon with it!

  2. This is a nice red! I haven't heard of the brand before actually.. I love everything red and matte :) At the moment I am obsessed with my Mac Diva :) xxx

    1. Gorgeous shade! Red and Matt is the only way to go now! xx


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