Tuesday, 31 July 2012

NOTD - OPI's I Don't Give a Rotterdam

Over the weekend my husbands grandad has his 80th birthday and his main wich was to have all the family together. Saturday afternoon we all gathered in one of parish's churchs (his does the accounts for them) halls to catch up, eat lots and general just have a really relaxing afternoon.

I had recently brought OPI's I Don't Give a Rotterdam from Laurzrah's blog sale after seeing it on one of my friends and fell in love with it's blue/grey tones with a silver/gold shimmer. For the party I had a dress that had been sitting in waldrobe for the right occasion, a navy blue V-neck knee length with white doves that I brought at the beginning of the year from Matalan in the sales for £10.

It was a really good day out and was great to see everyone including family down from Scotland. I ate lots of things I shouldn't really of eaten and lots of fizzy pop!

The Whole family - I'm second from the left :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

LatestInBeauty's Editor Box July

Introducing this months LatestInBeauty's editors box and what a beauty it is! We have two full sized products, a handbag sized, and miniatures for £14.95 including P&P that is valued at £43. I loved my last YOU box (read about my gushing here), and was pumping they're twitter feed for when they was revealing the next one. LIB's customer service has been brilliant, at moment I'm at least tweeting them once a week about something and unlike some companies answer back to the point of having long conversations!

The two full sized products are the Love Your Skin Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating face wash and Mavala Liberty Nail varnish. Love Your Skin has just launched their website of products and have been finalists in the Elle Beauty Awards 2012. The Wash is a light exfoliate that can be used everyday and the scent is a soft floral wood. It contains two scrubbing actions small beads and the Willow Bark that has salicylic acid that gently exfoliates. I adore this after two uses!

Second Full sized is the Mavata nail varnish in Liberty - a creme peachy nude. It's a 5ml size that the company specialises in, a glossy professional finish that evens out easily.

Baltise Dry Shampoo in Cherry is a prefect handbag sized dry shampoo. It is a new addiction to the range of emergency hair refreshers that has a girly sweet scent of cherries that suits the sun (when it's out!). I'm throwing this one into my handbag for on the go.

The miniatures: Melvita Micellar Water - a rose scent cleansing water with a soft scent of rose that isn't over powering like other rose scented products. Have tried their moisture lotion from the previous YOU box and have liked it so far. Weleda Firming Serum and Night Cream is from their hero range of products that has won the CEW Eco Beauty award, I haven't used this brand before so this will be a perfect opportunity to. And finally, Balance Me Radiance Face Mask, I'm hoping that this will change my mixed views on the range as well as give my skin some TLC that it needs.

There are some still available here

A good mixture this time, however I'm already drooling over the next box due out on Sunday: Another YOU inspired box that I've already been told that there is going to be OPI (full size), Alfresco, Garnier, L'Oreal, StriVectin, Jurlique and many more. In total there's going to 12 items for £9.95 + £2.95 P&P, but it is limited to 2,000 boxes! People who are already on the mailing list will get a preview of the box on Friday, if you are not on the mailing list rush over to here and get yourself on there ASAP.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Masterclass - Reflexology

For someone who really didn't like feet that much, Reflexology was a weird choice of qualification I took after Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. My first practise model didn't increase my confidence as her feet didn't look very inviting with lumps of hard skin and general murkiness (sorry if you're eating). I had done my research before, it had ignited an interest so I ignored my fears and I am very glad I did.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is done by applying pressure on either hands or feet using the therapists fingers and thumb. The belief is that the body is reflected onto the soles and palms of feet and hands, manipulating these areas can help the body into balancing the zones. It also can relief tension, and improves circulation.

The basis of reflexology was introduced by William H. Fitzgerald (ears, throat and nose specialist) and Dr. Edith Bowman in 1913, which split the hands and feet into ten zones that reflect the body. This was then modified by Eunich D. Ingham (a nurse and physiotherapist) who spilt the therapy into the 'reflexes' we use today.

Click to enlarge
The therapist will take a medical history before cleansing the feet, they will then either apply lotion or talc (I prefer talc a lot less slippery when your are working deeply). They will start with the head at the toes and systematical work down the foot, working a little harder on areas that they feel they need to. When I completed my Mani/Pedicure certificate I also Incorporated a pedi with the treatment, which also made my clients feel all floaty happy.

It is a interesting subject and from experience I have discovered things about the client just from their feet that they didn't inform me off. It is a recommended treatment for stress relief and has had some success (however no medically trailed) with fertility issues.

 Next week - The basis for most massage routines - Swedish

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

MUA's All-In-One BB Cream

I have committed a make up sin the past few months, I have been wearing foundation that is far too dark for my pale skin. It was brought when I was unemployed and broke for a pound in Poundland, but this really isn't an excuse for looking an orange freak. I even started to pile on the tan to try and make it look better, it didn't the tone of it was too wrong, I resolved that the first pay check I receive I would at least buy a new foundation.

Now normally I would of plumped for a heavy coverage as previously I was underneath bright shop lighting all day, however my new reception job means that I am in natural daylight all day. Also after using my latestinbeauty.com YOU box my skin has come leap and bounds in look brighter and nourished that I could even get away with tinted moisturiser on some days.

Everyone has now heard of BB creams, they are dominating the market because they supply everything that we are looking for in one tube. I follow The London Lipgloss's blog who is also a fellow pale person, she had tried this out and said that it genuinely surprised her.

For me the fact that it was £4.00 was a big plus, I also had been using their waterproof liquid liner (that is a £1) that has a narrow brush which I really like and is as stay put as I hoped. I have this in the palest which is light, I also have a mixture of pink and yellow tones in my skin so picking foundation is always interesting (always too pink or too yellow). This does blend in well colour wise, the texture is more of cream, and I find that will have to set it with a powder on the area I'm slightly more oilier.

It can last me a good 8 hour shift with only showing signs of wear where I am oilier. I like the fact it is not heavy and feels like I have a reasonable light to medium coverage (only having to cover a few blemishes). For the value I could not argue with it, for something that is suppose to be budget I defiantly think it could compete with the premier side.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lush's Emotional Brilliance

High Wycombe Lush Shop Front
This is my own little local Lush shop in the Eden Shopping centre, High Wycombe, is 20 minutes from where I live. Many years ago I would had to sit on a train for 40 odd minutes and travel across London to Covent Garden where I first discovered them (and yes this was before the mail ordering started!). I love Lush, the ethics behind the brand, the products, the staff - everything, my little dream when I was a youngster was to work for Lush.

They also had another make up side - Never 2 Busy 2 Be Beautiful which I adored just as much, the Covent Garden store was a treasure trove of make up heaven. I was very sad when they decided to close that side of the business down. You imagine my joy when Lush annouched that they was launching a make up range.

Emotional Brilliance has been 3 years in development by the same people who made the N2B2BB range of products. Every product is Vegan and uses as much natural product as possible, even the mascara of the range has one preservative in it (while leaving lashes naturally coloured)

What you need for being stuck on a desert island
There are two sides to Emotional Brilliance - the colour and the desert island products. The desert island products are the ones that you need if you were stuck on a desert island and could only take a few things with you. In the range is:

  • Colour Supplement - A medium coverage foundation that can be mixed with a moisturiser to provide more of a tint ( I was matched to Light Yellow and mixed mine with Imperialis to provide a even base)
  • Feeling Younger Skin Tint - Can be mixed with the colour supplement to provide a glow, or used a highlighter. A lovely soft non glitter/shimmer sheen. I looked more awake after using as a highlighter, a little goes a long long way! £12.00
  • Charisma - For all those lovies who like a golden sheen, perfect for pales as it is a hint of bronze colour (no orange here) and be built up to look deeper. £12.00
  • Emotional Brilliance - Is a translucent face powder that does look pinkish in the pot but goes onto the skin and disappears while leaving a crease free natural finish. £12.00
Then comes the colour.....

Clear your mind, spin the wheel and pick the colours that talk to you.

Focus * Motivation * Sophisticated

The first is Your Strength/Weakness mine was that I have strong Focus (a shimmer light blue/gold cream eyeshadow), and when I want something I'll go for it, but it can mean I can be too focused one thing and forget others. The second is your subconscious which was Motivation (A strong shimmer turquoise) telling me to do what I love and keep going. Thirdly was Sophisticated (a mink coloured creme for eyes or lips) as my aspiration, my want to be or how others see me.  

All the colours and word have been created by using colour therapy as its base, but also had word matching by Lush staff and customers. The titles fit the colours perfectly, Lush's intention is not to follow trends but to let customers follow who are are or want to be. It's very much leaving the customer in control and I embrace this.

All the colours are £14.50 each with 30 colours in total, but they can be used on any area so there is the ability of using colours on more than one area.

Who's that in the mirror?
I spent an hour with the Lush staff on a quiet Saturday morning so I can have a good play with all the range before they got really busy. I did fall in love with my colour Motivated, it a stunning turquoise teal shimmer that I wore as a liner for the rest of the day. There was also Fantasy - a true gold shimmer liner which was just breathtaking. Out of the whole experience I one thing I really really want is Feeling Younger Skin Tint, added a gentle glow that seemed to perk up my skin as soon as it went on.

The whole experience was fun, and that what buying make up should be - fun. I think Lush has once again pulled a range together that not only keeps it's holistic and cruelty-free ethics, but brings something to cosmetics that has been missing for a long time - joy and fun.

Thank you to the High Wycombe store for making the whole experience a really great one and welcoming one; Not only were they informative, polite, and honest, but made the whole hour fly by without realising.

Emotional Brilliance launched today in Lush shops across the country and online at www.lush.co.uk where you can also play the colour wheel.

So how are you feeling?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Masterclass - What Is Champissage?

In my whites from last weekend, ready for action!
For the regular readers who tuned into last weeks Aromatherapy Masterclass, will already know the answer to this weeks question. The belief in Champissage is that energy channels are unblocked by the head, face and shoulders massaged. Champissage is also known as Indian Head Massage, and originates as the name suggests from India. The therapy was brought over to the west by Narendra Mehta.

The key benefit of Champissage is that as it's a focused massage therapy it can be used in smaller amounts of time like 15-30 minutes. It can also be done fully clothed for people who feel uncomfortable undressing to be massaged, a massage oil/cream it not also necessary to perform this treatment as well (however it does make it easier). It can also benefit people in offices as it can fitted into lunch breaks and helps tense muscles that can come from slouching over a keyboard.

The treatment usual takes place with the client on a chair, the therapist will start from the upper arms and shoulders. Then would work the neck, scalp and lastly the face. For the face the client is asked to lean their neck back (if possible) and a support is put there while the therapist works.

I learnt about this therapy just as I was completing my aromatherapy training, I did mine in a week long course. I think out of all the massage therapies this is one of the best to start with as it the course prices are reasonable (mine was about £100 in 2002, compared to about £500 for a body course) and is the most simplest to pick up.

Next Week: Reflexology

Monday, 16 July 2012

Feeling Spotty? This Might Help

My current skin care hero amongst its new family
As you call know I hit my thirties in April, however this message hasn't quite got to my skin yet as I still break out like a teenager. Not small ones either, the ones where wearing a paper bag becomes the go to accessory.

Witch Skincare a while back asked for bloggers to join the Flawless Friends club, I didn't in (however a lot of blogs I follow did so congratulations to them). As a thank you for applying they sent the hero product - The Blemish Stick. Now I used one when I was around 14 and found that it didn't work, that was purely because I used it once rather than multiply times.

Didn't get much opportunity to use it until a little raised area was coming up on my forehead by my eyebrow, you know the ones it's red swollen and incredible sore. I used this in the morning and evening with putting moisturiser on the area and let the witch hazel do its work.

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that tightens pores, soothes and supports the healing process of skin. The Blemish stick not only contains this but alcohol to tighten (not for drier skins as this can dry you out further), and Glycerin that calms the skin.

Within a couples of days the redness and swelling was gone, even better the spot that threatened never developed. It goes on like a clear light balm and can even have make up put on top of it. I really like the fact that after 46 years that this still works like when it was originally created, as well as not being animal tested. They're latest release is a anti-blemish BB cream as part of their increasing make up range.

Read about it here http://www.witchskincare.com/

Saturday, 14 July 2012

My BTEC in Make Up Artistry Course

Currently being a Beauty Swot!

As you can tell this week that blog enteries are a little thin on the ground, for those who don't know I am currently studying for my BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Certificate Make Up Artist. After many years of doing it in a sales environment, I decided to put what I've learnt into a bit of paper to confirm that I can do it.

I enrolled with ICS Distance Learning, the great advantage of this is that I can fit in around the times I'm working as well as finish quicker than the year you are given to complete. It does however require a lot of will power to do sometimes, the literature says that you should allocate 3 hours a week to complete. I have been lazy and haven't done some for a few months, however my life is now settled down enough that I can do my first practical piece this weekend (now I have the funds to buy the last pieces of equipment but also having a functioning hand after hurting myself a few weeks back).

The course is split into four assessments:

1. Personal and Career Development as well as legal requirements
2. Preparing skin for Make Up treatment
3. Demonstrating a range of make up designs
4. Demonstrating a range of make up designs for catwalk, special effects and occasions.

You do get supplied with some items for use like a textbook, skin care pack, disposable items, etc. Make up you need to purchase yourself, I have been building a kit over the years and it's not even close to being finished yet! Each practical assessment needs to be provided with photographic evidence of every stage, so you will need to be prepared for a model as well as photographer will you work.

It is a great course, as I have said that it suits my work times and when I want to do more it has that flexibility. I think I have found it easier with my background in already working as a artist for Estee Lauder, as a beginner I would of found it much harder to do as a lot of it is from textbooks (your tutor is at the end of a email). The course fee itself is £557 at the moment, and I pay mine monthly at around £60 for 9 months, there is also a £58.50 fee to pay to the assessment board on starting. If you want to read more then try the ICS Distance website

If all goes well I can post some of the pictures of evidence so you can see what I am doing next week.

This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to write about my course in case someone was thinking about it.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Masterclass - Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the understanding of using essentials oils from plants can affect the physical and psychological of the client. The first record of use was ancient Egypt that used these extracts in embalming their dead (and also making them smell a little more pleasant). The Greeks also used an early kind of aromatherapy to treat aliments, including Hipprociates, the starter of medicine.

The term 'aromatherapy' was first coined by french alchemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1910. Gattefosse burnt his hand after an experiment went wrong; he then plunged his hand in the nearest liquid - a vat of lavender oil and realise that this oil had increased the healing time. His first work, "Aromathérapie: Les Huiles Essentielles Hormones Végétales" (1937) is what modern aromatherapy is based on today.

Essential oils is a term that is form the liquid that is extracted from plants, which can be the flowers, leaves, stem, and/or wood. These are distilled from then using different methods like steaming and pressing, until the oil comes out. They are highly scented and should not be put direct onto the skin, they should be diluted into a base oil or water before use.

The most popular essentials oils are tea tree (Latin: Melaleuca alternifolia), a fresh, zingy oil that is anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-viral; and Lavender (Latin: Lavandula angustifolia), a woody floral that is anti-stress, soothes and calms frayed nerves. There are thousands of different oils, I have spent many an afternoon smelling scents and mixing my own blends. All true essentials oils should have their Latin name of the plant they came from on the label so you know its origin, unfortunately in this instance the manufactures ones are not up to standard.

Base oils (can be known as carrier oils as they 'carry' the essential oils) are slightly thicker than essentials oils, these contain nutrients for the skin. These are mostly pressed from nuts, seeds and fruit. The most popular in these are Almond oil, Grapeseed and Evening Primrose oil. Each have their own different nutrient value and are just as fun to mix up as essentials oil to produce the perfect treatment.

The way a treatment should be is that you will have a conversation with your therapist, and this can include how you are feeling as well as general medical issues. The therapist should then select a blend to you to smell, this is your blend (as they mixed together) as well as discuss how you are continuing your treatment. I found the best way to have a massage, the movements are flowing soothing and you come away floating away. As a therapist I also like giving a massage not only for the effect on the client but also on myself as I receive the benefits!

I got into aromatherapy just over 10 years ago now and love it. You do not know how much it touches your everyday life. I love scents and smells, this lead onto my job for Boots as a Fragrance Consultant for 3 and half years. It is a fascinating subject that infuses chemistry, biology and phsyicology, that not only takes in the body but the whole well being of the client.

Next week: My next qualification - Indian Head Massage

Monday, 9 July 2012

NOTD: Salsa by Boots No.7

Oh Boots how much do I love thee? It does however alway seem you are constantly are on offer, so much that now I think I own most of the varnish collections just though £5 off vouchers alone (I have family who donate them as well as earning them myself). This is my favourite, my other favourite "Pink Grapefruit" no longer exists *sob*, if there are any dupes can people please let me know. Back on topic, this is my red of choice, a rich red shimmer that oozes that glamour that is required when wearing red.
I love the brush on this for something that is unprofessional and reasonably prices at £7.95, goes on evenly in two coats and when a top coat is on, boy does it shine. I prefer the stay perfect collection rather the speed dry, I find the formulation is better and is not as thick. For me it starts to chip between 3-4 days but to be honest by then I'm ready for my next colour.
A benchmark was also hit yesterday - The blog had 2000 hits, yet again I want to thank everyone who regularly reads my mutterings. It still is makes me feel humble that people want to read my enteries. Thank you once again.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

In The News - Urban Decay Reconsider China

Urban Decay have annouched tonight that they are not going to be selling their products in china (as taken from Urbandecay.com):

"After careful consideration of many issues, we have decided not to start selling Urban Decay products in China. While several factors were important in reaching this decision, ultimately we did not feel we could comply with current regulations in China and remain true to our core principles. We know there are many progressive consumers in China who would embrace an opportunity to purchase non-animal tested products - our hope remains that we have the chance to offer Urban Decay products to these consumers someday in the future.

Following our initial announcement, we realised that we needed to step back, carefully review our original plan, and talk to a number of individuals and organisations that were interested in our decision. We regret that we were unable to respond immediately to many of the questions we received, and appreciate the patience our customers have shown as we worked through this difficult issue.

Since our founding in 1996, we have been committed to ending animal testing in the cosmetics industry. As demonstrated by the renewed support we have received from organisations like PETA and the CCIC, this principle remains at our core. Urban Decay does not test its finished products on animals, nor do we allow others to test on our behalf, and we require our suppliers to certify that the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products are not tested on animals. Urban Decay is proud to be 100% cruelty-free.

If you have additional questions, please email us at info@urbandecay.com."
 For any business out there they will make the right decision for their business, after they annouched that they were selling in China the collective backlash was huge and much bigger than I think they imagined. My husband made a good point when I told him tonight, "Could the money they made in china make up for the money they would of lost worldwide?" and clearly with tonight's decision is no.

I do feel tarnished against Urban Decay now, if they had stuck by the guns in the first place I would of admired them more. The customer of today is far more wiser and knowledge rich than ever before, there is also far more choice out there. I really hope that their change of heart is because of the reaction of their customers voices rather than their purses.

The next days there will be lots of feedback about this subject (I'm sure I will read quite a few)  - The best I've read so far is from Jaynes Kitschen.

You can also read my previous reaction here - In The News - Is this a case of business before ethics?

Friday, 6 July 2012

Could Your Bargain Be Costing You Your Life?

Imitation is suppose to be the highest form of flattery, I would not think that high end make up brands would agree. In the never ending saga of fake make being sold to the public, Leanne Wertheim was sentenced to 8 month suspended sentence, £2,000 costs and 160 hours of community service. She took £40,000 from the public over four eBay accounts, the "brands" she was selling included Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Benefit, Lancome and Max Factor.
Unsuspecting customers, who were thinking they were getting huge discounts with some products selling at £3.99, were actually buying toxic make up. When customers complained about the quality of products, she claimed that they were genuine. When initial tests were carried out on the products, the results showed that they had 3 times the normal levels of lead in them. Lead contamination can lead to side effects as brain damage, a lowering of IQ in unborn babies and behaviour problems.

In one instance, a Max Factor mascara was showed to be having 68 mg/kg of lead, where the legal amount is 20 mg/kg.

So how you spot a fake?

Knowledge is power, look at the stores to see how the product feels and how its packaged. Chanel and MAC are the most common copies that are sold. Chanel is always dressed in glossy packaging, with very simple writing. Fakes have little touches, logos in the wrong places, lower grade cardboard and lower grade pigments.

With MAC eye shadows and pigments, real items have the bar code as a sticker on the box, as well as having the colour name and finish on a sticker on the top of the box. MAC also do not have mirrors and applicators in with their products, the logo will always be centre (apart from mascaras which is on the left hand side). Sizes on genuine items will be given in grams and ounces - fakes tend to be in millilitres.

The best way to avoid fakes?

Save your pennies and buy only from authorised retailers and manufactures.

For more information on spotting all fakes, try: http://www.spotcounterfeits.co.uk/
Another brilliant entry on Fakes by BritishBeautyBlogger

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Masterclass - Massage Techniques

Which one are you? I'm hopefully none of these!

Last week we learnt that massage has great benefits not only physical but mental (Introduction to massage), this week we going to look at more the different movement or techniques that make up a massage routine.


This is always a smooth stroking movement, that is used firstly to establish a connection with the client and also to establish a level of firmness a therapist can have on the client. This is also a relaxing movement, repetitive to lull your muscles to relax. It is lead by the fingers and uses the whole of the hand to glide over the skin. Can also be used to disperse oil over the area. There is a one movement that is similar called feathering that uses the same technique but more with the finger tips than the whole hand.


Best described as a kneading action, and is carried out on more fleshy parts of the body. It feels like a rolling action as the hands of the therapists gently sqeeze and release handfuls of the flesh while pressure is being applied using the heels of the palms. For smaller areas thumbs and fingers can be used as well as varying pressures. Kneading promotes the draining away of waste prodcuts and aids circulation.


Simply is what it says: A movement that more used on fleshier parts of the body, starting from the front the therapist using a curved hand would move their hands towards the back. This produces a slight "pulling" sensation with loosens the muslces on the side of the torso.


This uses the hterapists thumbs in to dig a little deeper into those tissues that need that little bit more help. This should only be done after 10-15 mintues of warming up the muscles as without it it's very uncomfrotable for the client. One of best wasy to have this done is to have the gaps of the spine done, this is a great tension release.

Nothing should feel uncomfortable or painful, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable. For this we need your feedback on how it feels, a good therpist should check throughout the treatment if you are happy without distrubing the process of relaxation. If you're sleeping we will leave you alone until we really do have to move you (and don't feel ashamed I find it a compliment!)

Next we start looking at more individual thereapies starting with the one I first qualified in (and my persoanl favourite): Aromatherapy.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

H2Oh Yeah!

A hashtag discussion was going on on Monday regarding beauty tips, and of course I shared mine,
" @unevenlemming :: The easiest & most repeated but never followed, drink more water! Keep a bottle with you so you can track of it. It does show!". I was never much of a water drinker being on a shop floor for 8 hours a day there was never really a chance to grab a glass of water. Now, I'm in office work and have a bottle on my desk I've noticed a huge difference in the plumpness and brightness of my skin. I wanted to look a little more in depth on why this really cheap beauty (and health) aid really does help.

The human body is made up 55 to 75% of water (depending on the size of person), and around 80% of people on a day-to-day basis are not getting enough water to hydrate they're body. So why start the habit of sipping the wet stuff?

Fend off hungry prangs

Most people feel that they're hungry prangs is because they are hungry when it is actually your body saying that it is thirsty. We start to feel the effects of dehydration (headaches, dizziness, and fatigue) when it can almost be too late, by getting into a habit of sipping regularly throughout the day can prevent this from happening and can be a factor towards weight loss as you are hydrating the body rather than feeding it when it doesn't need it. One of the best tips I've read is to drink a glass of water wait 20 Min's if still hungry then eat.

Cheapest Anti-ageing Product, Ever!

I noticed after spending a week on the wet stuff is that my skin looked a lot more clearer, in my early thirties I still get the odd spot and during this time I was braking out constantly. I hadn't changed my skincare routine a lot apart from being little more strict about it. What water does is support in the clearing of waste products out of the body, replenishing the lost liquid from this process, as well as act as a inner moisturiser. Look at the ingredients on most of your skin care products, the first (which means it contains the most of) ingredient is aqua or water to you and me.

It fights nasty bugs

Being dehydrated can also open up your body to infections because your body is focusing on supporting everyday function rather than fighting any baddies that can attack the body. We've mentioned that it flushes toxins out of the system where the kidneys and urine system are a key part. Water can help and prevent painful infections in this organs. When you have colds it can clear out airways for better breathing, so that is why your mother nags you to drink fluids every time you get sick.

Keeps you going harder and longer

Being rightful hydrated means that your concentration levels are higher, but also your body works better. For example, your muscles are around 75% water, your bones are about 22% and your blood is around 83%. Not that including the brain that is 85% water, that is a lot of high numbers that the water you do intake needs to reach!
Looks after your heart

When you are dehydrated your blood thickens, so the heart works harder to pump the blood around the body which puts more strain. Drinking more than 5 glasses a day can cut the risk of a heart attack by 41%.

So how to get into the water habit? I started by putting a bottle of water at my desk and sip during the day. I also drink a lot of tea, but try to cut back in the caffeine as this can also dehydrate as well as make you wee more. Talking about wee, if it's a pale straw colour already you have very little to worry about, if it's darker and cloudy then you need to boost your intake.

Grab a glass when get up as your body will be needing to replace water it's lost over the nighttime, give it squeeze of lemon and you also be having a clean out boost. Check for vegetables that have a higher water content like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and watermelon that not only count towards the water total but also towards your five-a-day - Multi tasking at it's best!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

LatestinBeauty.com YOU Skincare Box

Oh My ....
This is a conintuation of my entry from last week (Part one: My First Order with Latestinbeauty.com), As I mentioned at the end I ordered the limited edition YOU skincare set and was awaiting it's arrival.

First of all a bit on latestinbeauty.com, so far I have been really impressed with them. They sent a mail the day before the offer to say what it was and as well as what is in the box. When my box arrived today I found that everything is suited to what I delcared in my skin profile (dry, and ahem, getting a little older). Loved everything instantly, so prepared to feel a little bit of envy:

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream (15ml)

New to the brand, promises to reinforce skin hydration so skin can look more plumper and radiant. Smells a delicate fresh scent, with a cream finish that sinks in quickly and without residue. Hvae used this now for 3 days and I'm already looking at investing in it, for a full size it is £29.00 and I really love the smell. It uses Angelica oil and water (a by-product of the extraction process), has a fresh herby scent, which has stress relief and reviving properties.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concertrate (4ml)

Small droplet brown bottle that is used at night time under moisturiser (I'm thinking Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair). Loving the sound of the ingrediants: Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender oil, Fatty Acids = The perfect skin support. The sample looks tiny, after reading instructions you need 3 drops patted into the skin before moisturier, when I woke up skin looks more even tone (no red patches) and looked plumped as well as feeling very soft. £36.00 for a full size, that has the promise of lasting a long time.

Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar (15ml)

The first of my two rose scented products, "sheer" cream for use during the daytime. First ingrediant on the list Rosa Damascena water (there is also the oil), I like that fact it gives the latin name of the roses that they use in the product. The aromatherapist in me is dribbling over the oils and shea butter, sunk in beautifully and felt soft for most of the day. Rose oil is a natural anti-inflammarty and anti-depressant, and has a sweet-mellow fragrance of english rose gardens. £26.00 for a full size.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (30ml)

This is the brand created by Dr. Murad and I am very interested about him after trading his background in the skin care industry in trade magazines. Promises a smoother and softer skin, has no scent and scrub feels like it won't irritate the skin. I found this was leaving my skin scrubbed with feeling like I was aking it raw. It has fruits acids inside it as well as exfoliation beads so you get a double hit. At £34.00 it's a little higher than what I would normally pay for a scrub, however only a pea size amount is needed.

Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water (190ml and full size)

New company to the market that claims that it uses as many natural prodcuts as possible. Light weight cleansing water that was put up against my everyday make up. It was good but my non waterproof mascara took a little longer to remove with no irritation. Used it for nearly a week now and used very little of the 190ml bottle, and the price is very good at £6.40

Balance Me Moisture-rich Face Cream (10ml)

My second rose scented product, contains Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil (rich in fatty acids), Cloudberry oil, and shea butters. Sinks in easily with rose scent that settles down to a soft floral scent. Feels much more of a thick lotion rather than a cream, is more suited for skin that is still dry but doens't want to use something that isn't too thick on the skin.

This box had input from the ladies at The Beauty Bible, which is one of the go to places for inpartical advice and reviews on products that have been going for many many years now. They believe is natural products (but so test others), and do entensive testing of prodcuts to bring the best in their publications. They are weekly guest columists of YOU magazize that comes with the Mail on Sunday.

 I've now given this about a week, my skin has vastly improved. Now, instead of wearing a foundation it's improved so much that I've now gone onto a moitursing tint. I'm very happy with this box, everything I have used, my only gripe would that there are two products with the same main ingrediants. I very much look forward to the next box!

Monday, 2 July 2012

NOTD: Undercurrent by SPARitual

I shall call it . . . Mini Varnish (brings pinky to lips)
SPARitual are lovely body/face company that believe in making vegan products that not only smell just divine but ooze luxury and pampering. I knew they did varnishes but not nearly anyone had used them and wanted to give them a whirl. I was browsing and lusting over the website when over at the varnishes I noticed they had just launched little mini's. These are smaller versions of their larger salon based ones, which are more affordable from £5 - £8 (instead of from £8 - £10).

This colour was part of the S/S 2012 collection that was inspired from water and oceans. This is a deep blue cream, that has the slightise green to it to echo the deepest part of the ocean. I took this during the daytime but at night it seems to go nearly blue/black like the ocean. I love the detail and thinking into that.

The bottle has the grip of the larger sized, but it missing the soft rubber grip that the larger ones have. This doesn't take from it and is easy to handle. The lacquer paints on easily and self levels with ease. The finish is great and even without a top coat comes out glossy. The bigger bonus is the smell, my husband hates me painting my nails because of the smell. This is time not one complaint, as the scent is miniscule.

I now have my eyes on one from their Pigment range called Henna, a purple/pink hybrid which is what I'm missing from my collection. www.sparitual.co.uk/