Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Minilemming - Week 33/34

Urmm, my feet are there somewhere..

Written last week

7 weeks to go to eviction day! The past few weeks have been really eventful.

My work load has increased since we have had my new replacement start, not only have been trying to get them up to speed but also making sure that everyone else is as ready for my departure as my work load is being shared between different people. A few weeks ago I was so stressed with it all I was coming home exhausted and in tears.

I had a day off after and slept the whole thing away really, all of that night I had the worst head and couldn't sleep. I was due to work the next day I was however really unwell and then my face and hands swelled. I knew this was ringing alarm bells as this is syntoms of pre-eclapism and could lead to huge complications. I was on the phone to the hospital and they said that I urgently needed to come in for monitoring with an overnight bag.

Panic ensured, worked called and rushed over. Two hours of tests later and I was discharge with a follow up appointment with my midwife the next day. Midwife said that the bloods etc. had come back all clear - she had two theories that I had a hormone surge or that I was overly stressed. We both knew it was the second, after it had been written in my notes about my work. She gave me two choices - get signed off now and go on leave straight away or give my boss notice and leave earlier.

I now leave on November 29th, two weeks earlier than planned. and it is the best decision I've made. My health is better and Minilemming is wriggling away. There are some other stresses going on but no use worrying over things I have very little control over.

It's not just a matter of counting down those hours until I put my feet up on a full time basis.


Monday I woke up and couldn't move off the bed without help, I was in lots of pain and numbness down both my legs. After a frantic call to Midwife centre, they concluded that I had Sciatica (which is a swelling of the nerves caused by pressure of the baby on them). This meant limited painkillers, urgent referral to physio and my favourite word - rest (considering I had only a few hours sleep was very welcome).

I now not only waddle but limp as well as my left side is worse than my right. I haven't been able to get to work for my final week, I did dose myself up to go to the theatre which was arranged to be in the stalls and near the door (I am very thankful for that, believe me). Seeing the Midwife on Friday so there should be more developments then but for now my husband has been my hero, helping as much as he can.

We've just had some news to lift the spirits - my husband's cousin has announced her pregnancy tonight, so Bubba will have a little playmate. We have also come close to agreeing on names as well, after an interesting afternoon at looking at some (Who would really call their child, 'Cumming'?)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

EOTD - It was Respectable In the 80's

My soon-to-be sister-in-law was the ripe age of 29 last week, we celebrated with a 80's themed fancy dress house party. This meant sportswear worn as outerwear, neon, whitewashed jeans and so much cheesy music (as well as cake, LOTS of cake)

I embraced the neon bright 80's makeup as well there is now very little in clothing wise that fitted me. I did however find a slouchy jumper and my light blue jeans that fitted to 80's as close as possible.

Products used:
  • Maybeline - Light in Purple ( blue/purple light cream base colour, shimmery)
  • Concrete Minerals Pro Matt Loose Shadow in Bulletproof (Bright matt blue)
  • Concrete Minerals Loose Shadow in Hi-Fi (Bright matt pink)
  • Lancôme Waterproof eye liner in Turquoise
  • Also wore Revlon's Just Bitten Balms in Cherish
  • Stick on face stars that I didn't wear in the end!
via my Instragram
I used a flat brush to put the Maybelline cream base all over, then a soft small brush to work the deeper matt blue into the crease. I put a dot of the pink using another soft brush and then applied the eyeliner to just the bottom lid. All finished off with Benefit's They're Real.
It is just a shimmery blue/pink wonder, I forgotten how much I enjoy just playing with colours and have recently been stuck in 'natural' rut. Colour is much more fun!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Herbal Essence's Bee Strong Hair Mask

I recently put out an SOS on my Twitter (@unevenlemmnig) as much pregnancy hair has gone incredible dry and frizzy. I also had just dyed it recently and was drinking conditioner like water. Shona from Freshbeautyxox said Herbal Essence's hair masks (she did also say Tresemme but I'm allergic to them), while Hannah from Midnight Violets put in a request for a review.

I had already tried the sachet samples of the shampoo and conditioner of the Bee Strong range, so I was already smitten with the scent. Also being the money saving person I have become I was also hutting to see what was on offer, thanks to Tesco's this was on half price offer and nestled beside my top up shopping basket.

It says all the things I want for my hair - repairs combing damage, brings glossy shine and deep moisture. I have should length hair so used about a 10p pence sized blob on my hair, as it is very thick you do not need a huge amount. I am very guilty of going over the top with conditioner but using this I got the required effect from not overloading.  Leave for 10 minutes and fully rinse out.

Did I get the Nicole Scherzinger effect? I didn't turn into her but yes my frizzy, untamed hair did turn into glossy, defined curls to the point I'm having to restrain from using it too much. The toffee honey toned scent is also a winner, seriously go, sniff it, and tell me it does not smell the least but tasty.

Available at other high street shops other than Tesco, full price is around £4.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I'm Pregnant, Can I still....? (Beauty Edition)

When I found I was pregnant I already knew there would be sacrifices - my weekend bottle of wine, soft garlic and herb cheese, sushi and limits on caffeine. Then, as I was browsing the baby websites, my thinking went onto my beauty regime, being an aromatherapist I knew already there was certain oils I would need to avoid but what about what I do everyday?

Here is the lowdown, beauty wise, of what sacrifices might have to be made.

Essential Oils

These will be presented with their Latin names in ingredients list so it is recommended to invest some time in researching them. Essential oils used correctly can bring benefits to tired limbs, stress, and general well being. It is recommended to avoid in the first trimester until baby is more established. I could easily write a whole entry on essential oils in pregnancy alone but I found the helpful people at Baby Centre sum it up better.
Hair Dye

For someone who has dark hair and greys, this was my biggest panic as I regally have to dye it to keep it one colour. There is no compulsive evidence that hair dye can affect your baby, personally I waited until the first 3 months had passed and has my first scan until I dyed. The chemicals in the dye are miniscule and a high amount would need to be ingested to affect. It is paramount that you do a skin test before using as your hair and skin changes with pregnancy, this can mean things you were fine with before can make you allergic.
Fake Tan

For those who feel the need to stil get some colour while waiting for baby there is good news, you can still tan. There is however a bit caution over the spray tan as you can breathe in the molecules and not enough research have been done on the safety of this. Always do a patch test before using as I said above you become more sensitive to products. Sunbeds

Nail Varnish

Most of the varnishes these days are free of the two chemical that could cause defeats if used consistently (we are talking more nail technicians who work round them everyday); Formaldehyde (Varnish hardener) and Toluene (helps varnish to glide on smoother). There are also restrictions in place on how much of these ingredients are in the products so the risk is still small. I use Essie and OPI, which both do not use these.
Removing Nail Varnish

Acetone can be used in pregnancy, same as varnish, it is when it is used in high volumes that it can become harmful. There is acetone free versions that is also more gentle on nails if you are concerned.
Fake Nails (Gel and acrylic)

You will find in pregnancy that you're nails will grow faster and be stronger than before and you may not feel the need to have extensions out on. However, if you do choose to, they are safe as long as it is in a well ventilated area and be aware that there could be sensitivity. If you work with them everyday, you may need to have a risk assessment and not work on extensions until you have finished bread feeding as prolonged exposure does not benefit baby.

With gel nails, whether you are pregnant or not, a key ingredient that is still used and can cause harm to lungs, skin and eyes is methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA). These are being replaced but some budget salons still use and need to be avoided.


You should inform your therapist that you are pregnant (many salons will not preform while in the first trimester), they should do a skin patch test of wax to make sure that you not allergic. You will find that your hair will grow quicker and there will be more of it (sorry dark haired people - this is very true as I know being one of you); you wil also find it more painful than before. With waxing it is not a full no, but it is a proceed with caution.

Teeth Bleaching

For at home kits you will need the approval of your midwife or doctor, personally I would avoid due to the chemicals in them. I consulted the Dentists at my work place and it was a clear No from all of them. I know that currently my gums and teeth are very sensitive and would not even consider having anything near them than a toothbrush at the moment.

For all the research I have done I have gathered the following points:
  • Your skin and teeth are more sensitive during pregnancy due to the change of hormones.
  • While most products are safe, extreme caution should be used before use.
  • Where possible patch test 24-48 hours before use.
  • Follow the manufactures instructions closely.
  • If ever in doubt, don't use it.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Vivo Matt Lipstick in Pucker Red


Double Vivo products this week (Read the previous post about Dreamy eye shadow palette) this was night out with my work crew (commonly known as 'team bonding'). I am wearing the mentioned eye shadow palette alongside the new red lipstick love of my life - Matt Pucker Red.

I have numerous reds in my life but none that was embraced the matt AW whole in my red lipstick wardrobe until this came along at the July Bloggers Met Up, I may got a little over excited at a new red lipstick, I do now feel it was warranted.

In the bullet it does look a deeper berry than it does on the lips, on me it came out more of a classic neutral red. A quick bit on red application that I am rigorous about - creamy concealer around the area (provides a blank canvas), lip pencil always required and must be build up in layers with a lip brush. Not only does it last longer but it's still bold without looking like you've used have the lipstick.

Now here's the real bonus - it's £1.99 that performs just as good as any other £15+ red lipstick. You do have to take into account that packaging is not as classy as the colour, but I'd rather have the investment in the lipstick that really preforms.

Exclusive in Tesco stores or on the website Vivo Cosmetics

Monday, 4 November 2013

Vivo Dreamy 12 Shade Colour Block palette

My MUA Cosmetics Undressed palette is finally no more, and I won't be re-purchasing as I now have this neutral beauty in life make up bag.

I found that I only used certain colours in the MUA and when they went it got forgotten in my case for a while. I got this palette when I went to the July Blogger Meet Up and instantly was in awe of the colours. There wasn't any particular one I disliked.

This is now looking a lot more used since this photo, I like the pattern of the squares and for once actually waited until I photographed it until using. The wearing time is a little more than MUA, I can finish a day shift at work and still have wear left to adapt to night. With a primer it lasts much longer of course.

Thus uses the champagne coloured from the centre of the blocks, while using that matt black/brown as eyeliner and brow powder.

The palette is exclusive to Tesco stores or you can purchase it from Vivo Cosmetics Store for the grand total of £3.99 for 10 good sized shadows and for me one I can use as a brow powder. Not doubt that it is a bargain - just wait until their matt red lipstick review is up in the next few days, it's another bargain!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Embrace Your Inner Nerd/Geek

I was tagged by the stunning Shona at Freshbeautyxox to supply what fuels my inner nerd. It was interested that this week I was reading on the Daily Mail site how a study was done into what makes you either a geek or a nerd (link here), this caused great discussion with Hubby and I because we fall so easily into both.
So what feeds my inner nerd then (other than beauty of course!)?
Formula One
I am a petrolhead, which is surprising for someone who doesn't have a drivers license. I've watched the sport since the end of the 1995 season but always had a love of cars from a young age (yes I even had my brothers toy cars). For a few years in the early 2000's I even wrote driver and season histories for the now closed F1 History website. I've been to Silverstone 97,98 and 99, Belgium 99 and Le Mans 03 and 04, as well as numerous days out and testing sessions. .
I have watched The Simpsons since it started in 1989, my aunt used to tape them off of cable for me to watch when I went round about 7 years old. Before then I loved all the Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Animanacs and Garfield (I swear there's more I could name). Yes as a grown woman of 31 I love cartoons, it's my guilty pleasure this then leads onto....
I have one shelf completely dedicated to all the Disney Classics on DVD, I also have the list where I keep track of the 50 odd that have been made so I know where the gaps are in my collection. This was always my treat from my mum to take to the cinema in the holidays to see one Disney film. I remember the old theatre just outside our town who would put on the classics like Cinderella on the big screen every holiday. I have listed my favourites on my tumblr page
I had to club this together as well they are typical nerd things to get nerdy over. I was a little into these things for a while and then I met Hubby it has escalated from there (and still learning to this day). Our box sets are a mixture of the above topics. My current obsession is Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire after watching the series I now am trying to rattle through the books. My Hubby also proposed to me dressed as Joker from Batman on my birthday, that's love right there.
This also links with the above, our front room does resemble a GAME store, between us we have - two desktop computers, two tablets, 360, PS3, Wii, black and white Gameboy, PSP and some other ones that we've probably forgotten about. Favourite games - The Sims, SimCity, Skyrim and Assassin Creed series (and yes currently working through Black Flag and loving being a pirate!).
I am sure there are many more things that I am nerdy about but I think these are the main things I get excited about.
So what feeds your inner nerd?