Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fancy Some FUN This Weekend? ;)

Before the onslaught of Olympia Beauty last weekend, I had to hit my local Lush in High Wycombe. Why? They had been sticking teasers on their twitter feed all weekend, "Who wants some FUN this weekend?" "Are you ready to have some FUN?"

What is FUN? It is a multi use bar of playdoh really. It comes in a 500g bar for £5 and can be used to wash face, body hair, clothes, bubble bath and modelling cool things so much you don't want to use it.

There are five colours/flavours (from the website): Blue/Soothing, Green/Awaking, Pink/Girly Candy, Orange/Zesty, Yellow/Vanilla. I personally liked the blue and while chatting to staff was rolling a ball of it around in my hands, not only was the scent relaxing (with lavender, Moroccan chamomile and blue chamomile) but just playing with it was a great stress release.

One word of warning it will turn your hands blue doing that!

I had a little bit to take home with me so I can experience some FUN in my own time.

Love the bags they have :)
The joy I had is that I finally had a bit of Lush to use in the shower as lack of time means I seem to be get the chance to have baths these days. I used about a conker size, this ball lasted about 2 showers.  body only. I think this is great value for money at the bars are huge compared to some of the others products in the range, so if you're a little money conscious (like me right now) and want to not compromise on what you use.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Masterclass - Face Contouring

Contouring the face means to emphasise what you want people to see and hiding what you want to hide.The products used are there to achieve a subtel effect and blend in with the amke up worn.

Face contouring to achieve the 'perfect' oval shape face (or whatever face shape is desirable at the time). This is using prodcuts likes blusher, highlighters and bronzers/shaders applied in the correct areas.

Face shape: Oval

Aim: To accentuate the 'prefect' bone stucture.

Techinque: Blusher towards the temples along the cheekbones, with shader beneth the cheekbone and highligher on top.

Face Shape: Round

Aim: Crate the illusion of legnth downt he centre and width from the sides and temples of the face.

Technique: Highlighter down the narrow strip of the face (well blended). Blusher high up on the cheekbones towards the temples. Shader blended on lower half of the face over the angels of the lower jaw and over the temples.

Face Shape: Square

Aim: Soften jaw line and reduce the width of the forehead and lower part of the face.

Technique: Shader over the angles of the lower jaw and down the sides of the forehead. Blusher at the fullness of the cheeks and blending upwards.

Face Shape: Heart

Aim: Reduce width of forehead and widen the lower half.

Technique: Apply shader on the sides of the forehead and temples. Hihglight angels of the lower jawline, with blusher on the fullness of the cheeks.

Face Shape: Diamond-Shape

Aim: Crat the illusion of fullness to the centre of the face and reduce the length. Also widen the forehead and add extra width.

Technique: Apply shader on the tip of the chin and narrowest part of the forehead. Highlighter to go on the sides of the temple and lower jaw. Apply blusher to fullness of cheeks.

Face Shape: Oblong

Aim: Reduce the illusionof length, and add fullness and extra width.

Technique: Apply shader aalong the hairline and the point of the chin. Highlight salong the lower jaw and temples. Blend blusher along the fullness of the cheeks towards the ears.

Face Shape: Pear-Shape

Aim: Creat width in the forehead. To reduce the lower width of the face to create balance.

Technique: Apply highlighter to the sides of the forehead, while shader to the sides of the chin and angles of the lower jaw. Apply blusher to the fullness of the cheeks towards the temples.

Kim Kardashian - Before blending and after. Perfect example!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

100th Entry and the NOTD for it

 I'm now into triples digits! I did want to do something a little different and celebratory for this one, so here you have my first attempted at some free hand nail art. I love this little cupcake that I found the tutorial on Cutepolish's youtube channel.

For the base I used Rimmel's Aqua cool, with the yellow of Orly's Lemonade and a stripping varnish that I got at Olympia Beauty on Sunday for 49p! I broke and bought 6, I really regret not buying more as they are so simple to use. My only grudge is I think they were getting on a bit and needed a huge mix before using, but fine after that.

Thank you to everyone who reads, follows, supports and generally for being such wonderfully people. There are some great things coming out so please keep tuned.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NOTD Filthy Gorgeous's Tea Bird with Rock Chick Tips

There's no underestimating this - I love this colour! This is the manicure I had done by Filthy Gorgeous at Olymipa Beauty on Sunday. I was instantly draw to the colour, it was perfect for cheering up a grey rainy day. The tips have a dark pewter shimmer with also lets the blue through. I honestly kept staring at my nails, I adored them.

Filthy Gorgeous are based in London and offer beauty service out of their London base in Regent Streets Superdry store. Not only do you they provide nails, but also make up, hair, and anything you need to get ready for a night on the town. You can see more on their services and full range of polishes here.

The polish itself went near solid colour with the first coat, with the second just making it perfect. They dry touch proof very quickly, their top coat really impressed me not only for the shine but for the time it took to dry. I was off the stoll with my collection bags and went to the bathroom. I nicked my polish, or so I thought, as it didn't even mark 15 minutes after finishing. If it wasn't for snapping my nail today the polish would still be looking fresh 3 days after having them done.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Olympia Beauty 2012 (Picture Heavy)

I have finally recovered from the onslaught of 259 stands of beauty heaven. On Sunday I travelled across a (partly closed down - grr) London to Olympia for their yearly trade showcase.I got in just after doors opened and got in very quickly even though I had to pick up my ticket. I'd already had checked out the floor layout so I headed straight to the media centre for a quick coffee hit before embarking on the madness.

I did really like the layout, the stalls were downstairs while on the galley on the top is the media centre, competition areas and lecture areas. It meant that you could look down and watch the masses.

After the coffee hit (or 3!), I had some time with the fantastic people at Filthy Gorgeous. These are based in London and offer the pamper service with girlie gossip. They were so fab they're getting their own entry with compulsory pictures of the stunning nails they did for me.

I couldn't put it off enough and did a walk of the floor, it was busy (this was about lunchtime) but enough were I could get round without too much trouble. The only really busy bit was Sweet Squared you are the UK distributors for Shellac, the Que for the stand not only around the stand but across the walkway and half way down the door! The first picture above on the left has part of the Que in.

OPI's German Collection

SPARitual - Resisted remixing nail varnishes
China Glaze - I really wanted the one closest!
I also walked around the Make Up Competition, which for some reason I didn't get any pictures. However, I did get some of the Nailympics which you have never seen nail art like this before!

It was a very very tiring again, I really wished I had time to go Monday and watch the results of Nailympics. My arms and back were/still aching from the amount of bags I had, and the amount of reading I have for the next week. Many thanks to the wonderful team at Olympia who went out their way to make sure that everyone not only media but tradespeople were looked after. Only next time please get more toilets, there was not enough for the 50,000 visitors!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

How I am spending my weekend

I am rather excited this weekend, I am going to Olympia Beauty 2012 in London. It is a once a year event that the beauty trade goes to see what is coming for the next season as well as share ideas and be tempted by loads of pretty things to buy look at. I missed last years after being on crutches, so I'm determined to make up for it!

Not only it is one of the biggest trade show, but launching this year is the first ever The Art of Make Up competition for New and Junior make up artists. This is alongside Nailympics, where nail technictions compete for 10 trophies and 96 medals. This is where you'll find the creme de la creme of the nail art world. This is one of last years winners, Maria De Loudres Destassiaux Vargara, who won Division 3 in Fantasy Nail Art.

If you want to find out more about Nailympics then go to here, they also have last years winners to browse over.

If you are a trade person who wants to go please visit the show website to register as your ticket will be free (it is £20 on the door).

I'm attending on Sunday and will be tweeting throughout the day, as well as avoiding temptation (like OPI and Essie - Oh dear!)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Liebster Award

Very happy to get my second blogging award from another blogger, Yakatey Yak, who I acutally met through my last award as she got awarded it as well. It still means a lot that other bloggers acknowledge each other, so I do like seeing these doing the rounds (I also do look at the other blogs so I normally find some hidden gems).

So here are the rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers

5. These lucky bloggers must be told

6. There are no tag backs
Some things about me that you already didn't know
* I'm am studying to be a stop smoking consultant after giving up 3 years ago so I can help others quit.
* Being an F1 fan, I actually don't have a drivers license.
* Re-visiting my old music albums - I'm currently obsessed with The Feeling's Twelve Stops From Home.
* I have to wear glasses for reading and computer/blogging.
* I love watching QVC Beauty hours and Gems TV
* I know nearly all the words (including songs) to South Park The Movie.
* This will be my first Christmas NOT working in a retail store after 12 years, and I will not miss it one bit!
* My brother and I were born 10 years apart (He was 40 yesterday and I was 30 in April)
What do you do to relax?
Would you believe I blog, tweet people, read, drink tea, and watch trash TV (according to the husband). Sleep is also the best relaxer :)

What are your biggest fears?
Apart from the 'normal' - Breaking my nails when they get long and jelly fish after I got stung by a baby one on Isle of Wright.

What are three things that are unique about you?
Sense of Humour,

What TV show is your favourite and why?
Love cartoons - Watched The Simpsons since it started in 1989, as well as Family Guy.

What are your top three bands of all time?
Still love what Estee Lauder are doing, Adore Lush (I found them when they had no mail order and you could only get them in Convent Garden, London), MUA Cosmetics just becuase of the prices and quality, so far they've impressed me with everything they've done.

What is your favourite thing to shop for?
Nail varnish wtihout a doubt, think kid in a candy store!

What does your natural hair look like?
The same as it does now, deep dark brown and wavy. I embrace my hair and the hair dye to keep the greys at bay.

What are three things you love about yourself?
I will do anything for the people I care for, I work hard for what I want, and the fact that I can still have a laugh when things get bad.

Why did you start blogging?
I was inspired by Brit Beauty Blogger and thought I could write about my knowledge that I had, as well as use it as an excuse to wear/buy more nail varnish (and use my qualications in it!). Haven't regretted it at all.

What is your favourite colour of nail polish?
Red - However my blue varnishes now outnumber my reds (8 blue to 3 reds!). Today I am rokcing some pretty french white tips, very chic.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Working for myself as a beauty therapist and blogger, still with husband, maybe kids and a vast amount of nail varnish!


Bex from Furtures
A Nutty Style of Life
Nikkilou Loves
Beauty on a Budget
Better with Beauty
Cruelty Free Cottage
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Ivorysmoke (even though I think she already has one)

Questions (because I really liked Yakatey Yak's questions)

  1. What do you do to relax?
  2. What are your biggest fears?
  3. What are three things that are unique about you?
  4. What TV show is your favourite and why?
  5. What are your top three bands of all time?
  6. What is your favourite thing to shop for?
  7. What does your natural hair look like?
  8. What are three things you love about yourself?
  9. Why did you start blogging?
  10. What is your favourite colour of nail polish?
  11. Where do you see yourself in five years?

There we go another award to stick on the page :) Thank you again for passing it on to me, it really does me a lot x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Masterclass - Face Powder

Face powder is used when using a cream or liquid foundation to set the foundation to extend the life of wearing. It can also absorb any excess grease which will then reduce shine and provide a smoother, matt finish. With some powders they can also provide blemish cover and protect the skin.

There are two types of powder, loose and pressed.

Loose Powder

Powders that have more coverage to them have a higher proportion of kaolin, chalk and an ingredient such as titanium dioxide. This often have pigments to compliment a foundation shad and provide good coverage. Finer powders are based more on talc or mica. These are more translucent, allowing any colour underneath to come through.

Chalk, starch and powdered silk are often added to powders to give the skin a smoother finish. Luminous finish can contain finely ground metallic particles that create a slight pearlised finish.

Pressed Powder

Is usually produced in a block, which is then fitted into a compact. A binding ingredient is added, this can be a gum or wax that holds the particles together. Pressed powder is more designed to be used a touch up for when any shine comes through on the skin. They are not used as much by make up artists because it is not fine enough to produce an even finish on foundation and is not as hygienic to use as loose powder.

I find the easiest way to apply is to use a big fluffy brush swept over the powder, tap the excess and buff around the skin, moving inwards towards the nose. For pressed compacts on the go, roll the powder onto the area and wash/replace the puff often to avoid any bacteria from breeding.

Personally there is nothing as glamorous like powdering your nose using a vintage powder compact.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Featured #Bblogger of the week

This to let you know that this week I am one of the featured blogs on the offical blog for #Bbloggers.
I am overjoyed to take part in these chats twice a week at 8pm and to be featured is a great honour.
You can read the full interview here as well as more about #Bbloggers

Sunday, 16 September 2012

NOTD Portabello Road's Asylum

I woke up today and forgot that I painted my nails last night (yes that does happen!). I gave myself a fright with these, I'd forgotten how bright this polish is!.

This is Nails Inc Limited Edition Portabello Road with Finger Paints Asylum over the top. I'm trying to grab onto the last few days of summer with a  polish that's cheery and bright. I put top coats of each on, but I think the Nails Inc could of done with another coat.

I wish it was sunnier to show you how stunning Finger Paints Asylum is, it's a beautiful iridescent glitter that can be built up. I wrote about here.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Goodbye Summer *Sniff*

With the increase of wind, grey clouds and the nights drawing in, it now signals the end of the summer (of what we had of summer). It also means it was the end of my Montange Jeunesse 4 week mask routine.

My collection - Oh the choices!
Week One involved Blemish Mud for a real deep clean to kick start everything off. Contains Aloe Vera to soothe inflamed skin, and willow blemish mud to draw out any skin problems. I liked this because afterwards it felt cleaned through and refreshed.

Week Two was a refreshing cucumber peel off mask. I did have trouble with this one, I think I never get the application just right because I can never peel it off in one go, just in bits. It is fun because it looks like you're in a horror movie peeling skin away (but it is not skin!). With previous one you wash away impurities with this one it peels it off.

Week Three was time to scrub it up with the Ice Crystal Exfoliating Mask, now this felt like someone has smacked me round the face to wake me up! It's has spearmint menthol that gives that refreshing effect, with dead sea salts that gentle scrub and soften. This is the one you need if you need an alarm clock in the morning!

Week Four had my favourite Very Berry, an antioxidant combination of cranberry, blueberry, aloe vera, peach and grape - It is honestly a smoothie for the face. It is great for all skin types, as it can help soothe dry skins and clear up blemished skin.

Love Montagne Jeunesse not only for fantastic products, but are friendly to bunnies, natural ingredients, paraben free and vegetarian friendly. They are easy to get hold of as they are available nationwide in retailers such as ASDA, Superdrug, Tesco, New Look and Morrisons. The full range also being on their webste (including a whole range of hair, feet and, get this, lip balms - more on that soon!)

My thanks to Montagne Jeunesse for feeding my mask obsession!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Masterclass - BB Creams

If you heard haven't of BB creams since the beginning of the year, then you have been living in cave with ear muffs on. This is the biggest launch item that most of the brands are bringing out, and yes I even own one (This one).

BB stands for Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm, Blemish Base or, because of copyright laws in Korea, Beblesh Balm. It was developed in the 1960's by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek for patients that had gone under laser procedures and surgery. These were then introduced to the Asian market in 1985, where the healthily, pale skin is held in highest esteem, this was especially in the case of some creams that had whiten properties to them.

They are promoted as a all in one solution: serum, moisturiser, primer, anti-age properties, foundation, and sunblock. They increased popularity because they are a lighter alternative to foundation without having to compromise on coverage. A lot of the ranges that were developed in Asian also had nearly white tones suitable for western pale skins that struggled to get the right light colour.

To give you a better idea BB creams in Korea make up 13% of the overall cosmetics markets. When they launched in the Europe market a lot of brands were criticised for not making a 'true' BB Cream because they didn't have the whitening properties that the Korea market ones had.

They are really suitable for people who lean towards the slightly combination/oily as drier skins might find this doesn't provide the moisture that your skin needs (thus leaving it dull and flaky). I really like to use my BB Cream for everyday use and then used a foundation for the evening as it doesn't have the staying power to last all the way through.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bloggers Block and Solving it with a Q&A

This weekend I've drawn a blank, which has never happened. I am sure it happens to most bloggers that you just cannot get inspired to find something to talk about. I am currently in the middle of trailing some new products out like Avon's new skincare treatment, Purity skincare, and some fantastic Montenge Jessense products (including a lip balm!). At the end of the month I am also going to Olympia Beauty, a beauty trade show to browse what is coming up over the AW season as well as anything I want to add my collection.

I spotted the below on one of the blogs (Mymaneblog) I follow who is also one of the #bbloggers who works tireless to make sure that everything is run as fairly as possible for our twitter chats on a Wed/Sun night at 8pm. It also provides a few answers on a few basics about my own skincare and make up routines which you will hopefully find useful.

I do also want to take this time to say hello to readers and say thank you for the comments I have had over the weekend (I will replying over the next week to you all).


Q: How many times do you wash your face daily?
A: If I'm not wearing make up I just use a foaming face wash, or I cleanse the make off and then give it a wash if feel I haven't got that 'clean' feel.

Q: What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
A: The traditional T-zone over the head, nose and chin. Now I'm getting older it's starting to change that need to give it a bit more TLC on the drier parts

Q: What is your current facial wash?
A: Love Your Skin Rosewood wash - Got this in my LatestinBeauty Editiors Box, love the delicate scent, soft exfoliating action and pump bottle.

Q: Do you exfoliate?
A: I do but not as much as I used to because it used to make my skin inflamed.

Q: What brand do you use?
A: Currently a mixture of Purity, Avon, Boots No.7, whatever I'm trailing out really.

Q: What moisturiser do you use?
A: Currently the Avon treatment with some Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm if my skin needs a boost.

Q: Do you have freckles?
A: Yes, they come out more when I catch the skin, but it's also why I have to be careful with the sunscreen.

Q: Do you use eye cream?
A: No, I don't really just because I don't have any. My favourite has been Estee Lauders Advance Night Repair, you need the smallest amount but it's light and does what it says.

Q: Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
A: Not as bad as when I was a teen but I still get them, epically on the days I really don't need them!
Make Up

Q: What foundation do you use?
A: Currently MUA BB Cream

Q: How about concealer?
A: I use YSL's Touche Eclat and Estee Lauder's Disappear as mentioned here

Q: Do you know your undertone colour?
A: Olive, but often get mistaken for more of English rose pink.

Q: What do you think of fake eyelashes?
A: Nothing wrong with them at all! Worn them when on special occasions and when the lashes are the focus of the look.

Q: Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
A: Yes of course, my maximum is 6 months of usage before it goes.

Q: What brand of mascara do you use?
A: Max Factor Masterpiece in black brown, still love 2000 Calories as well.

Q: Boots or Superdrug?
A: Being a former Boots girl it'll have to be Boots, but Superdrug because I love MUA Cosmetics and it's exclusive there

Q: What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
A: Can't live without my brushes and clean fingers to finish off.

Q: Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
A: A bit of concealer and powder before eyeshadow still works for me.

Q: For the face?
A: However my face still needs a helping hand, just finishing Benefits Porefessional.

Q: What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour or shade)?
A: Was Estee Lauder's Tea Biscuit, best base shadow ever! Need to find a replacement.

Q: Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
A: Pencil for day then liquid for night

Q: How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
A: Not as much as I used to!

Q: Do you use mineral makeup?
A: Great for day wear and sensitive skins. They're now coming on leaps and bounds, might be my next investment, so any recommendations will be great.

Q: What is your favourite lipstick?
A: Red - Always on the look for a new red lippie, a girl can never ever have enough red lip!

Q: How about lipgloss?
A: Juicy Tubes, I have tubes that seem to be going on for years. Melon is the perfect all rounder colour.

Q: What is your favourite blush to use?
A: I fall in and out of love with blusher, still trying to find the 'one'

Q: Do you buy your makeup on eBay?
A: Nail varnish yes (See Here), other stuff - not really not without knowing what I'm buying.

Q: Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
A: Currently doing my BTEC in Make Up Artistry so yes I may have.

Q: Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
A: No I did at first, the brush used to shake in my hands when I did my first customer.

Q: Name a makeup crime that you hate?
A: Any foundation too dark or too light, there are no excuses for it anymore.

Q: Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
A: Neutral eyes but a bright lip, I'm still trying to embrace colour on eyes without looking like a drag queen.

Q: If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use?
A: Lip balm, I have loads because my lips dry out and get flaky without it.

Q: Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
A: Yes I do. See below: Scotland April 2012

Q: Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
A: I like to think I look OK, it's not the end of the world. I try look after my skin so even without make up it still looks the best it can.

Q: In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
A: I will always hold a soft spot for Estee Lauder as I worked for them a long time and they gave me my first job in cosmetics. Other than that Bourjois just make the cutest packaging and colours, while Urban Decay are just fun and funky.

Q: What do you think of Makeup?
A: I've found that I've made friends just by talking nail varnish or lipstick. We want the same thing: To be the best that we can be. There are some women who are just stunning, but who hide underneath a mask because they lack the confidence. I really wish they knew how stunning they really are.

Monday, 10 September 2012

NOTD Boots No.7 Betty Blues (with added gems!)

If you follow my twitter (@unevenlemming), you would of known a few weekends back I was in a dilemma of going out or not. This was because my pay check had not cleared and it was my bridesmaid's birthday. I had settled for a night of painting nails and blogging, did eventually get my arm twisted and ended up having a brilliant night out with all my friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Thanks guys, it was much needed!
These are the nails I sported on that night, Boots No.7 Betty Blues, a deep (and I mean deep) dark navy blue that has the slightest blue shimmer. The bottle I have is from before they had a total revamp, and thankfully it is still in the current line up. The new line up has got some new colours that I have my eye on already, but for the life of me I cannot remember the names.
The varnish goes on smoothly, I did mine in two coats to get it truly dark, then on the ring finer put on some small white and blue gems from poundland. The wear time was really good as I expected, however the gems lasted until I caught one and ripped a bit of nail with it! They came off soon after.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Masterclass - Concealers/Colour Correctors

This is a carry on from last weeks vlog effort on How to apply foundation, towards the end I put on a bit of concealer because a spot decided to come along on that morning and ruin my smooth skinned week.

Concealers can come in creams and sticks, and are designed to cover any minor skin blemishes that the foundation hasn't been able to cover but not mask the skin. They are more pigmented than foundation, so if you tried to put them all over ace it can look thick as well as drying for the skin.

The first concealer was launched by Max Factor in 1938 simply called Erase. One of the highest selling is the one you see in the picture above, YSL's Touch Eclat. This has a brush on light reflected concealer that can be used to highlight as well as conceal.  Next to it is Estee Lauder's Disappear, a lot more creamer for more stubborn blemishes but blends in smoothly.

For more deeper marks like bruises, birthmarks, thread veins, and tattoos, a camouflage concealer is needed. They are set with a special fixing powders that is waterproof and more likely to not rub off. When I used these on people I build into thin layers to make sure it doesn't over power the rest of the area without looking like you're covering something up.

Abother catagoary to concealers is colour correctors, these are designed to cut through colours of the skin to decrease unwated colour. They can come in a base applied before foundation or a concealer form to put on afterwards. The general rule is this:

  • Green kills any red spots like the nose or cheeks where were catch the most sunlight so it colours quiker.
  • Pink/lilac brightens any yellow or sallow skin.
To me there is no set in stone rule about when to apply a concealer, just keep in the mind the manufractures instructions. I use my concealer after my foundation as I use it more a blemish cover or highlighter.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ebay is naughty but I couldn't resist a nail bargain!

I am now on a spending because well I have no money to actually buy anything. I have been selling some of my old varnish's off on eBay just to get some money back and clear out my collection. All was going well until I checking out the competition (it's my defence and I'm sticking with it!), there was a huge a job lot with 12 varnishes, a stamper set with spare bits (My wishlist had this on). I stuck it on my watch list to see what it would go for.

At work I got a ping to tell me not to miss out, and well I had a look it was still at good price a minutes to go. I got itchy fingers and before I knew it it was paid for, a whole £14 including P&P. Today it arrived, after the terrible day at work it defiantly something that brightened  up my day!

This is the stamper kit bits including a still boxed up set that has plate B26 (Hawaiian themed). The other plates are B56 (designs for edging) and B01 (flowers, butterflies and girlie bits). Needed a wipe with varnish remover but cleaned up well, eager to try these out!

Rimmel varnishes L-R: Funtime Fuchsia, Grey Matter, Strawberry Fizz, Instyle Coral, Camouflage Chic, and Aqua Cool

Others L-R: Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait, Orly Lemonade, Nails Inc Tate, Nails Inc Portobello, Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate, Nails Inc Haymarket.

Altogether there is at least £70 worth of items there, and I'm over the moon. Should give me more than enough to play with while on the spending ban!