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 Nail Varnish Addict. Book Reader. Trash TV Watcher. F1 Fan. Adores Bunny Rabbits. Disney Film Collector. Geeky Tomboy. Tea Drinker.

I am Helen and this is Bethany, we both live in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (A little left of London on the map) with Hubby, Bethany's long suffering Daddy.

I am a 30 something former beauty counter manager for Estee Lauder, but have worked many retail jobs from selling watches and handbags to legal sectary. To save myself from boredom I put myself through evening school doing holistic therapies as well as beauty services (except waxing, I couldn't bring myself to wax someones privates). I like to wrote using my experience as well as

Outside of work I have been dealing with mental illness, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a handful of times from 2005 and fully believe that talking about it knocks down barriers. I use this blog as an outlet and fully support the Time to Change campaign.

I also am the committee member for the High Wycombe District for NCT (National Childbirth Trust) that support families in the first 1,000 days from birth to early parenthood, as well as certified NCSCT Stop Smoking Cessation Consultant (Specialising in Mental Health) after quitting smoking myself in late 2005.

Bethany was born 21st January 2014 after a year and half of waiting, this blog is not only a soundboard for me but a journal of her life too. She is also a willing tester of products but currently her typing skills are a little lapse. Her favourite things are apple puree, cuddly lamby, being thrown in the air and cuddles, lots of cuddles.


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