Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Miracle Bump - Bump Butter and Oil

Miracle Bump is 99% natural company who believe in being as close to nature as possible as well as keeping bodies beautiful. The oil contains Argan and Jojoba oil in a pump bottle while the butter has Organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this comes in a glass tub.
This is pure luxury to use, you need to melt the butter to you body temperature before massing it into the areas you want to use. The scent is a delicate cocoa butter smell from the Shea butter, reminds me very much of white chocolate (just a reminder this is not edible). The oil has a slight nuttier smell that isn't overwhelming or unpleasant, if this not to your taste it would make a great base oil to add essential oils to that are baby friendly.
It did keep my skin soft and supple, I combined the two to extend the life of the two products (a small pea size bit of butter with 1/2 pumps of oil). My main stumbling block with this range is the price point: The Butter is £50 for 200ml and the oil is £45 for 100ml. I am not denying that this range is beautiful and the quality exceeds expectations; It would make a wonderful baby shower present. If you are on a budget like myself then there are products who preform just as well for a lower price point.
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