Sunday, 22 December 2013

Minilemming - Week 37

Here we are, Bubba is now classed as a full term baby. This means that I am now in the 5 week window that I could go into labour. This also means I am being watched like a hawk for any signs of labour.

Bubba has been active and well in the past few weeks, Mummy however have been really poorly. I have been feeling unwell for a few days before seeing my midwife.

Thry picked up straight away on lots of funny worded things in my waters (sorry I did try to put it as polite as possible). I did have to wait over the weekend for the confirmation, so I waited which I shouldn't of done. By Sunday I was shivering, sweating and curled up in bed. I chased my results on Monday but they weren't there so Tuesday I called and explained what was going on. Within yhe hour the doctor called me back and confirmed everything, by the afternoon I was on antibiotics and bed rest.

3 days later I was nesting like a mad woman! Does this mean I am ready? No not even close but am very close to being prepared baby item wise.

Personally, I flip between all the different emotions all the time. I have had a tour of my midwife birthing unit which is like a home from home, quiet, relaxed and Hubby can stay with me. After my antenatal classes I've also coming round to idea of having a water birth as well. It sounds great for pain relief as the option of stronger drugs are not available where I am (I would have to travel 30 minutes away instead of 8).

It is still surreal that this time next month I will be a Mum and Bubba will be here. For now its fidgeting in my bump trying to find a comfortable position or pushing my hands.

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