Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 Wishlist

These are the items that invade my dreams at night, the ones that I loving look at swatches online and sigh that they are not mine - yet. I really love AW collections, they seem to suit my tastes and skin tone much better than Summer.

1. Poisonberry by Lime Crime - This I truly blame on Jayne from Jayne's Kitschen, every time she wears it I get lipstick envy and keep telling her that I need to buy it. I have looked loads of berry shade lipstick swatches and find that I have got something close to it already, this I haven't at all. I have a huge obsession over this colour.

2. Sleek Make Up i Divine in Vintage Romance - I really like the quality of Sleek Make Up, I got my first palette last year (Sparkle 2) and was blown over by the quality of the palettes for under £8. Perfect AW colours of soft berry and golds, I could see this being used everyday as a break from brown/beige.

3. Illamasqa Lipstick in Shard - This one compared to Poisonberry is much more red but deeper and matt, same again saw swatches of it around the launch date and kept going back to them. I love the way you could wear big and bold or as a stain (see? It's multipurpose lipstick, two for the price of one). Just read they are going to be at Olympia Beauty this weekend (does a little fist pump).

4. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black (available at all High Street chemists) - Another AW trend is the catflick, something I really hadn't embraced before. I have had liquid liners but found them fiddly and gave up after a while. I'm hoping that this will encourage me to bring out my inner cat woman. This recommendation came from the very talented Scottish MUA, Andrew James.

5. Essie For the Twill of It - Now I was left in a tizzy over this because OPI has also Love & Peace & OPI which is the exact dupe of this. After reading a few comparisons it came to Essie as I read the formulation is a one coat and looks better on.

6. Bourjois Java Rice Loose Powder (At all High Street Chemists) - Vintage style packaging? Check. Lightweight and slightly illuminating? Check. Good Price? £9.99, check. Been embalmed by other beauty bloggers to buy it? Triple check.

7. OPI DS Extragance Lapis (Also known as Granite) and Pewter - I wasn't too bound over by the San Francisco Collection apart from Love & Peace & OPI (See number 5). Then I saw these glitter infused beauties and realised as an lover of OPI I don't own any of the DS Extragance range. I'm more driven towards Lapis at the moment with a want to look at Pewter (I think my Illamasqua in Creator that I got in the sales could be close to it).

This weekend I will also be heading towards London (for will be one of my last times before Minilemming) for Olympia Beauty - a beauty trade show that contains half of this wish list. I had an absolute great day last year and look forward to bumping into people I know this year, please feel free to say hello etc.

So the question goes to you, what do you want this AW?


  1. I Really recommend the Vintage romance palette (mine arrived today and you can see swatches on my post if you're interested - ) I'm absolutely besotted by it. I just wish it came in the beautifully illustrated box as in some pictures, mine just came in one of their standard boxes - Doesn't matter a lot, I know, but I totally fell in love with the design on the box xx

  2. Just fell in love with the Illamasqua lipstick OH EM GEE! XO


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