Thursday, 30 May 2013

Chateau Rouge Tea's

Other than nail varnishes, Game of Thrones, and My Husband (Obviously apart from when he snores), I am very partial to a cup of tea. Actually, that is a  huge understatement, I love the five minutes I get with the hands wrapped round a cuppa, and I don't do small cups either. The mugs I have could easily hold 2 'normal' cups. There is seriously nothing better than a cuppa.

I, somehow, one day starting chatting to Chateau Rouge Tea Company generally about tea and how my blog is generally run on tea consumption. After a while of having banter, they offered me two bags of their loose tea (and to be proper tea it has to be loose) to try.

The first was Fergussons Ceylon, a rich, smooth tea that is from Southern Sri Lanka. I found this was a great afternoon pick me up with a rich tea biscuit. Medium bodied has a deep redish tone, came be drunk with milk but tastes great on its on (which I do with all my tea - Black, no sugar). This has now gone to my parents who are avid tea drinkers as I no longer can drink tea with caffine inside because of my pregnancy. (Winner Great Taste Awards Gold 2012)

This then leads me to the one I now have constantly brewing - Wild Harvest Organic Honeybush. It's light delicate flavour has a honey and pepper tone, and the best things is for me it's caffeine free so I can brew a pot of it and sip away to my hearts content. Picked and dried in the South African sun, you cannot over stew this, that means that for people like myself you can get easily distracted can leave it, come back and the flavour is still beautiful. (2 time winner of Gold at Great Taste Awards 2011)

A note on Chateau Rouge - They are lovely people, please tweet them and ask them for recommendations and advice. They also regularly tweets facts about tea that are fascinating. Founded by Steve Farrell, it's a small company run from London which pays attention to detail and has a genuine love for tea.

Sample packs from £1.95 and can be purchased at

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Betrousse Glitz & Glamour Box

Beauty boxes - the subject can get any beauty blogger a twitter on them, subscriptions ones I feel have had their day now. They are now getting to hit and miss for people to pay up to £120 upfront for them. I have always been very vocal on my love for and the fact that you get to see what you are paying for before you order.

Betrousse have been a huge hit in French (hence the French ranges) and now have launched over here to tackle the UK market. Same as, you see what you get in your box before purchasing.

The main difference I have found and be impressed with is that the products are full sized, not a sample size in sight. The second is that there are some hidden French gems to be discovered, for me that is the purpose of boxes like these is to try something you wouldn't normally use.

This is the Glitz & Glamour box that is to Purchase for £10 (Contents valued at £70). Contains 5 full sized products.

Make Believe Beauty Shimmer Lip Gloss

Gorgeous colour, a light neutral pink/peach tone with shimmer. Says that it enhances tan, but being a pale person it doesn't met that claim. It is however a delicate scented non tacky gloss that will work on it's own or on top of lipstick. Valued at £10.

JĀSÖN Normalising Shampoo

Natural brand that is scented with Rose and Chamomile to neutralise the PH of the scalp as well as clean. It has less lather because it doesn't contain the surfactant ingredient, I found this strange at first but have got used to it after a few uses, safe in the knowledge that it isn't harming my hair. Valued at £7.69

(Longest Product title ever)
G-1 exfoliating Facial cleanser for boys and girls - Regulating line

Another natural brand that uses natural ingredients that provides a gentle everyday exfoliation, smells really pleasant and not girly so this stays with the unisex philosophy. Skin has felt smoother and softer afterwards, but I did find it a little more on the watery side, with the redemption of crushed apricot seeds. Valued at £14.

Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser

Smells as good as it sounds, and uses Fair-trade ingredients. It's feels a hybrid of lotion and butter, sinks in easily and skin felt nourished afterwards. Valued at £3.99, it's a bargain.

Tulecos Tonifying oil with organic Peppermint essential oil

This is an oil for your feet, which is something I have not come across in mainstream yet. I know they came be made, but I haven't seen anything like this is a beauty box before. Comes in a glass pump bottle, you apply to feet (I do mine before bed). You can smell the peppermint but it is not over powering. It has softened the harder skin on my feet that I can easily remove using a pumice stone. V alued at £33 it is more on the expensive side.

As a whole box, I'm really happy with the selection with a good mix of products that cover the head to toe. Can be purchased on

This was supplied to me by Betrouse UK for review, so my thanks to them.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Normal Service Will Resume

I wanted to add a note on here to say a thank you to everyone while I took sometime out when I found out I was expecting. It's been a bit of a mad time recently, but I had my dating scan this morning (this is where they find out how far along you actually are) and I am confirmed at seven weeks with my due date now 10th January. It even has a little heartbeat that they managed to find, and yes, I did well up with tears as I was really worried. They confirmed that baby is developing well and going strong, this means I can finally relax a bit more.

Work has also cut down my hours so I'm not over working while I'm feeling really unwell. I cannot thank them enough for this as the morning sickness is the worst thing ever in pregnancy, just you think you start to understand it, it completely changes. Also the doctor has ordered me to try and relax more, before she starts forcing me to slow down, I said this to Hubby and his reply was, "Do you even know how to relax?"

The spending ban is going well, the only thing I've had to buy was some pregnancy vitamins as I had ran out, and I did treat to a £5 Chinese when I really couldn't be bothered to cook one night when Hubby wet out with his work. I have however learnt that I have way more beauty stuff than I knew and have be hiding it in various places. I will not need to buy skincare/make up for a while (hubby wants to include nail varnish but that's not going to happen!). I haven't had any magazines as Bubba has also been distracting me enough as I cannot stay awake enough to read.

If you like to follow my pregnancy and more general ramblings I will be doing more on my tumblr page The Many Things of Unevenlemming as I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I would like somewhere to document it (well somewhere to have rants about it). This weekend is a matter of tying up some loose ends and then a lot of weight will be lifted from my shoulders.

From next week: Normal service will resume

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I've Been a Little Distracted and This is Why

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, I found out that after a year of trying that I am pregnant with my first child. At the time I thought I was only a few weeks and it wasn't until I went to the doctors that I had an even bigger shock - I was already 11 weeks gone!

I informed my now stunned husband as well as both set of parents and other family. I know have a small set of knitters knitting away for December 3rd (at the moment this is roughly when I'm due but I need to wait to get scanned and meet my midwife).

I have had awful morning sickness for the past few days which not only meant I couldn't work but I have had no energy to do anything but sleep, rest I've been told is good. It's all very surreal at the moment thinking that floating about inside me is a little embryo.

Normal service will resume over the next few days as I get back into the swing of things again. Thank you to everyone for crashing my Twitter app the other night with best wishes, it really did mean a lot that everyone is really supportive and a little tear was shed (I'm blaming the hormones, honestly).

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spending Ban - Week 1

I am starting this by stating I have money (Read last weeks here), this was because the morning of the ban the ATM decided to crash and thus take my card with it. My new card has arrived today, with pay day being tomorrow, there will be no pay day treats as the ban continues.

As yet there have been no new beauty purchases, I'm going to modify one of the rules and that is the walking home rule - this is because of health reasons as I cannot handle the huge hill with my knee. I have carried on walking to work the days I have not had a lift from husband.

At the moment it hasn't bothered me that much, I've managed to take a lunch with me or buy one for around a pound so it doesn't hinder me too much. This weekend is birthday present buying for my brother's girlfriend birthday, so I looking forward to shopping even if is for a present. We are also painting our house ready for the estate agents to give us estimates, so we can finally sell it and finally move on from a huge financial burden.

I hope everyone is coping well and not giving into temptation.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

NOTD: & Other Stories Blue Twill

I am a little bit smitten with & Other Stories, the store is crisp white and clear, the clothes are beautiful but feel they won't fit my fuller frame. It was the beauty area that I spent the most time in, clearly laid out, their own range of cosmetics has cause a bit of a storm since launching, and I had heard rumours that Blue Twill was a dupe for Nails Inc. Baker Street (but half the price at £5).

The colour is bright, stupidily bright, but it was love straight away, it was a good solid colour in two coats. The brush fans out perfectly and had no problems in applying it, as well as dried fast. The wear time is good, I got a good four days before the tiniest little chip on the edge. I loved it so much I took it off and refreshed it soon after.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Falling in Amour for Bourjois Cream Blush

I think we need to take a step back for a moment and think that the high street staple, Bourjois, is 150 years old. Everyday there are hundreds of beauty brands launching themselves to be the next big thing, while Bourjois has stood the test of time. They have still stayed on trend as well as keeping their delicate french charm.

I do own a few bits like the odd eye shadow, but recently I have started longing for the Healthy Mix Foundation, which when I went to London one of the girls dug out of her handbag for me to look at. Instantly loved the scent and *fanfare* the colour was perfect. This is my next foundation purchase for sure, then there was the limited edition lilac shimmer intense eye shadow from the beginning of the year (I'm still hunting this down). Oh, and I better not forget the Rainbow Connection 1-Second nail varnish, multi coloured glitter in a sheer pink/purple base.

Now onto my new Bourjois want, the new Cream Blush. A light cream to powder blush that produces a soft glow rather than something you feel like you are removing a layer of skin trying to blend. It has poppy extract to make it feel more comfortable feel, apricot extract for a healthy glow and mango extract for a softer touch. There are 4 colours: Nude Velvet, Healthy Glow (an apricot tone), Rose Tender and Sweet Cherry (Brown/Rose tone), and think that the majority would suit all skin tones.

All I can add is, "Damn you spending ban"

Available now in exclusively in Selfridges until 15th May where they will be in Boots, Superdrug and ASOS for the sum of £7.99

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

I do have really sensitive skin, on my cheeks they are very dry and always seemed red (it does however save me on buying blushers). I had mentioned recently that my skin has also been full of blemishes which is now, thankfully under control.

I had noticed this appear on other bloggers site saying how great it was, I did a little research on the ingredients and well it sounded like a dream for my skin. I ordered this 7 day sample from for £1.50 (excluding P&P). I managed to stretch this out to about 9 days morning and evening, as I used about dropper full patted over the face each day.

For me straight away the more notable thing is that the redness in my cheeks had gone down to a soft pink. I could foundation on and actually have a blank canvas to work with rather than having to correct the colouring. Secondly, foundation also went on smoother and looked a lot more even.

The rosehip is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that help the skin heal and fight against the signs of ageing. You use it on it's own or alongside another moisturiser, I preferred it on it's on as it seemed to be working with my dry/combination without much more help.

It retails for a 30ml at between £23 - £30 and it would be repurchase if I hadn't already fallen for another oil, Antipodes Avocado and Rosehip at the same size but for £19.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Being a Wee Bit Broke and the Start of Spending Ban

I have mentioned a few times before that our funds have been very tight since I had to take a job that was a lower in pay. I'd rather of taken the job that have to watch another minute of daytime TV, it was slowly sucking my soul. A few months back we also moved out of our two bed roomed house into an annex adjoined to my husbands family, its taken time to settle but its getting there.
This does mean for a while, while the house goes on the market, funds are slim on the ground. This leads me into the spending ban, I noticed that Tales of a Pale Face was looking for volunteers to do a one month ban, I thought it wouldn't hurt for a month to see if I can not give in to my buying impulses.
So these are the rules:
1. Obviously, no beauty purchases unless I run out of cotton pads or similar.
2. No Magazines - I have four subscriptions, two of which are free magazines.
3. No books - I have nearly 40 that need to be read
4. Walk - Now the nights are lighter I can walk more home, that big uphill climb will also mean I'm getting some exercise.
5. Take packed lunches to work 4 times a week - I work 5 so the spare is a 'just in case'
6. Birthday presents can be brought during this time, I'm not that mean. (A new outfit does not count)
I'm just hoping that my first update is not, "I spent all my money."
Blog sale is also coming soon