Monday, 6 January 2014

When Threading Goes Wrong

As part of my pre-Christmas party preparation, I went to get my eyebrows threaded again. I am very lazy when it comes to body maintenance and will leave it to the last possible moment to get hair cut etc. I also wanted to save all of it so I can have a pampering day before getting ready for the event.

I had been previously to this place once before (Sorry no naming and shaming here) and last time I was really happy with the result so decided to go back. This is an actually salon in my town centre that has a walk in brow bar, they also have different stores around the local area. I got beckoned asked to sit down and I explained what it is I wanted (I always say just a tidy and shape as I prefer the more 'bushy' eyebrow).

I let her set to work and was chattering away, with my arms pulling at the skin so it didn't hurt. I was shown the mirror and to me it didn't look that bad, just very swollen as it had just been done. I went home and waiting for the evening to come before I did my make up.

Do you know that feeling where you know something is not quite right? Well I had this when putting on my make up for the night, I brushed it off that the swelling might not be 100% gone and carried on enjoying my evening. It was until the next night where I was cleaning my face that I asked my husband to look at them, and even he said that looked uneven and took a photo (Warning: No Makeup!)

It seemed that my left hand (which is the right in the photo) is more bushy than the right, also the gap in the middle looks one sided. I emailed the company the next day with the attached photo and they replied quickly saying that not only will they get their senior therapist to correct it but give me a £10 voucher as an apology.

I did go back the Friday after Christmas to correct it and even though they do look better, the Senior Therapist did what she could with them. It turns out that the lady I had hadn't been there long and it made her panic a little that I have a scar in left eyebrow (I walked into a coffee table when I was two and had stiches), I fed back that maybe if she didn't feel that confident that some extra time with herself would be better.

This is what I am taking away from this experience: Always get the name of the therapist before you leave if you like how they did the treatment and make sure you get that person again.


  1. Definitely definitely not right, but the one on the left (your right) looks really good so she clearly has potential! Glad they sorted it out for you, shows they're a good company who just had a mistake :)

    1. If you don't feedback then they cannot improve, thats how I look at it.

  2. I have had my eyebrows threaded once but she took way too mich off the middle of my brows and not enough at the end, just the opposite of what i wanted! Ive been put off forever now!

  3. Ahh dear, it's good they tried to rectify it though!

    Samantha xo

  4. I'm trying to psyche myself up to threading (usually get them waxed) I think you've scared me off more! Glad they sorted it for you though

    1. I love threading, ti is the best results I've had with eyebrows (I used to have them waxed too), please don't be put off just be firm with the result you want!


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