Thursday, 20 September 2012

Masterclass - Face Powder

Face powder is used when using a cream or liquid foundation to set the foundation to extend the life of wearing. It can also absorb any excess grease which will then reduce shine and provide a smoother, matt finish. With some powders they can also provide blemish cover and protect the skin.

There are two types of powder, loose and pressed.

Loose Powder

Powders that have more coverage to them have a higher proportion of kaolin, chalk and an ingredient such as titanium dioxide. This often have pigments to compliment a foundation shad and provide good coverage. Finer powders are based more on talc or mica. These are more translucent, allowing any colour underneath to come through.

Chalk, starch and powdered silk are often added to powders to give the skin a smoother finish. Luminous finish can contain finely ground metallic particles that create a slight pearlised finish.

Pressed Powder

Is usually produced in a block, which is then fitted into a compact. A binding ingredient is added, this can be a gum or wax that holds the particles together. Pressed powder is more designed to be used a touch up for when any shine comes through on the skin. They are not used as much by make up artists because it is not fine enough to produce an even finish on foundation and is not as hygienic to use as loose powder.

I find the easiest way to apply is to use a big fluffy brush swept over the powder, tap the excess and buff around the skin, moving inwards towards the nose. For pressed compacts on the go, roll the powder onto the area and wash/replace the puff often to avoid any bacteria from breeding.

Personally there is nothing as glamorous like powdering your nose using a vintage powder compact.

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