Thursday, 6 September 2012

Masterclass - Concealers/Colour Correctors

This is a carry on from last weeks vlog effort on How to apply foundation, towards the end I put on a bit of concealer because a spot decided to come along on that morning and ruin my smooth skinned week.

Concealers can come in creams and sticks, and are designed to cover any minor skin blemishes that the foundation hasn't been able to cover but not mask the skin. They are more pigmented than foundation, so if you tried to put them all over ace it can look thick as well as drying for the skin.

The first concealer was launched by Max Factor in 1938 simply called Erase. One of the highest selling is the one you see in the picture above, YSL's Touch Eclat. This has a brush on light reflected concealer that can be used to highlight as well as conceal.  Next to it is Estee Lauder's Disappear, a lot more creamer for more stubborn blemishes but blends in smoothly.

For more deeper marks like bruises, birthmarks, thread veins, and tattoos, a camouflage concealer is needed. They are set with a special fixing powders that is waterproof and more likely to not rub off. When I used these on people I build into thin layers to make sure it doesn't over power the rest of the area without looking like you're covering something up.

Abother catagoary to concealers is colour correctors, these are designed to cut through colours of the skin to decrease unwated colour. They can come in a base applied before foundation or a concealer form to put on afterwards. The general rule is this:

  • Green kills any red spots like the nose or cheeks where were catch the most sunlight so it colours quiker.
  • Pink/lilac brightens any yellow or sallow skin.
To me there is no set in stone rule about when to apply a concealer, just keep in the mind the manufractures instructions. I use my concealer after my foundation as I use it more a blemish cover or highlighter.


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