Saturday, 15 September 2012

Goodbye Summer *Sniff*

With the increase of wind, grey clouds and the nights drawing in, it now signals the end of the summer (of what we had of summer). It also means it was the end of my Montange Jeunesse 4 week mask routine.

My collection - Oh the choices!
Week One involved Blemish Mud for a real deep clean to kick start everything off. Contains Aloe Vera to soothe inflamed skin, and willow blemish mud to draw out any skin problems. I liked this because afterwards it felt cleaned through and refreshed.

Week Two was a refreshing cucumber peel off mask. I did have trouble with this one, I think I never get the application just right because I can never peel it off in one go, just in bits. It is fun because it looks like you're in a horror movie peeling skin away (but it is not skin!). With previous one you wash away impurities with this one it peels it off.

Week Three was time to scrub it up with the Ice Crystal Exfoliating Mask, now this felt like someone has smacked me round the face to wake me up! It's has spearmint menthol that gives that refreshing effect, with dead sea salts that gentle scrub and soften. This is the one you need if you need an alarm clock in the morning!

Week Four had my favourite Very Berry, an antioxidant combination of cranberry, blueberry, aloe vera, peach and grape - It is honestly a smoothie for the face. It is great for all skin types, as it can help soothe dry skins and clear up blemished skin.

Love Montagne Jeunesse not only for fantastic products, but are friendly to bunnies, natural ingredients, paraben free and vegetarian friendly. They are easy to get hold of as they are available nationwide in retailers such as ASDA, Superdrug, Tesco, New Look and Morrisons. The full range also being on their webste (including a whole range of hair, feet and, get this, lip balms - more on that soon!)

My thanks to Montagne Jeunesse for feeding my mask obsession!

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