Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NOTD Filthy Gorgeous's Tea Bird with Rock Chick Tips

There's no underestimating this - I love this colour! This is the manicure I had done by Filthy Gorgeous at Olymipa Beauty on Sunday. I was instantly draw to the colour, it was perfect for cheering up a grey rainy day. The tips have a dark pewter shimmer with also lets the blue through. I honestly kept staring at my nails, I adored them.

Filthy Gorgeous are based in London and offer beauty service out of their London base in Regent Streets Superdry store. Not only do you they provide nails, but also make up, hair, and anything you need to get ready for a night on the town. You can see more on their services and full range of polishes here.

The polish itself went near solid colour with the first coat, with the second just making it perfect. They dry touch proof very quickly, their top coat really impressed me not only for the shine but for the time it took to dry. I was off the stoll with my collection bags and went to the bathroom. I nicked my polish, or so I thought, as it didn't even mark 15 minutes after finishing. If it wasn't for snapping my nail today the polish would still be looking fresh 3 days after having them done.

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  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS nails! Look like something you'd wear for Christmas or a Birthday :P



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