Friday, 28 September 2012

Masterclass - Face Contouring

Contouring the face means to emphasise what you want people to see and hiding what you want to hide.The products used are there to achieve a subtel effect and blend in with the amke up worn.

Face contouring to achieve the 'perfect' oval shape face (or whatever face shape is desirable at the time). This is using prodcuts likes blusher, highlighters and bronzers/shaders applied in the correct areas.

Face shape: Oval

Aim: To accentuate the 'prefect' bone stucture.

Techinque: Blusher towards the temples along the cheekbones, with shader beneth the cheekbone and highligher on top.

Face Shape: Round

Aim: Crate the illusion of legnth downt he centre and width from the sides and temples of the face.

Technique: Highlighter down the narrow strip of the face (well blended). Blusher high up on the cheekbones towards the temples. Shader blended on lower half of the face over the angels of the lower jaw and over the temples.

Face Shape: Square

Aim: Soften jaw line and reduce the width of the forehead and lower part of the face.

Technique: Shader over the angles of the lower jaw and down the sides of the forehead. Blusher at the fullness of the cheeks and blending upwards.

Face Shape: Heart

Aim: Reduce width of forehead and widen the lower half.

Technique: Apply shader on the sides of the forehead and temples. Hihglight angels of the lower jawline, with blusher on the fullness of the cheeks.

Face Shape: Diamond-Shape

Aim: Crat the illusion of fullness to the centre of the face and reduce the length. Also widen the forehead and add extra width.

Technique: Apply shader on the tip of the chin and narrowest part of the forehead. Highlighter to go on the sides of the temple and lower jaw. Apply blusher to fullness of cheeks.

Face Shape: Oblong

Aim: Reduce the illusionof length, and add fullness and extra width.

Technique: Apply shader aalong the hairline and the point of the chin. Highlight salong the lower jaw and temples. Blend blusher along the fullness of the cheeks towards the ears.

Face Shape: Pear-Shape

Aim: Creat width in the forehead. To reduce the lower width of the face to create balance.

Technique: Apply highlighter to the sides of the forehead, while shader to the sides of the chin and angles of the lower jaw. Apply blusher to the fullness of the cheeks towards the temples.

Kim Kardashian - Before blending and after. Perfect example!


  1. Wow I love this post, it's genius. It's nice to hear about products and scents and lovely pretty things, but learning bread-and-butter tips like this is priceless.

    1. It's no use having those beautiful products without knowing how to use them properly ;-) Thanks for the comment x


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