Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Olympia Beauty 2012 (Picture Heavy)

I have finally recovered from the onslaught of 259 stands of beauty heaven. On Sunday I travelled across a (partly closed down - grr) London to Olympia for their yearly trade showcase.I got in just after doors opened and got in very quickly even though I had to pick up my ticket. I'd already had checked out the floor layout so I headed straight to the media centre for a quick coffee hit before embarking on the madness.

I did really like the layout, the stalls were downstairs while on the galley on the top is the media centre, competition areas and lecture areas. It meant that you could look down and watch the masses.

After the coffee hit (or 3!), I had some time with the fantastic people at Filthy Gorgeous. These are based in London and offer the pamper service with girlie gossip. They were so fab they're getting their own entry with compulsory pictures of the stunning nails they did for me.

I couldn't put it off enough and did a walk of the floor, it was busy (this was about lunchtime) but enough were I could get round without too much trouble. The only really busy bit was Sweet Squared you are the UK distributors for Shellac, the Que for the stand not only around the stand but across the walkway and half way down the door! The first picture above on the left has part of the Que in.

OPI's German Collection

SPARitual - Resisted remixing nail varnishes
China Glaze - I really wanted the one closest!
I also walked around the Make Up Competition, which for some reason I didn't get any pictures. However, I did get some of the Nailympics which you have never seen nail art like this before!

It was a very very tiring again, I really wished I had time to go Monday and watch the results of Nailympics. My arms and back were/still aching from the amount of bags I had, and the amount of reading I have for the next week. Many thanks to the wonderful team at Olympia who went out their way to make sure that everyone not only media but tradespeople were looked after. Only next time please get more toilets, there was not enough for the 50,000 visitors!


  1. oh WOW looks like you had an amazing day x

    1. It was brilliant! I really wished I could of gone yesterday as well, and taken more money! x

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