Thursday, 27 September 2012

100th Entry and the NOTD for it

 I'm now into triples digits! I did want to do something a little different and celebratory for this one, so here you have my first attempted at some free hand nail art. I love this little cupcake that I found the tutorial on Cutepolish's youtube channel.

For the base I used Rimmel's Aqua cool, with the yellow of Orly's Lemonade and a stripping varnish that I got at Olympia Beauty on Sunday for 49p! I broke and bought 6, I really regret not buying more as they are so simple to use. My only grudge is I think they were getting on a bit and needed a huge mix before using, but fine after that.

Thank you to everyone who reads, follows, supports and generally for being such wonderfully people. There are some great things coming out so please keep tuned.

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