Monday, 10 September 2012

NOTD Boots No.7 Betty Blues (with added gems!)

If you follow my twitter (@unevenlemming), you would of known a few weekends back I was in a dilemma of going out or not. This was because my pay check had not cleared and it was my bridesmaid's birthday. I had settled for a night of painting nails and blogging, did eventually get my arm twisted and ended up having a brilliant night out with all my friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Thanks guys, it was much needed!
These are the nails I sported on that night, Boots No.7 Betty Blues, a deep (and I mean deep) dark navy blue that has the slightest blue shimmer. The bottle I have is from before they had a total revamp, and thankfully it is still in the current line up. The new line up has got some new colours that I have my eye on already, but for the life of me I cannot remember the names.
The varnish goes on smoothly, I did mine in two coats to get it truly dark, then on the ring finer put on some small white and blue gems from poundland. The wear time was really good as I expected, however the gems lasted until I caught one and ripped a bit of nail with it! They came off soon after.

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