Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Look and the Missing Hermes Delivery

I had had my eye on these really lovely shirts from New Look for ages and was overjoyed when I spotted them in the sale Christmas Eve for better than half price. I scapped the last of my pennies together and purchased them with a set of t-shirts. This was durinf sale time so I couldnt't get them delivered in store like I normally would do so I paid for the courier service at £3.95.

I waited and waited, I sent them an email along the lines of, "I think I should of had my order by now". I decided to call them as well as I had some free time, they were polite and passed this on to be investigated. I got a email a few days later saying that this was delivered on a day where 4/5 members of my family (including myself) were at home, and I know no one has collected the order on my behalf.

I came home from seeing my parents today to find that the package had been dumped on the doorstep. I picked it up to find that it had been opened and the open end tucked undernethe to make it look like it has just been delivered. I was fuming at this point, got indoors and started to empty it and check it all. Not only has it been opened but one of the t-shirts had been stolen and one of the shirts had been taken out tried on and put back into the packaging. This point I was screaming, Husband came running and as I explained it all to him I cried my eyes out, how could anyone have the guts to do this?

He insistated that he call New Look instead of me as I was so upset, so as I hiccuped tears he called the customer care and spoke to them. They had already started to investigate after my original complaint and found that the person has just signed my initals (that could of easily got from the package) and confirmed as delivered.

Not only were New Look sympathic but also agreed to refund the whole order as a measure of goodwill as the package had already been reported as lost (as well as keeping the remianing items). I cannot fault New Look for their customer service, they have been far better than expected and I am more than happy with the outcome. My issue is with the courier company.

This is what I suspected has happened, either the courier has signed for it on my behalf, taken it, found that it was all maternity clothing, taken what they want delieverd what was left; or any person has signed for it and done the same.

If i had known that Hermes was the courier used then I wouldn't of ordered, and in future will always get it delivered to the store. I wanted to publish this so people are aware and so it doesn't happen to someone else. It really shouldn't of happened to me in the first place.


  1. What a stressful experience! And to have tried something on and put it back... that would just freak me out and make me not want to ever wear it. Hope you're ok! xx

    1. I've put everything in the wash before I wear it! Thank you x

  2. Hermes are a TERRIBLE courier company! I can't believe so many big retailers use them! They have delivered my stuff to my rubbish bin on more than one occasion - thank goodness it wasn't bin collection day! Very pleased to hear that New Look sorted it out though, big tick in the customer service box :-)

    1. This is was my inital fear as we had had our collection days, there wasn't even a card left to say they had tried to deliver; this is why I suspect the driver took it. Seriously impressed with New Look as I said my upset was with the courier service.

  3. oh my god who would do such a thing!!!!! That has made me so angry, at least New Look were gems about the whole thing.



  4. I'm going through a similar thing with Royal Mail, they have stolen my parcel but are not admitting it and trying to fob me off... grrr! ;(

    Danniella x |


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