Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rose Quartz Nail Varnish by Barry M

Rose Quartz with There She Rose by OPI
I had spotted this polish on different peoples blog and always though it was pretty but it wasn't until I saw it on Fee's Blog Makeup Savvy that I was convinced that I had to hunt it down. It is a mixture of small rose gold glitter with fine hologram glitter in a clear base.
Fee had put hers over a nude/white polish while I put mine over a rose tone (OPI's There She Rose), it did look beautiful but to me the glitter seemed to blend in with the polish. The is when I turned to Nail's Inc. Porchester Road

I prefer this as the finer parts of the glitter seem to show more on this slightly darker colour but still in the nude genre. Trying to take it was no longer than any other glitter polish, just a lot of patience and acetone but it well worth getting as it is just beautiful.

Available at all high street chemists/online RRP £2.99


  1. I've just painted my nails but you've made me want to re-paint them as I have both of these polishes and that's beautiful!

  2. I received this for Christmas from a secret santa and absolutely love it, it's gorgeous! I wore mine over a nice minty green!

  3. Love the glitter, how many quotes of the glitter did u need?

  4. I love this glitter topcoat, it's one of my absolute favourites! I love using it layered over Essie Figi <3 xx

    Gemma //


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