Monday, 6 January 2014

Masterclass - Basic Body Care

Aka - Body talk

Ok, so we know what your skin is and how to look after the face, but that's only a small part of your bodies skin. It is no good to have that lovely luminous face with the rest of you looking a little below par. This entry  is also perfect timing as the weather here in the UK has been bea-ti-ful enough to think about removing layers and showing a little bit more skin (for the one minute as the clouds part maybe!)

There is nothing really scary about the body, if you have the good foundation for the facial skin you can transfer this over to the body. So let's go over a few basics and how we adapt these to the rest of the body:

Cleansing - This can be either bath or shower, this is personal preference, I like a shower because it's quicker, easier to do maintenance and I feel cleaner out of it. The main thing is to make sure the water is not too hot (which I am guilty of in the winter), this can dry out the skin more, leaving it red and inflamed. I realised this what was causing my poor skin feeling dry and itchy and have decreased the heat in my water. Shower/bath gel? Purely your choice but if you have drier skin look for moisturising one to get some extra nutrients in the skin.

Exfoliation - The skin on  your body also regenerates like your face so it also benefits from having an extra hand. Body scrubs have larger grains in and come in grains (like ground nuts etc.), sugar and salt (which dissolves into the skin). Rub in circular motions towards the heart (to help your circulation, which then can carry oxygen and waste around, another way of getting some glow). Avoid inflamed and dry areas as it can only make it worse.

Moisturising - My mum is a teacher of all my first exploration into skin care, out of all the things she taught me there is one things that i now do without thinking. When you come out of the bath rather than jut towel off straight away I use a flannel to take the most of the water off while leaving the skin slightly damp, then massaging the lotion in (towards the heart again), relax in the steam (pop a face mask on now - your pores are more open and willing to be cleaned out), then pat the skin dry (saves distressing the skin).

Does it matter how much you clean? I try and shower every other day if it's a normal week, more if I need to (or husband complains that I smell - nice). Every person is different in this, some people can get away with less some with more.

Next - Hair Removal

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