Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Make Up/Skincare Storage

This was my 30th birthday present from my parents. I want somewhere where I could put all my cosmetics storage as at the time it was in carrier and make up bags all over the place. I really didn't know what I had which meant I spent more money on bits that I already had or dupes of.

This was brought from Amazon but because it was a present I do not know exactly where it was from but I do know it was around £70 and was actually an electians tool box. It splits into 3 areas, the tool box on the top, a divided tray section and a big stroage hold at the bottom. Thankfully it all is on wheels so it can pulled along, while if you want only a certain part you can seperate them.

Top layer - All the make up. Lips on the top trays (lips glosses left, lipstick right), 2nd layer is eye shadow singles/pencils/mascaras, 3rd layer is everything else but it is mostly eye shadow palettes.

Middle Layer - Nails, simply all the varnsihes I own seperated into brands after a huge clean up. The rule is if they don't fit in here they have to leave (not my rule either).

Bottom layer - This has my nail art box as well as samples, spare skin care and everything else that doesn't fit in the layers above.

 All sealed up.

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