Friday, 10 January 2014

Minilemming - Week 40

Here we are 9 months down the line and it seems that Minilemming is in no hurry in coming out. Oh yes, there has been false alarams, like a few nights ago where I was up all night with regular contractioons, then they disappeared as soon as they came. Minilemming is such a little tease.

I am now absolutely huge in the bump, bending over, reaching for things and generally moving around has become a mission. It is also exausting, I can go for an hours walk and need to sleep for two to just recover. I have to carry my phone everywhere with me, if no one is with me, "just in case".

It is exciting, our front room has the play pen all blown up with toys in, clothes are putting into draws on the changing area and the moses basket just needs to be set up in our room. I am just to the point where I want to met them and find out who's been kicking my bladder the past few months. We do have a favourite game as I know which way they are facing, Minilemming likes to stick their bum out so I rub it and say, "I can feel your bum" and they wiggle it back at me.

This is also the start of my break from blogging while I get to know the new person in my life, there will be posts still going up as I used my maternity leave to schedule as much as possible and will answer comments/emails as soon as I can. You can follow me on Twitter (@unevenlemming) as no doubt I will be moaning on there that Minilemming is still not out.

For now keep safe and keep beautiful.

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  1. Awe hope you little bundle joins u soon :) xx



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