Monday, 6 January 2014

Boots Permanent Hair Dye

I, unfortunantly, started going grey well before my time at a very young 21, now I didn't give in to the dye bottle until I had a friend who was taller than me who used to pull them out. With that I went to my hairdresser and changed my life - It was a deep chocolate (I'm very dark black/brown natural colour) and lifted my spirits completely I was back to being a confident 20 year old.

However, it had a price tag that I couldn't keep up forever - about 90 quid at a time every other month. Of course I got married; and my husband found out how much it cost me, I then (after my wedding of course - a gorgeous deep brown mahogany) had to admit defeat and try a home dye kit, my first being Nice'n'Easy in Deepest Brown which came out black on me. A few boxes later I've learned that I need to go a little lighter in colour (they recommend that you only go one shade lighter than your natural colour).

I have recently had to go on a beauty budget cut, this just means I had to be a little smarter rather than cut my money (However much I love poundland, I do draw a line somewhere!). I have had really good experiences with Boots own products (does help that for 6 years I did work for and in Boots stores, and have seen where they have been made).

With any hair dyes I do need to reiterate that a 48 hour skin test needs to be done, especially with the darker shades of hair colourant. The cases of dye allergies have increases recently and they photos are very scary and i do not wish anyone to go through this. Be sensible, read through the instructions or there is an information site . With this dye there is no recommended dye time, as part of the skin test you also test a sample of your own hair and time how long it takes to get the colour you require (however further down it does say for grayer hair that you need at least 20 mins).

Now I did mine for the 20 minutes as indicated by the strand test, and now just unwrapping it and looking at the colour I like it already. It's come out browner than previous times. With other colours it comes out very dark at first and then gets lighter later on, this has come out with a deep brown sheen already. Another thing I am impressed with is the smell, yes it does have the dye smell to it but it has added fragrance which does mask the smell. On the other hand I do have one niggle, the conditioner they supple is very water and it says it lasts 3 treatments, while I used most of it in this one time.

I was overall very impressed and it definally is one I use again, the colours might not be to everyone's taste (most of them are 'normal' colours and nothing vibrant), the cost 3.36 with them being on offer 2 for 5.00 at the moment is just what you could need to replace what can be a costly maintenance.

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