Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hypnobirthing/Self Hypnosis

I have previously spoken about my own history of anixety (Hope You're OK and Guest posting on Amy's Blog ) Anything unknown does friengten me so this as well as the unknown of being pregnant is an interesting combination.

I started to look into Hypnotherapy after reading an article in Mother & Baby. Hypnobirthing uses a mixture of positive thinking, visualization, breathing techniques and physical preparation. It embraces that our body knows what it is doing naturally and that we should trust our bodies to do what comes to them.

It does not promise a pain free birth but offers more coping strategies if you wish to go along the route of natural birth. It supports the notion that the more relaxed you are in birth the easier and quicker that your labour will be. This does not exclude anyone who wants intervention as it provides the basis of calm so you can stay relaxed and focused. This means that you can make the correct decision for you and baby.

The pleasant thing about Hypnobirthing is that you can tailor to what works best with yourself. I use visual techniques through mediation led through an MP3. I downloaded mine here There is an a in depth book as well by Marie Morgan which is worth a read. I got mine from eBay for around £8, and picked up the CD's for around £7. This gives me 25 minutes of me time to lie down, relax and bonding time with Minilemming. I also use the birthing techniques for when I am feeling anxious and have been using them during the Braxton Hick contractions that I am currently getting.

The biggest revelation for me is that I do feel less anxious about birth, yes I am nervous, any first time mother would be. I feel much more in control of my body, I trust it to do what is right at the time. I also found that I worry less with any twinges. I sleep a lot more better after a session with the MP3, my dreams are less vivid but I still have to get up for bathroom breaks.

The biggest test will be when, hopefully, Bubba decides to arrive that I can put these skills into practice.

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