Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner

It now is a documented fact that due to mother nature, that I dye my hair, this mixed with the fact that I have natural fine frizzy hair means that it suffers greatly. It hates humidity and needs regular cutting it turns into a style that's based on The Muppet's Animal (especially if I've decided on going red).

I am currently loving all the hair oils that are coming out, my hair seems to lovingly drink them and is starting to behave better between cuts. I am currently using the Ojon range that to be honest costs an arm and a leg, which was a 30th birthday present to myself. As you can gather an affordable alternative is always an attractive thing.

Dove had been offering samples of it's new Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner. Blurb is that it is a daily one minute treatment for dry/frizzy hair that has a mixture of Argan, coconut and almond oil that has vitamin E and F to help hair. It says that it is 3 times more nourishing than a 'normal' conditioner.

I washed my hair last night and needed a little more than normal decided to give it a try. I squeezed a 1p sized amount for my shoulder length hair, the first thing to notice is that it comes like toothpaste, a white part with yellow stripes that you rub together before applying. Comb Through with a wide toothed comb, leave then wash off, not exactly brain surgery.

After drying (I put hair oil on my hair when damp - currently Ojon Restorative Oil), I honestly couldn't stop touching it, because i felt really soft. It had a soft nutty smell from the nut oils which I really like and complimented the rest of the products I used. Even now the morning after it's even feeling soft, and the curls look more defined with very little frizz.

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