Monday, 20 August 2012

LatestInBeauty In-Flight Box

This is now very long over due, however bear with me there is a reason why it's taken a while to get round to this one.

I received my box a few days after ordered and dived straight into it as soon as I got home form work. The box was brimming as you can see.

I pulled everything out and was happy with everything, however I did notice my OPI nail varnish wasn't the colour that was said on the website. I got 'William Tell Me About OPI' (AW 2010 limited Edition), a deep purple creme, when the choice was between two The Muppet's Limited Editions which I had been looking forward to because I missed out on them when they launched.

 I thought why not just check? Within 5 minutes of emailing them I got an email back saying that OPI sent wrong varnishes and that some of these had made it into the boxes, with their apologies, do I want to swap it for another?

After checking swatches out on line, yes I did want to swap and duly sent it back 2nd class to them. A few days later I got Wocka Wocka, a Burgundy red that goes brighter red in the sun and deeper in artificial light (so gorgeous it's getting it's own entry!). I was over the moon with not only the colour but the helpfulness of the customer service.

The rest of the box I still like just as much and have pretty much used all of it now

The whole box was themed like your were going on holiday so you have self tan with Xen-Tan Dark Lotion, Hydration with Urban Health Acai Sachet that was great when a few weeks back I has to go on antibiotics for laryngitis; Good to Go Wipes each with its own sealed packet that have gone straight into my handbag; Balitiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry that I've already had before and loved; L'Oreal Mythic Oil which is going head-to-head with my Ojon in the next few weeks, and samples of Garnier BB Cream which is nearly as good as my MUA BB Cream.

In addition there is also a tin of mints that are actually cinnamon which are very different and do take a little while to get used to but now have become a staple in my handbag. I also have the cutest little bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist which after putting into the fridge have been the most refreshing thing to spray on my face for the past few days in the heat. This after my StiVectin-SH Age Protection Lotion SPF30 to stop my pale skin burning (with added bonus of a bracelet that turns blue when the sun is really strong to remind you not to stay out in it for too long!). There is also Acqua D'Alfresco a insect repellent that I have passed onto the husband as insects seem to love him at this time of the year!

A lot of bloggers have been mixed about this, some love the mixture (like me) or just didn't like it at all, however this is the beauty of LatestinBeauty = no likie, no buyie.


  1. I haven't tried this beauty box before. It looks fab though, I like the array of products! :)

    Your newest follower!
    Laura x

    1. Hi Laura! Welcome to my corner of blogworld. It's great mixture of products something really different, they're now doing a great Aveda themed box that's worth a look. However, I am now very broke :,(


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