Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Giveaway win and NOTD with Fingerpaints varnish

In giveaways I don't normally win, I try and enter ones of people I already follow (or at least have a read through previous enteries to see if I would like to afterwards). There is an awesome blog I follow which combines my favourite items trainers and nail varnish called Lacquer and Laces by The Sneakerette. She does find some of the best indie lacquers that are on the market, photos are superb and the trainers are to die for.

She did an brilliant NOTD using Wet 'n' Wild black, Finger paint's Asylum and matt top coat. It's beautiful Check it out here the prize was these two above - Finger Paint's Sparkle Top Coat and my own bottle of Asylum.

Couldn't wait to get asylum on my fingers - This is with two coats of SpaRituals Undercurrent creme blue with one coat of Asylum over the top. The photos really don't do it justice! I have worn the Sparkle top coat over a soft pink for a daytime look, it's packed with glitter and glimmers beautifully in the sun (since I did the manicure there has been no sun to get a decent photo! I'm determined to get one!)

They are from America :( but can be viewed here


  1. Your nails look so cute! I need these in my life! x

    1. So chuffered with the polish, I worked really hard to keep them cute so thank you :)


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