Thursday, 9 August 2012

Masterclass - Make Up Primers

We gone over how to get your skin ready for cosmetics as well as pampering your body now it is time to look at what women (and me) get obsessed over - Make Up. Like the skin Masterclasses we Will go from the foundations upwards, so first we start by priming the skin ready.

So why a primer? It is a lotion or gel that applied to the skin to enhance the appearance or wear of what it is applied over the top. They can be created fro different target area like face, eyes, lips and mascara, as well as different needs or finishes like luminance, reducing redness, and evening skin tone.

A foundation primer for the face area is they to ensure the product is put on smoothly and lasts longer. Key ingredients that can be found can be vitamins A,C and E, with antioxidant green tea extract. Depending on the needs of the skin it can also contain Salicylic acid that absorbs oil or add radiance by using a slight shimmer. More primers that are coming to the market are now also mineral based which can be more gentler to the sensitive skin market.

Eye shadow primer work the same as above but are more formulated to work around the delicate eye area. They provide a even and blank canvas for products to be put on, can also decrease 'creasing' of the product that can happen during the day because of moisture. Not only does it extend the life of eye shadows, but also eye liners and can brighten colours that are used.

Mascara primers are colourless or white, brushed on bare lashes before putting the chosen mascara on top. They are designed to volume or lengthen the lases, and in some cases can also condition. It can also help the mascara from flaking and smudging.

Lip primers are there to stop lipstick from moving from the lips and bleeding out to the lighter outer areas.

Next week - Start looking at foundation

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