Thursday, 16 August 2012

Masterclass - What is Foundation?

This would be the most essential bit of nit of kit you will ever own, finding the perfect foundation is any woman's holy grail. Foundation provides a blank canvas that lets other colours sing. It also provide a barrier for the skin against the environment and with some also contain sunscreens. Foundation is there to enhance your natural skin tone, provide a smooth even skin tone, and minor blemishes.

Before foundation - Uneven tone around the nose and cheeks, oiliness and the odd blemish

After foundation (full face of make up) - All one tone, eyes are highlighted because all of the above are evened out.

Most foundations are an emulsion of oil and water with colour pigments that can vary the texture and effect of the product.


Cream blend easily on the skin the majority are oil based, cream foundations are a mixture of wax, powder and glycerol (but can vary brand to brand). Generally they leave a medium coverage and require a powder of adsorb any excess oil left on the skin after application. The ones designed for oilier skin contain a higher portion of powder.


Thinner version of the cream, has a higher proportion of water compared to the cream. This has lighter coverage than the cream version and let more the natural skin through. In some alcohol is replaced so it evaporates on the skin and leaves a powdered finish. If a foundation oil based then it is more suitable for drier skins, water based for greasier/combination skins, and alcohol based for greasy, acneified skins.


The thinnest coverage that is more suited for summer time where a lot of makeup can irritate skin. There are more suited to tanned, black, and unblemished skins. For black skins this can be better as it doesn't contain powder that can make it look dull and grey.


Easy to use and carry, can come in a compact or stick. It contains a higher level of powder so this gives it a higher level of coverage, and is mostly used in photo, theatre and fashion shoots because it goes on flawless, but can feel heavy on the skin. Applies in thinner layers can mean it can be build up to coverage that is needed.

The best way to store foundation is in cool places away from direct sunlight. Cleaning round the top of the lid before closing also makes the product more hygienic and not transferring germs onto the skin.

I find once you have found the holy grail it's very much like a romantic relationship, if they discontinue it you'll mourn like a loss of an ex!

Next week - Finding the right colour

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