Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Boots No.7 Cosmetics Re-Vamp

Not many products get me really excited enough that I need to start a blog entry with some urgency. I was told by my friends who were No.7 consultants that I need to keep an eye out end of August for something huge happening. Drifting around watching vloggers on youtube I was watching Lisa Eldridge's video on her role in No.7 and then going onto the developments that have recently been happening.

From tomorrow in stores you will be met a new No.7 range, more sleeker and professional. For me the biggest change will be the foundation ranges. For 3 years they have been developing with X-rite an American company that had previously owned colour brand Pantone. They photographed 2008 women for different skin tones to see how the different skin tones can be put into clusters and develop the correct foundations.

From the 50 shades they then went down to 17 colours, which will then be available in 7 different formulations from mattifying to illuminating. This is a huge task, Lancome have tried to do this, transferring it colours to different formulations but the colours vary between then I could be light in one and then orange in another. However, Boots/Lisa has said that they have cracked this.

If that is not exciting enough, they have invested into developing the technology that takes the guess work out of choosing which one. A hand held device will be given to Boots consultants, it is a small camera that has 8 LED lights and 1 UV light. Onto cleaned skin along the jawline (no full face removal required), they will take two readings from each side then on the hand held screen it will tell you what colour you need. From there the consultant will then help you picking out the correct formulation.

The hand held will even read any fake tan that is on, so if you want to match the colour on the neck or body then it can read that to recommend the correct colour.

I feel this is massive step for No.7 to start challenging premium side of cosmetics. They have been taking leaps and bounds with Protect & Perfect and now with this development it will defiantly put them in the same breaths as Estee Lauder and Lancome. I look forward to trying it out in due course.

No one explains it (or with more ethuisium) better than the Creative Director Lisa Eldridge

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