Monday, 27 August 2012

Ojon Vs L'oreal in Oil Wars

In March in my Harrods GlossyBox I got Ojon's Damage Reverse Restorative Treatment Serum. It is much of an oil like texture that has their Ojon Oil complex in. I loved the fact that it was lghter than my serum but I also needed the smallest amount to get the benefits. The current bottle I have (in the photo) I've been using since early April and only a quarter is gone (please note my hair is shoulder length at it's longest.) The a few weeks ago my Latestinbeauty In-flight box had L'Oreal's additction to the hair oil market - Mythic Oil.

Mythic Oil is a blend of grapeseed and avocardo oil, and is promoted as a hair nouriser. This is true grapeseed is a wonderful base oil in massage because it's lightweight consistancy and it's is scentless. Avocardo oil can then be added in a smalled pecentage,
this is because it is a thicker oil, but full of fatty acids and vitamin E.

Ojon oil is a bit more of mystery, it says on their website that it was discovered in Central America and that it comes from the Ojon palm nut that grows on the tree. This had been used by the Tawira tribe for centuries and now have been tested to prove it rejenitating effects on hair. A tree will produce 800 nuts on where that would produce 3 cups of the oil.

As I said the first time I used Ojon I was really happy with the results it gave, my slightly dry and frizzy hair was more under control. The curls that I had were more defined, and the roasted nut scent was pleasent without being over powering. For the 25ml bottle I got it is £16 (there is a 50ml for £22), and it is lasting well, with an investment into the rest of the range.
With my first try of Mythical Oil I was impressed with the almost water light texture compared to the Ojon. The scent was more towards typical hair product/coconut smell, but same again it isn't unpleasent or overpowering. It still tamed my frizzy hair, normally with the Ojon if I apply too much it can go greasy, with the Mythical I found that if I need more after drying I could with this happening. You do also get more for your money - 250ml for RRP £15.95 (however I have found it for £12.55 on
While I love my Ojon, realistly I cannot warrant spending that amount of money on 25ml when I can spend less and get more on L'Oreals offering. Sorry Ojon.


  1. I would also go for the cheaper one if it's just as good! xx

    1. It works just as well, and a fraction of the price. Thanks for the comment x


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