Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What to pack for your different holidays

Some of you lucky things will be jetting to somewhere sunny, hot and fabulous! It does always through up the question what to take? My make up kit is a huge trolley and the last thing I want to do is to take it with me, there is also the restrictions in airports of only taking any liquids on flights.(All Update information can be found on the Directgov's Page.

As we get into Spring/summer you should change your moisturiser lighter lotion with a SPF of a least 15, and if oilier this is the time you really need to switch to a oil free formulation. When I go away I take a lighter edited kit with me: tinted moisturiser or BB cream, blusher, mascara in waterproof, powder, lip balms with SPF and maybe a choice of bright lipsticks for partying in the evening.

Ibiza 2007
What I also like to do is to save up my samples or buy smaller versions of products to use exclusively on holiday. When I return and the tan starts to fade I can use those products that remind me of my holiday. I took loads of Boots Botanics body scrub to Ibiza in 2007 and 2008, it reminds me off getting ready to watch the sunset on the beach and then dancing the night away with my friends.

For adventure breaks like Centre Parks, SPF is still a vital and a stripped down skincare routine like cleanser and moisturiser. I also find face wipes are great for holidays to put into luggage, as well as multi-purpose items that can be used on the body and face.

For all those gearing up for the Winter season, you need to think about more intense moisturiser as it can really dry the skin. SPF is still important as the sun can reflect off the snow and burn just as much as being in the hottest climates. My brother regularly returned from 6 month winter seasons with a burnt face with the white ringed 'pande eyes' from wearing sunglasses. Did like the way he protected one part of his face but not the other!

Not only should you think about your skin, but your hair also takes a battering. A weekly deep conditioning treatment will keep your hair looking lush, from over exposure as well as saltwater. If you've been swimming in the pool then you should be washing the chlorine out of your hair to prevent damage. I also get a trim a week before I leave (as well as eyebrow threading, waxing etc) as well as a hair colour (to leave it looking fresh and the colour to settle) so I can look fab in photos and reduce products to lose take.

The most important thing of all is to let your hair down and have fun - That's what holidays are there for!

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