Tuesday, 7 August 2012

You Can Do More With Clay Than Build Pots

I, as probably the entire female population at some point, has worn a face mask, and I would beat some money that most of them are from Montagne Jennesse. I am a big fan of them, they're mud face masks are not only a skin savour but I find for the amount of product you get in a sachet they're also very good value for money.

Founded in 1987 after founder Greg Butcher was mixing products in his kitchen, Montange Jenesse has grown into one of the front runners in the beauty markets.They are sold in over 80 countries around the world and now have 50 products in their range including hair masks, feet treatment and even cellulite treatments. All are one use products and can be mixed and matched to what you require at the time. All within an easy price that any pocket can suit and can be nicked by your male boyfriend/husband.

Their latest range of products combines two of their most popular ranges, the clay masks and tonic cloth masks. I adore the clay masks, leaves my skin feeler amazingly fresher and that cleaned feel that I want when using a mask.

There are two with the range, The Dead Sea Mud Spa and the Glacier Clay Spa. Both are infused into a bamboo fibre mask that you sit onto the skin rather than the traditional method of massage it onto the skin. The mask already has all the holes cut in, and you will get a little over your hands putting it on but no where near as much as if you were applying it directly with your hands. A word of warning this mask is made for you to lie down and relax in, not move around and it will fall off.

It's hard to smile in face mask :)

After 15 minutes you then remove the mask, I actually put it into a ball and massage the slight textured material as a light exfoliate. Rinse off the left over mask with warm water and use your normal skin care. My skin looked a lot more refreshed and even toned, the next morning (I use mine before bed) it was still very smooth to touch. I was given these to try, but I still would of brought them as they still appealed to me and my skins needs.

You can get your hands on it's website www.MontagneJeunesse.com (It might be worth checking out their Facebook Page first for a discount offers...shh). It will then be in Boots mid-August and ASDA's in September at the cost £1.49. They are all vegetarian, PETA and BUVA (leaping bunny) approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben-free, as well as environmental friendly where-ever they can be.  

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