Saturday, 18 August 2012

NOTD MUA Comestics Nail Varnish Shade 13

Time for an unplanned NOTD post!

I painted these in Shade 13 last night to match the cardigan that I was wearing to work today, it is an exact match which I didn't realise when I brought it. This was brought when MUA did 25% off their products a while back (as well as refreshing my BB Cream that I love! Read the rave here, eye shadow palettes Going For Gold and Undressed, blusher in shade 4 AND primer. Phew). I was drawn to the green and well it is £1 so if it wasn't right then I hadn't spent a lot.

The pot is so small it boarding on cute, this does affect the brush as it smaller than an average brush. I still found it easy to use and the lacquer itself goes on evenly. It has so far survived at day at work, including having sellotape stuck to it and not flaking. I even had a mail customer say that my nail colour was funky and that he really liked it.

I am already thinking about what colours I can get next. I really want to call this Green With Envy, what do you think?

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