Thursday, 5 July 2012

Masterclass - Massage Techniques

Which one are you? I'm hopefully none of these!

Last week we learnt that massage has great benefits not only physical but mental (Introduction to massage), this week we going to look at more the different movement or techniques that make up a massage routine.


This is always a smooth stroking movement, that is used firstly to establish a connection with the client and also to establish a level of firmness a therapist can have on the client. This is also a relaxing movement, repetitive to lull your muscles to relax. It is lead by the fingers and uses the whole of the hand to glide over the skin. Can also be used to disperse oil over the area. There is a one movement that is similar called feathering that uses the same technique but more with the finger tips than the whole hand.


Best described as a kneading action, and is carried out on more fleshy parts of the body. It feels like a rolling action as the hands of the therapists gently sqeeze and release handfuls of the flesh while pressure is being applied using the heels of the palms. For smaller areas thumbs and fingers can be used as well as varying pressures. Kneading promotes the draining away of waste prodcuts and aids circulation.


Simply is what it says: A movement that more used on fleshier parts of the body, starting from the front the therapist using a curved hand would move their hands towards the back. This produces a slight "pulling" sensation with loosens the muslces on the side of the torso.


This uses the hterapists thumbs in to dig a little deeper into those tissues that need that little bit more help. This should only be done after 10-15 mintues of warming up the muscles as without it it's very uncomfrotable for the client. One of best wasy to have this done is to have the gaps of the spine done, this is a great tension release.

Nothing should feel uncomfortable or painful, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable. For this we need your feedback on how it feels, a good therpist should check throughout the treatment if you are happy without distrubing the process of relaxation. If you're sleeping we will leave you alone until we really do have to move you (and don't feel ashamed I find it a compliment!)

Next we start looking at more individual thereapies starting with the one I first qualified in (and my persoanl favourite): Aromatherapy.

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