Saturday, 14 July 2012

My BTEC in Make Up Artistry Course

Currently being a Beauty Swot!

As you can tell this week that blog enteries are a little thin on the ground, for those who don't know I am currently studying for my BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Certificate Make Up Artist. After many years of doing it in a sales environment, I decided to put what I've learnt into a bit of paper to confirm that I can do it.

I enrolled with ICS Distance Learning, the great advantage of this is that I can fit in around the times I'm working as well as finish quicker than the year you are given to complete. It does however require a lot of will power to do sometimes, the literature says that you should allocate 3 hours a week to complete. I have been lazy and haven't done some for a few months, however my life is now settled down enough that I can do my first practical piece this weekend (now I have the funds to buy the last pieces of equipment but also having a functioning hand after hurting myself a few weeks back).

The course is split into four assessments:

1. Personal and Career Development as well as legal requirements
2. Preparing skin for Make Up treatment
3. Demonstrating a range of make up designs
4. Demonstrating a range of make up designs for catwalk, special effects and occasions.

You do get supplied with some items for use like a textbook, skin care pack, disposable items, etc. Make up you need to purchase yourself, I have been building a kit over the years and it's not even close to being finished yet! Each practical assessment needs to be provided with photographic evidence of every stage, so you will need to be prepared for a model as well as photographer will you work.

It is a great course, as I have said that it suits my work times and when I want to do more it has that flexibility. I think I have found it easier with my background in already working as a artist for Estee Lauder, as a beginner I would of found it much harder to do as a lot of it is from textbooks (your tutor is at the end of a email). The course fee itself is £557 at the moment, and I pay mine monthly at around £60 for 9 months, there is also a £58.50 fee to pay to the assessment board on starting. If you want to read more then try the ICS Distance website

If all goes well I can post some of the pictures of evidence so you can see what I am doing next week.

This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to write about my course in case someone was thinking about it.


  1. This sounds like a really great way to do a course. I am always so busy and it would be great to fit it in around my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing hun. something I will look into for sure. x

    1. No problem, that was the main benefit for me is that it could fit around what I was doing at the time. x


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