Thursday, 19 July 2012

Masterclass - What Is Champissage?

In my whites from last weekend, ready for action!
For the regular readers who tuned into last weeks Aromatherapy Masterclass, will already know the answer to this weeks question. The belief in Champissage is that energy channels are unblocked by the head, face and shoulders massaged. Champissage is also known as Indian Head Massage, and originates as the name suggests from India. The therapy was brought over to the west by Narendra Mehta.

The key benefit of Champissage is that as it's a focused massage therapy it can be used in smaller amounts of time like 15-30 minutes. It can also be done fully clothed for people who feel uncomfortable undressing to be massaged, a massage oil/cream it not also necessary to perform this treatment as well (however it does make it easier). It can also benefit people in offices as it can fitted into lunch breaks and helps tense muscles that can come from slouching over a keyboard.

The treatment usual takes place with the client on a chair, the therapist will start from the upper arms and shoulders. Then would work the neck, scalp and lastly the face. For the face the client is asked to lean their neck back (if possible) and a support is put there while the therapist works.

I learnt about this therapy just as I was completing my aromatherapy training, I did mine in a week long course. I think out of all the massage therapies this is one of the best to start with as it the course prices are reasonable (mine was about £100 in 2002, compared to about £500 for a body course) and is the most simplest to pick up.

Next Week: Reflexology

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