Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lush's Emotional Brilliance

High Wycombe Lush Shop Front
This is my own little local Lush shop in the Eden Shopping centre, High Wycombe, is 20 minutes from where I live. Many years ago I would had to sit on a train for 40 odd minutes and travel across London to Covent Garden where I first discovered them (and yes this was before the mail ordering started!). I love Lush, the ethics behind the brand, the products, the staff - everything, my little dream when I was a youngster was to work for Lush.

They also had another make up side - Never 2 Busy 2 Be Beautiful which I adored just as much, the Covent Garden store was a treasure trove of make up heaven. I was very sad when they decided to close that side of the business down. You imagine my joy when Lush annouched that they was launching a make up range.

Emotional Brilliance has been 3 years in development by the same people who made the N2B2BB range of products. Every product is Vegan and uses as much natural product as possible, even the mascara of the range has one preservative in it (while leaving lashes naturally coloured)

What you need for being stuck on a desert island
There are two sides to Emotional Brilliance - the colour and the desert island products. The desert island products are the ones that you need if you were stuck on a desert island and could only take a few things with you. In the range is:

  • Colour Supplement - A medium coverage foundation that can be mixed with a moisturiser to provide more of a tint ( I was matched to Light Yellow and mixed mine with Imperialis to provide a even base)
  • Feeling Younger Skin Tint - Can be mixed with the colour supplement to provide a glow, or used a highlighter. A lovely soft non glitter/shimmer sheen. I looked more awake after using as a highlighter, a little goes a long long way! £12.00
  • Charisma - For all those lovies who like a golden sheen, perfect for pales as it is a hint of bronze colour (no orange here) and be built up to look deeper. £12.00
  • Emotional Brilliance - Is a translucent face powder that does look pinkish in the pot but goes onto the skin and disappears while leaving a crease free natural finish. £12.00
Then comes the colour.....

Clear your mind, spin the wheel and pick the colours that talk to you.

Focus * Motivation * Sophisticated

The first is Your Strength/Weakness mine was that I have strong Focus (a shimmer light blue/gold cream eyeshadow), and when I want something I'll go for it, but it can mean I can be too focused one thing and forget others. The second is your subconscious which was Motivation (A strong shimmer turquoise) telling me to do what I love and keep going. Thirdly was Sophisticated (a mink coloured creme for eyes or lips) as my aspiration, my want to be or how others see me.  

All the colours and word have been created by using colour therapy as its base, but also had word matching by Lush staff and customers. The titles fit the colours perfectly, Lush's intention is not to follow trends but to let customers follow who are are or want to be. It's very much leaving the customer in control and I embrace this.

All the colours are £14.50 each with 30 colours in total, but they can be used on any area so there is the ability of using colours on more than one area.

Who's that in the mirror?
I spent an hour with the Lush staff on a quiet Saturday morning so I can have a good play with all the range before they got really busy. I did fall in love with my colour Motivated, it a stunning turquoise teal shimmer that I wore as a liner for the rest of the day. There was also Fantasy - a true gold shimmer liner which was just breathtaking. Out of the whole experience I one thing I really really want is Feeling Younger Skin Tint, added a gentle glow that seemed to perk up my skin as soon as it went on.

The whole experience was fun, and that what buying make up should be - fun. I think Lush has once again pulled a range together that not only keeps it's holistic and cruelty-free ethics, but brings something to cosmetics that has been missing for a long time - joy and fun.

Thank you to the High Wycombe store for making the whole experience a really great one and welcoming one; Not only were they informative, polite, and honest, but made the whole hour fly by without realising.

Emotional Brilliance launched today in Lush shops across the country and online at where you can also play the colour wheel.

So how are you feeling?

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